Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation Declare War on Doritos

SUMMIT, Doritos of CP Capital – Sudden and shocking news developed earlier today: 3 major armies declared war simultaneously on the Doritos of CP just a few days after the New Dawn Alliance was revived.

In the early afternoon of Wednesday, July 15th, 3 major armies, Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, and the Rebel Penguin Federation, announced a declaration of war on the Doritos of Club Penguin. All posting declarations of war on their main website included numerous screenshots of DCP High Command engaging in inappropriate behavior, such as sexism, “trash-talking”, talking negatively about their troops, creating inappropriate images, etc.

Ice Warriors Declaration

Ice Warriors was not on a good stance with DCP for quite some time, calling them ‘rivals’ in their declaration of war. Throughout their post, they made many accusations of DCP cheating by lying about their maxes. They also made note of a troop stealing attempt from the IW server. In general, IW made numerous statements claiming DCP to be unfair and unkind to them, mostly targeting a former DCP leader, Pookie437. IW made multiple claims of Pookie being a ‘snake’ and ‘fake’ because of adding additional rules to avoid colonies when entering the league. In the DCP discord server, they have a #selfies channel that allows members to share photos of themselves with a claim of no judgment, but in a screenshot from a DCP group chat, shows the opposite with them making harsh comments against the posts made in the channel.

IW targetting Pookie in war declaration post.

Syd invites Hanna to DCP server immediately after joining IW server.

DCP group chat making comments towards members.

Dark Warriors Declaration

The Dark Warriors announced a declaration of war due to multiple reasons, stating that DCP was being sexist, lying about event sizes, trash-talking DW, and making claims that DW bullies smaller armies. In addition to these accusations, DW released many pictures backing up their claims. DW specifically had numerous screenshots of DCP talking negatively about DW, some dating as soon as July 14th. In addition to these claims, DW also stated that DCP has made allegations against DW, saying that they ‘bully’ S/M armies. DW backed up their claim by giving examples such as DCP taking over land from S/M armies, as well as influencing a merge from these armies into DCP. DW made examples of these merges, such as SWAT and Mayhem. They ended the post by saying that DCP were putting down S/M armies for their gain.

Wassim making rude comments towards women.

DCP comparing DW to the army community, indirectly calling DW ‘toxic’

Lukey stating that ‘DW has horrible tactics’

Rebel Penguin Federation Declaration

The declaration of war post written by Rebel Commander Crazzy touched on many topics already included in IW and DW’s post. Crazzy first mentioned that DCP had RPF as enemies for a long time, before the armies were even united under one league. She also provided proof of DCP LIT Wassim23 making sexist remarks towards her and showed some inappropriate pictures created by DCP staff dating back to the Legends Cup. Another reason for RPF’s declaration is DCP’s continuous size exaggeration and excessive use of allies even before NDA’s comeback. In addition to that, DCP staff have allegedly been attending RPF events and recruitment sessions and chanting things like “DCP owns” and attempting to steal RPF troops. She ended the post by saying that DCP has been attempting to dethrone RPF and destroy everything that the army has built, she also mentioned that DCP leaders approached RPF with a treaty but RPF declined.

DCP raiding RPF event

Wassim making sexist comments

Terms of War

In addition to the reasons for war that IW, DW, and RPF  released, they all also announced the same terms of war, including the use of no allies, no transfers, no multi logging, and more. In the terms stated by the armies, they also stated that the losing army had to accept the terms given by the winning army.

DW terms of war.


Ice Warriors: Invasion of Rocky Road on Thursday, July 16th at 3PM EST.

Dark Warriors: Invasion of Snowy River on Thursday, July 16th at 3PM EST.

Rebel Penguin Federation: Invasion of Chinook on Thursday, July 16th at 3PM EST.

A reminder that Doritos are backed by their alliance which is made up of the Army of CP, Lime Green Army, Pizza Federation, Elites, and Army of Orient Seas, CP Army Hub covered this in more detail here. The alliance also included the Templars but they were removed due to their defacement of a new CPPS. Doritos are expected to fight back alongside their alliance despite strict terms imposed by the opposing alliance. This war is sure to be exciting as we don’t yet know how the alliance that the DCP formed is going to aid them against the opposing team. CP Army Hub exclusively interviewed Doritos leader 32op to know more about what their thoughts and plans are regarding this war.

Are you confident that DCP will come out of this war victorious?

Fight the good fight.

Will DCP seek out the help of NDA during this war?

Yes ofc, I actually have Mustapha10 on the line as we are conducting this interview. He plans to multilog 95 tomorrow.

What do YOU think? Was this war justified by what DCP did? Will DCP be able to pull enough troops from the NDA to battle 3 invasions occurring at the same time? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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  8. […] stealing attempts, trash-talking, and more. More information on the war declaration can be found here. Along with these declarations, came 3 invasions on DCP from IW, DW, and RPF, that were held the […]


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