Leader Life Stories: Noa, Dark Warriors Leader

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – Since the opening of Dark Warriors, we have seen many leaders come and go. Some being more prominent and successful than others, these leaders have been able to lead Dark Warriors over their tenure to become one of the most successful armies that Club Penguin Armies has ever seen. Today we will speak to one of these leaders, Noa.

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Know Your Meme – Army of Club Penguin


ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Associate Producer Rocket is here to give all the latest insight on meme culture across the army community as well as explaining a few classics! Continue reading

Operation: Snowstorm, Chapter Two: Dreams and Aspirations


ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Original Stories Office–  The Army Hub presents to you the second chapter of the original story written by Scorpion Demon: Operation Snowstorm.

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Beach Brawl: The Clash of the Summer

ALASKA, CP Army Hub HQ – With the release of Summer 2020 @ CPAH: Still to Come comes various events we hope the community will enjoy. To kick it all off, we decided to invite the S/M Army Community to compete in the inaugural Beach Brawl. The Tournament will begin on Saturday, July 18th.

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Templars Removed From The NDA Following CPG Defacement

YETI, New Dawn Alliance Empire – Not too long ago, the New Dawn Alliance has risen once again and has come back stronger than ever. Members of the newly resurrected alliance being the Army of Club Penguin, Doritos, Elites, Lime Green Army, and Templars. However, little over a day after, the Templars have been removed from the alliance, immediately.

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Templar Leaders Deface CP Galaxy Private Server

WALRUS, Templars’ Empire – A new CPPS created by two members from the CP Army Community was defaced by leaders of the Templars army earlier today.

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