Romeo and Juliet Flee Black Order Leadership Following Drama

CREAM SODA, Black Order Empire – The Black Order opened their doors just weeks ago, but have already suffered two major leadership departures following a shocking set of events.

The Black Order’s Return was a tremendous surprise that no one saw coming. And yet again, the Black Order surprises the community. Romeo and Juliet, the main leaders of the Black Order, announced on June 12th that they would retire the next day with a farewell event. But there is a lot of talk in the community about the recent Pirates of CP leadership drama that may have caused their retirement from club penguin armies.

The Pirates Drama

When Pirates were shut down on June 16th, Bucky and Epic the respectable leaders of the Pirates gave promotions before the last event. Leader Romeo was given Pirates Legend and Juliet was given El Capitan, which is a role above captain with administrative power. Several other staff members were promoted too, but On July 12th, Bucky reset everyone’s rank. This resulted in Romeo and Juliet’s discomposure. They believed that they deserved the roles given and demanded them back. Bucky attempted to explain that Epic ordered for only Romeo and Sacha to have the rank. But after not getting their ranks back, they went to the Black Order leadership group chat, where they disrespected Bucky for hours and threatened to dox Bucky and Twaseen.

Romeo’s threats

Black Order Leadership Changes

Because of all the Pirates drama, Romeo and Juliet retired. This left Bread as the one remaining leader. Before entirely leaving, though, Romeo and Juliet promoted Frostty and HeuRemi to the leadership team. None of these 3 leaders had leadership experience, but the Black Order has hope with their experienced army veterans Bucky, September, Noa, Blank and Flav as advisors. These advisors will help these leaders grow and continue the legacy of the army without their creator, Romeo. CP Army Hub had the opportunity to receive a statement from Bucky about his thoughts on this situation.

Bucky’s Statement

In the interest of Romeo and Juliet and why positions were returned, even if Pirates is shutdown still to this day. I realized that ranks were meant to be earned, they were not about being LEFT OUT. Juliet was given the role El Captain which had admin permissions. She complained and pulled a Left out card as why she got it in the first place. Romeo on the other hand, I removed his Pirates Legend role because Twaseen and I didn’t agree on it in the first place, even Epic. I did not say one word to them, yet they both made a big deal out of it on the Black Order group chat. It got really way out of hand when I was surprised to see Romeo wanting to pay some guy just to DOX Twas and I; even he wanted to DOX us himself. The fact that Twaseen and I were staff on CPOnline, we were fearing for our lives. We didn’t even know if he was serious or not. Overall, it’s humiliating to me that I need to give a statement for simply over roles, it isn’t so much as a big deal.


Even though the Black Order began only a few weeks ago, much has changed. Within less than a month they lost their creators, due to past drama. Now with three entirely new leaders and army veterans by their side, they wish to move on and pave new paths. Let’s see where they manage to go without their creators.

What do YOU think of this drama? Will the Black Order win the Beach Brawl under new leadership?
Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter



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