Community Spotlight: Rebel Penguin Federation Summer Olympics

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – Rebel Penguin Federation had an eventful week as they held their 2020 Summer Olympics. With 100 or more troops on each of the four teams, their tournaments were competitive throughout the entire week.

The Rebel Penguin Federation Olympics were officially opened on June 5th, followed by numerous events, along with their closing ceremony on June 12th. What are the Olympics for an army? The Summer Olympics divided the federation’s troops into 4 teams: Team PhoenixTeam GriffinTeam Terra, and Team Hydra.

Troops and staff competed against each other in mini-games such as Card-Jitsu and sled racing tournaments to earn points. The team with the highest number of points wins the Olympics! Find out how each team summoned their competitive side and which team won in the following summary of their events this week.

Opening Ceremony

Their opening ceremony was held on June 5th in their EU/US division. They participated in a four-way battle and maxed 115 penguins. Each team was eager to show their spirit.

Summer Olympics opening ceremony

Day 1

On June 6th, the teams kicked off the day with three Card-Jitsu tournaments.  The AUSIA division maxed an impressive 50 penguins, with Team Terra in first place. The EU division maxed a whopping 96 penguins, again with Team Terra in first place. The US division maxed 75 penguins, with Team Griffin taking first place. The US event was the last Card-Jitsu tournament for the summer finals.

AUSIA Card-Jitsu Tournament

Day 2

On July 7th, they held two mancala tournaments. Their AUSIA division had a steady max of 52 penguins, with Team Phoenix as the winner. Their EU division held a max of 88 penguins, with Team Phoenix continuing their streak.

EU mancala tournament

Day 3

On July 8th, the teams jammed to music with their dance contests. The AUSIA division had a max of 51 penguins and the winner was Team Griffin. The EU division held a max of 82 penguins with Team Terra taking the gold medal. The US division had a max of 62 penguins and once again, Team Terra took the win.

EU Dance Contest

Day 4

On July 9th competition was rising as the Teams competed in the mini-game Find Four. The AUSIA division maxed 42 penguins and Team Terra scored the highest for their team. For the EU division, they maxed 78 penguins with once again, Team Terra took the gold medal. The US division maxed 53 penguins with Team Terra prominently in the lead.

US Find Four

Day 5

On July 10th, the EU and US divisions were in for a treat as they participated in the mini-game Pizzatron 3000. The EU division maxed a solid 65 penguins and resulted in a three-way tie between Team Phoenix, Team Hydra, and Team Terra. The US division maxed 59 penguins with the same winners as the EU tournament.

US Pizzatron

Day 6

On the last day of games, July 11th, all divisions participated in sled racing. The AUSIA division maxed 47 penguins with Team Phoenix racing to victory. Their EU division maxed higher with 67 penguins and Team Terra was victorious. Finally, the US division maxed 53 penguins, with Team Hydra taking the gold.

AUSIA sled racing

Closing Ceremony

On July 12th, to end it off, all teams logged on for a tactics event bidding farewell to their opposing teams. They maxed 86 penguins for the last event of the Summer Olympics. All teams are eager to see the results.

Summer Olympics closing ceremony

Final Results

All teams participated eagerly, but there could only be one winning team: Team Terra with 540 points! Team Phoenix took the silver medal with 349 points, followed by Team Hydra with 265 points and Team Griffin with 194 points.

CP Army Hub was able to obtain a statement from Rebel Commander Cosmo on his thoughts about the Olympics:

RPF Summer Olympics 2020 has been an awesome experience for many new troops! In fact, this is one of, if not, THE biggest olympics that we’ve conducted so far. Many new troops joining in on supporting their olympics teams. You see new faces each and every day in team chats. Always helping their fellow team members. I would say that Summer Olympics was a blast and a massive success.

Congratulations to Team Terra for winning the Summer Olympics! The Rebel Penguin Federation’s Summer Olympics was a success in the commander’s eyes, but what do YOU think? Let us know in the comments below!

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