Templar Leaders Deface CP Galaxy Private Server

WALRUS, Templars’ Empire – A new CPPS created by two members from the CP Army Community was defaced by leaders of the Templars army earlier today.

Templars have been a staple in the community for a while. The army has had its fair share of ups and downs but recently they have been doing very well. Nowadays, they are led by 6 leaders that go by the names Ccrocket, Palpatine, S1304, Freedomist, Rok, and Brownpen. They recently came in at the 13th spot on CP Army Hub’s top ten which is very respectable.

Recent Templars event

On the other hand, we have a new CPPS that was created sometime this week by two members of the CP army community that go by the name of Amazingabe and Midnight. The CPPS, called CP Galaxy, was set to launch soon and their discord was already gaining traction with over 100 members in the space of a few days. But then the worst happened when Templars’ leaders gained access and defaced the server, banning over 50 members and deleting multiple channels. This was announced on the CP Galaxy discord server when one of the designers of the game released this statement:

We, at CPAH, confirmed this news when we received an anonymous tip which included a picture of the discord’s audit logs which confirms that Templars were indeed behind this deface.

To further confirm this news, we received another screenshot of Templars leader, Freedomist, clearly giving the order to “kill the CPG discord.”

The CP Army Hub was able to exclusively interview the owner of CP Galaxy, Amazingabe, to learn more about how this happened and how they plan to mend the damage caused by the Templars.

How did the Templars gain access to perform such an attack?

The Templars attacked our discord by deleting all the channels and banning half our members. We are working towards regaining them now. The gained access because one of their staff members was an admin for us and all the Templars staff raided us and the one admin gave all the Templars staff admin.

How do you plan to fix the discord after the attack?

Well. Currently we have fixed the server but recently our dev quit so we are on the search for a new one. Right now we have one, much credit to Mr. America for helping, and we are working towards our member count.

When is the game set to release?

Well staff alpha testing will obviously come out first, maybe 2 days after that, Closed Beta. After Closed Beta, we move into our open beta.

Despite this attack, Amazingabe still has hope and believes that he and his team can pull off this CPPS and make it successful. The reason for this attack by the Templars is currently unknown but it seems that they did it just because they could. The game will be out soon nonetheless as they plan to have it up for open beta in a week.


What do YOU think? Will CPG admins be able to fix the server and have the project up and running again? Or will the game fall into the endless pit of unfinished CPPSes?


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

7 Responses

  1. As the head designer, I was freaking out when our server got raided. We have now fixed the server somewhat.


    • Yea, But you acted calm and got the server back together, I must give you a round of applause on that.


  2. […] Templar Leaders Deface CP Galaxy Private Server […]


  3. and i was sleeping when it all happened 🤦‍♂️


  4. cpg were fucking stealing our recuits we lost sizes becasue of cpg


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