Ask The Administration: “How does the Top Ten size calculation work?”

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Executive Producer Max, the Army Hub’s rendition of Aunt Arctic, answers your burning questions.

How does the Top Ten size calculation work?

Dear Reader,

The Top Ten calculation takes into account average size, event quality and tactics. For the average size specifically, a re-count of all army events occurs to ensure the maximum size is correct. All of the event sizes from Sunday-Saturday are totalled, and this number is then divided by the number of events held. For example, if the Doritos were to hold three events with sizes 25, 50 and 70, the size average would be 48.33.

A UK/US size average is totalled, as well as an ‘AUSIA’ size average. The AUSIA size average benefits from the ‘AUSIA curve’, which is approximately x1.3 (the specific formula varies depending on size). So if the Ice Warriors average AUSIA size was 35, the AUSIA curve would boost this to approximately 45.5.

With love, Max

Should I use my army’s traditional uniform, or design my own?

Dear Reader,

Well, when it comes to uniforms, I’m a big believer in keeping to the traditions while adding your own unique spin to it. So perhaps stick with some of the more iconic items, for example: the Army of CP roman helmet or Ice Warriors blue face paint. And then spice it up with some additional pieces that you have acquired. Let me know what you come up with!

With love, Max

Are there any plans to bring back the old CPAC style Leaders Page?

Dear Reader,

Thanks for asking this! Since receiving your question, I have passed this idea along to the administration. Although we won’t at present time be implementing a Leaders page as such, we have began work on updating the ‘Armies’ page that details the current list of leaders in each army. This page will continue to receive more attention and updates from this point on, as well.

With love, Max

Is there anything in the works for Small-Mediums exclusively?

Dear Reader,

Yes!! We have an exciting tournament upcoming, exclusively for the small-medium armies of this community. The ‘Beach Brawl‘ tournament will begin very soon, and an invitation post will be published in the very near future. This will include the 16 armies invited, as per yesterday’s Top Ten rankings. We are all very excited about this tournament, the first one under the CP Army Hub banner, and are dedicated to making it a thrilling and enjoyable experience for all.

With love, Max

Is it true that reporters don’t get paid?

Dear Reader,

They do get paid… but in the currency of self-accomplishment and other valuable life skills. Including, and by no means exclusive to, organisation skills, writing, time-keeping, and management. But sadly, no monetary payment. Not even the administrators get paid. Crazy, right?

With love, Max

If you would like to feature in next week’s ‘Ask The Administration‘, then please contact Max on Discord. Drop him a message via the CP Army Hub server, or directly using: [max]šŸŒˆ#7074.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive ProducerĀ 

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  1. Awww i want pay though. At least max. Max 4 Paid


  2. I love this column!


  3. ooo


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