Summer @ CPAH: Still to Come

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Administrative Office – With Summer coming to an end, we at CP Army Hub are proud to unveil our exciting upcoming plans for the community. With a mix of old plans and new ones, the rest of this summer will surely be one to remember.

The Beach Brawl is a new tournament created by the administration team of CP Army Hub. This tournament will consist of 16 Small/Medium ArmiesΒ who will be invited to participate in the tournament via an invitation post to be released soon. The tournament will begin this Saturday, July 18th, and will be seeded by averaging out each armies recent Top Ten scores. Winning this tournament will surely set your army above the rest and prove that you are the best. With the rise of new armies in the community, who will come out on top and win the inaugural Beach Brawl?

CP Army Hub will be hosting their very first Sun Hunt. A total of 12 Suns with random numbers on them will be carefully hidden across the website, and the first three people to message [max]🌈#7074 the number on each sun and the total of all 12 will receive a prize. Further details of the Sun Hunt such as prizes for the first three to complete the hunt will be revealed soon in a separate post. Who will be first three to find all suns and claim their prizes?

The Underpaid & Overworked Cup is a graphics tournament which has been organized with the help of our Executive Producer, Zamb. This tournament will bring graphic designers together as they create pieces such as server banners, server icons, and website headers in a bid to win Discord Nitro and the “Designer God” role in CPAH. The tournament would begin on July 31st, and spots in the tournament are still available! Please message zamb#9783 if you are interested in being a part of this tournament.

The End of Summer Awards will mark the end of this exciting season, with armies and members of the community able to win based on their accomplishments over the Summer period. The voting period will begin on Saturday, August 22nd and will last until Saturday, August 29th. The main awards up for grabs include:


  • Most Achieved
  • Best Leader
  • Best Higher Command
  • Biggest Army
  • Biggest Rise
  • Best War
  • Best S/M Army Leader
  • Best Graphics Designer
  • Top Reporter
  • Biggest Retirement
  • Most Controversial Moment
  • Best CEO
  • Best CPAH Administrator


That concludes just a small selection of the exciting plans CP Army Hub has planned for the community over the rest of this Summer. Descriptive posts about the events detailed in this post will be released very soon! Let’s make the rest of this Summer a Summer to remember!

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer

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