Top Ten Armies [7/5/20-7/11/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — As another week draws to a close, we see a reshuffling among the top positions.

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation [110.40]

2. Ice Warriors [93.92]

 3. Help Force [87.13]

4. Army of Club Penguin [77.95]

5. Doritos of Club Penguin [73.47]

 6. Dark Warriors [69.43]

 7. Water Vikings [62.20]

8. Elites [50.46]

 9. Army of Orient Seas [48.67]

10. Pizza Federation [48.00]

Close to Top Ten:

 11. Coup Crusaders [47.55]

12Silver Empire [46.29]

13. Templars [46.00]

 14. Special Weapons and Tactics [44.65]

15. Marines [42.93]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebels had a playful week with a total of 18 events for their historical summer Olympics. They started their week off with the Inauguration of Summer Olympics maxing 115. Their Olympis consisted of 2 Card Jitsu Tournaments maxing 96 and 75, Dance Contests with sizes of 82 and 62, AUSIA and EU Mancala Tournaments maxing 52 and 88, and AUSIA and EU Find Four where they maxed 41 and 78. The Rebels ended off their week with Thin Crust Operation where they maxed 47 penguins online.

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a busy week, with six events and some ups and downs. Their week began with a practice battle against Turnage Penguin Army, which they won with a max of 65. Their next event was a successful invasion of Klondike which had an almost similar max of 63. The third event, an invasion of Fjord, saw them wearing blue puffle costumes and successfully bring 67 penguins to the event. The last event was a practice battle against the Dark Warriors, in which they maxed only 45 and lost the battle.

3. Help Force: Help Force started their week with a branch battle in which they were able to achieve an impressive max of 44. They went on to invade the server Outback and achieved 35 before invading Cold Front and achieving 35 again! Their next event was a Blue Dragon Takeover in which they maxed 49. Their biggest event of this week was an AUSIA Obsidian Dragon Takeover in which they maxed an impressive 68. Their final event of the week was a Wizard Takeover and they achieved a size of 46.

4. Army of Club Penguin: ACP started off another busy week with a UK Blacksmith Takeover on Monday, maxing 40. The next day, they held a UK Wizard Takeover, maxing 40. Followed by a US Knight Takeover, maxing 37. On Wednesday, they held an AUSIA practice battle vs AOS, maxing 28. For their US event, they had a troop U-Lead, maxing 43. On Friday, their UK division held a Medieval Takeover, maxing 33. To finish off their week, they held a SPEC OPS Duck Takeover, maxing 46. Followed by a UK 4-way branch battle, consisting of their alpha and echo branches, PZF, and CG, they maxed 31.

5. Doritos of Club Penguin: The Doritos had an amusing week with 3 events. They first started off with a successful invasion of Rocky Road, maxing 55. They then had an unscheduled AUSIA training event, maxing 35 troops. They then ended the week with a successful invasion of Chinook, peaking at 56+ troops and had a Hawaiian Luau to celebrate afterwards.

6. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors had a week they can boast about, starting off with an invasion of Snowy River which saw them max 42. This was followed by a strong Ausia meme fest event with a 36 max. They ended the week with an unexpected practice battle win against the Ice Warriors, in which they maxed 44.

7. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings kicked off their busy week on Sunday with a retirement event for their former leader, Thomas. They gathered 25 troops for this event. The following day they had a successful invasion of berg where they maxed 17! On Tuesday, WV had another successful invasion, this time invading Jackhammer and maxed 12. On Wednesday they continued their scheduled invasions with a successful invasion of Snow Fort where they gathered 24 troops! On Friday, WV held a Ducks training event where they brought together a max of 50! Their last two events of the week were on Saturday where they invaded two pieces of free land. They began with a successful invasion of Blizzard, and maxed 21! Their final event for the week was a successful US invasion of Island where they maxed 17 troops.

8. ElitesThe Elites had a pretty interesting week. They first started off with an AUSIA training event maxing 21 troops. Following after, they had a successful invasion of Hibernate peaking at 23 troops. They then had another successful invasion, of the server Winter Land maxing 24. The army ended off the week with a successful U-Lead invasion of Flurry maxing 15 troops.

9. Army of Orient SeasHosting an event almost every day of this week, Army of the Orient Seas moves up. Their first event was an unscheduled training that maxed 15. AOS moves on to invade two more servers and have an AUSIA practice battle against Army of CP. They close their week with a Card Jitsu Tournament and another AUSIA training event where they maxed 19.

10. Pizza FederationThe Pizza Federation had an eventful week with a total of 9 events. They started off their week with a Sled Racing Tournament in which they saw sizes of 12 and successfully invaded Sled hitting the sizes of 12. The very next day, they hosted a dance contest and successfully invaded southern lights both peaking the sizes of 11. They continued their week with a successful invasion of fog in which they maxed 15 chefs and followed it up with a fun Card Jitsu Tournament where they saw sizes of 13. The next day, they successfully invaded Iceland peaking 15 troops and followed it up with a Cart Surfer contest maxing 9 troops. They ended off their week with a 4-way practice battle where they maxed 17 penguins online.

11. Coup CrusadersThe Coup Crusaders began their week on Monday with a successful invasion of Kozclusko where they brought a max of 22. On Thursday, CC successfully invaded Grizzly and brought a max of 19! The same day they had also held their first AUSIA practice event in which they maxed 21. Their final event was on Friday where they had maxed 13 while successfully invading Skates.

12. Silver EmpireSilver Empire had a very occupied week. Topping at 9 events with an average of 10 logged on. They managed to steal the server Sugarcane, Permafrost, and Austral this week. Silver’s most successful event was a Blacksmith Takeover, where they had 15 log on. For the rest of the week, it was only fun themed practice events, including two AUSIA events.

13. TemplarsTemplars held 5 events this week. Starting off with a training event on Monday, maxing 21. They then went on to invade 4 free land servers, Oyster, Hypothermia, Brumby, and Vanilla. Maxing 27, 16, 32, and 18, respectively.

14. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics kicked their week off with a practice event, maxing a size of 17. Two days later, an AUSIA event saw a peak of 15. A late night US ghost takeover saw 19 penguins online, and an AUSIA event witnessed an 18 soldier maximum.

15. MarinesThe Marines began with an AUSIA Recruiting Event on Tuesday, hitting a max of 39 troops online with rogues. The following day, they hit a max of 20 at their AUSIA Training Event.On Friday, they maxed 22 at an EU/US Dragon themed event on CPR. For their final event of the week, they maxed 17 at a quick EU/US Unscheduled Duck Event.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think about this week’s Top Ten in the comments below!


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