Lessons From Legends: Kingfunks4

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters –  In this weekly series, we pay our CP Army veterans a penny for their thoughts. We’re here to find and share their wisdom through interviews, so what can we learn from this edition?


We define wisdom as knowledge, and the capacity to make due use of it. And in our second edition, CP Army Hub learns a lesson from legend Kingfunks4, who earns everyone’s respect from plenty of experience leading armies and caring for army media sites.


The legend we look at today began in 2009 and has since then moved up considerably. Kingfunks4 moved from private in Army of Club Penguin to leading other armies such as Federation, Pretzels, and Puffle Warriors. Next thing we know, Funks began leading Army of CP, Ice Warriors, and Water Vikings. He helped a couple major armies reach the end of Legends Cup and topped army leader boards. That’s not all he did throughout his time, though. Kingfunks had a lot to do with CPA new sites as CEO for a rather long time. He is now leading Water Vikings again and advising CPAH. You can read about him more here.

Thanks for letting me take your class. I’d like to ask, what is the biggest theme you’ve tried learning or implementing in CPA? Be it fairness, trust, communication, ect.

I’d say the most important thing I’ve tried to implement, particularly as a leader, is a sense of humour and fun. People will only want to be in the army if it is a fun place to be around, rather than one that always takes things seriously – otherwise it will get boring for both them and myself. I always make sure I take the time to engage in conversations with the troops in my armies and to make our chat a great place to be in. I’ve also tried to implement fun through competitions (like the Water Vikings just had a 10 year anniversary artwork competition ran by Zoomey), which have always gone well. I’ve still got some great friends from armies like IW, ACP and WV and thats because we had fun while we were there.

That’s amazing! What was the hardest challenge you overcame in your CP armies career? How were you able to?

I’ve had a few challenges in my army career, but the most difficult was picking myself up from my removal as ACP Leader. I was quite young at the time and also due to several reasons I had to go on leave which saw my eventual removal for inactivity. I got branded after this as a bad leader and much worse things at times, but I managed to learn from this experience. I moved onto the Ice Warriors, albeit at a 4ic rank, and then worked my way up again and built back up my reputation. While it was a big blow, that experience made me such a better leader and without it I may not have achieved the things that I did.

Have you seen any similarities between what you learn here and what you can bring back to real life? Any specific things?

Hmm, thats an interesting question. What I definitely brought back from here into my real life was structuring sentences and writing long pieces of work through my experience in CPA Central – it really benefitted my education, helped me work towards qualifications and was invaluable for my development as a writer. In terms of similarities between this community and real life, I would say that we just have to look at the Covid-19 situation. When the going got tough, countries and communities have often banded together to try and help each other during the pandemic. In a way, CP Armies is the same – we show hate towards each other a lot but when the going has got tough we have shown we can work together towards a common goal that benefits us all (such as CPAL-CPAM merge talks or CPO/Disney closures)

Okay, last question, what is one wisdom you take to heart that you can bestow upon other growing army members?

I think the wisdom that stuck with me the most has been when I worked with Bluesockwa1. He was always honest with the rest of the community when he ran CPA Central, and that honesty and straight to the point style was popular and really meant that things got done. Earlier in my career I could at times be deceptive to try and achieve something, but he taught me to just be honest and I really appreciate that, its developed me as a media CEO and army leader. Most importantly, it meant that I could gain the respect of others.

There is so much we can take away from the interview with Kingfunks. He has learned an immense amount just from being in this community. Learning to have fun, learning to pick yourself up after problems, learning to strengthen skills, and learning to be entirely honest are all important to Funks and now has been spread to us. Come back next week, where you can hear from your favorites and learn life changing ideas!

What do YOU think of this edition? Will YOU take what Kingfunks4 says to heart? Comment YOUR opinion down below!

CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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