BREAKING: New Dawn Alliance Reforms Against Warrior Alliance

YETI, New Dawn Alliance Headquarters – Shocking news developed earlier today that the New Dawn Alliance will be returning. This alliance has been around for 7 years, originally spearheaded by major powers Doritos, Army of CP, and Rebel Penguin Federation. This time around we see new faces appear as part of this alliance as well as a new target.

The infamous alliance announced it returns earlier today after DCP Leader Jester released a post about it. The alliance was originally announced by former Rebel Penguin Federation leader Snaily5 on October 14, 2013. The original New Dawn Alliance included the Doritos of CP, Army of CP, and the Rebel Penguin Federation to fight the Light Troops and Nachos. The reason for this war was that the Light Troops and Nachos were using their “media influence” for evil and that these armies cyberbully and troll other smaller armies. This controversial war started a rivalry between these armies that lasted for years. In 2015, the alliance returned once again with a different target this time. The alliance decided to attack the Water Vikings this time because they believed that that Zakster, Water Vikings Creator and CP Army Central CEO at the time, was being corrupt. He was accused of using his position to give Water Vikings points for sizes that weren’t proven. However, this time they had the support of two additional armies in Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors.


Unscheduled New Dawn Alliance Event in 2015

The Army of CP pulled out before invasions began and the alliance was now made up of Doritos, Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, and Rebel Penguin Federation. After days of battling, the Dark Warriors were shutdown by creator Ambrosha while the Rebel Penguin Federation decided to put a halt to their activities as they needed to come together and rebuild the army due to a loss in size. A treaty was then announced and an end to the war was agreed upon by the leaders of WV, RPF, ACP, and DCP.

On Monday, July 13th, 2020, an announcement of the reform of the New Dawn Alliance was posted by the current leader of the Doritos of Club Penguin, Jester. The NDA is currently made up of 5 armies, including the Doritos of CP, the Army of CP, the Elites, the Lime Green Army, the Templars, as well as allowing the prospect that more armies join as long as they are willing to agree with the terms. Disclosed in the terms of the NDA, many notable things were required, such as all armies involved will assist with the defense of each other’s invasion, reasons of war must be voted upon by majority vote, as well as other requirements.

Terms of NDA.

In addition to the terms posted, Jester had also released a revival post on an official NDA site. Recently as there has been some takeover of land involving armies such as the Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors, by the use of their colonies. This has caused some tension between themselves and S/M armies who had felt targetted by the sudden takeover of land. While Jester stated that the NDA does not have plans of conflict, it can be easily predicted that this will cause tension with other armies in the community. Along with the statement of the necessity of this alliance to protect others, Jester made some notes that they should not be messed with as the alliance will take forth consequences. The NDA can clearly be seen as a force to be reckoned with and others planning to put forth the effort to go against this alliance should strongly reconsider.

Announcement of NDA.

CP Army Hub was able to speak exclusively with one of the current leaders of the Doritos of CP, Jester, with his thoughts on the recent revival of the NDA.

Why did you plan on reforming the historical New Dawn Alliance?

NDA served as a bastion of justice against tyrannical armies like LT and Nachos, i think that is what we desperately need at the moment.

What are the goals you hope to accomplish from the NDA?

Originally back then the NDA was organized in efforts to stop multilogging, so by the similar token im aiming to stop tyranny; protect smaller armies that cannot protect themselves from being taken advantage of.

What is NDA’s next move?

That wont be disclosed at this time, but conflict is not on our agenda.

Does NDA plan on expanding and adding more armies?

For those that seek our help, they are certainly welcome. only time will tell what strategic moves we will put in place for the betterment of NDA.


As you can see, it seems that NDA was brought back solely to ward off larger armies from targeting S/M armies. The allowance of additional armies in this alliance is something that could be useful for up and coming armies in the community. While not much action has occurred yet, this definitely will not be the last we hear from the NDA, as it seems they have many plans coming soon.

What do YOU think? Will this help pull the community together? Or will it cause more tension than there already is? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief

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