Who Owns What On The Server Map?

ALASKA, CP Army Headquarters – Over the past week we’ve witnessed the armies attempt to capture as much free land as possible. This is due to the recent opening of CP Army Hub’s server map as many of you know. CP Army Hub’s map is a map of the servers that the armies in our community may invade and claim as their own. Today, we will take a look at who owns what on this new server map!

The server map was first opened up on July 4th when CP Army Hub’s Chief Executive Officer, Pookie437, announced it on the discord server. In less than 10 days over 100 servers have now been captured and there is little to no free land left. Almost every army, both S/M and major, have captured at least one server which shows the importance of servers and how essential they are to our community.

The server map as of July 13th

As you can see from the picture above, the map is dominated by a distinctive blue color that belongs to the Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors currently hold the most servers on the map with 16 servers. They smartly utilized their colonies to bypass the “one invasion per day” rule, CP Army Hub covered this in more detail in a post which you can find here. Another army that has been doing extremely well server map-wise are the Templars. The Templars have developed a reputation for their invasions as they dominated the CP Army Media server map before the merge. While the Ice Warriors have mainly situated themselves on the bottom-right island, the Templars have been holding most of the northern part of the center island around their capital, Walrus.

A closer look at Templars’ servers

The army with the second-most servers at the moment is the Water Vikings with 7. Unlike Templars, Water Vikings hold servers on three islands. Water Vikings also received Mammoth from their allies the Army of CP who now own 0 servers on the map. Multiple S/M armies have also begun collecting servers. An example of that is the Lime Green Army who have managed to capture 6 servers till now. They focused mainly on the islands at the right of the map but have captured Bobsled which is part of the center island and Yeti which is part of the left-most island.

Lime Green Army’s Invasion of Bobsled

Pizza Federation also impressed this past week with their invasions as they are an S/M army that now holds 5 servers on the map. The same goes for the Red Ravagers who have captured 4 servers on the map. However, major armies have not shown up as expected. We see multiple major armies with a small number of servers compared to other S/M armies. Army of CP now owns 0 servers after they transferred their capital to the Water Vikings and are the only army with not a single server. Another major army with little to no servers are the Dark Warriors who own just 2 servers, their capital Frosty being one of them. Help Force and Rebel Penguin Federation both own 3 servers each. We expect RPF to begin capturing more servers this week as they’ve just concluded their summer Olympics. On the other hand, both Elites and Doritos have been doing slightly better as they own 4 servers each. Both Elites and Doritos captured servers around their capitals. While Elites focused on the center island by capturing the servers around their capital of Avalance, Doritos have focused their invasions on an island at the bottom-left of the map around their capital of Summit.

Doritos on the server map

This has been a very interesting first week of invasions, from IW’s use of colonies to ACP’s 0 servers, the map hasn’t failed to impress. The fun doesn’t end here however as there are a few empty servers left that are open to invasions, not to mention the potential wars that could be brewing. The next few weeks will surely be very interesting as armies scramble to hold more and more servers by any means necessary.

What do YOU think? Will the Ice Warriors be able to hold their large amount of land? Or will another army rise and fill the map with their color?


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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