Top 50 Armies Of All Time: #30-21

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The debate surrounding the ‘greatest armies of all time’ is one of the most contested topics in the history of CP and CPPS Armies. Of course, many base the answer to this question on their own experiences and biases. However, at CPAH, we will now try to objectively list the best fifty armies of all time, from 2006-2020, in what is the third part of an exciting five-part series.




30-21 [YOU ARE HERE]

In the last edition we continued our Top 50 Armies Of All Time, as we named the 40th-31st most influential armies. We saw Earthing’s Teutons at 40th, historical armies such as the People’s Republic Army, Club Penguin Crew and Fort Ghost Recon in 36th, 33rd and 39th respectively, CPPS-exclusive armies including Elite Trackers and Activities in 38th, as well as armies such as the Thugs in 37th, the well-known Lime Green Army in 35th, Tacos in 34th, the Wild Ninjas in 32nd and the controversial Recon Federation finished the list in 31st. It was a combination of historical founding armies and newer armies, making it incredibly hard to judge and decide what made an army more ‘significant’.

In this edition of the Top 50 we move onto the 30th-21st most significant armies of all time.  The list order is defined by a mixture of three main factors: 1.) the peak sizes that the army reached, 2.) how sustained the size was over a period of time and 3.) the influence and impact that they had on the wider community. We are also now adding the five most influential leaders of each army, which in most instances, where possible, has been decided in consultation with a senior figure in each army. As pointed out by IW Creator and Army Legend, Iceyfeet1234, he said it was important to note that in some cases not many CPPS leaders will be included, due to the short life span of some modern CPPS generations.

In this edition we see a huge mixture of armies, including some founding armies that have been remade, dominant CPPS armies, a quite unique ‘raiding’ army, as well as some that have reached sizes of 50-80 and above. It is an interesting order this time around, and one that was quite hard to decide.

30. Water Ninjas

Five Most Influential Leaders: Jayden1092, Angel, Atticus, Orange, Bluex75


The Water Ninjas were created on July 3rd, 2012, by Jayden1092 (also known as Jai) and his friend Mario, but Mario left the army just a day later. Their first generation was short lived, and had conflicts with the Club Penguin Warriors and the Chiliteckers, but they were forced to merge due to a deface. Soon they would return again for a second generation, bringing in a new leader Angel, who was a former Hot Sauce Army leader. A third generation was brought back by Lego, but Jai decided he would take over. After their first week of arrival, they took a spot of 10th on CPAC. During this generation, the Water Ninjas had ups and downs between the CPAC and S/M Army Top Tens. They had very many wars with many armies, these armies include: Brownies, Chaos Army, Light Troops, Watex Warriors, Lime Green Army, Ice Hounds, Redemption Force, the Underground Mafias Army, Greek Sheeps, and the Frost Squad. The Water Ninjas would introduce many leaders into this generation as well, such as Bluex, Bobrules107, Epicorange1 and Son Nav. The third generation ended on August 14, 2014.

It wasnt until their fifth generation that the Water Ninjas would reach their heights, starting on February 20, 2015. It was started up by Angel and was soon joined by Gator and Jai. They started out maxing sizes of 15+ and kept growing. They were getting 5th on the CPAC top ten, until they eventually reached sizes of 20-25+ and maxed 30+. After reaching their height of the generation Jodie joined the Water Ninjas. The Water Ninjas continued to be successful and reach even 2nd on the CPAC Top Ten. Jodie hurt the Water Ninja’s legacy after she got caught for multilogging, she was multilogging six penguins for the Water Ninjas and she was fired instantly, because of her multilogging the Water Ninjas were subtracted 4 points off of the Top Ten. Had this not happened they would’ve taken the 1st spot on the Top Ten. The Water Ninjas continued to do well, but not as good as they were doing before. They had CSY assist them with their Ausia and had LordNinja help them with their UK division, he was later promoted to leader. Sadly the Water Ninjas suffered yet another deface. Following the defacement, Atticus rejoined. The Water Ninjas final original CP generation would come to a close on April 15, 2016. The Water Ninjas were one of the original CPR armies, and reached the top three, but closed in 2017.

29. Pretzels

Five Most Influential Leaders: Braveboy, Buddy, Lord Pain, Starz, Holo2

The Pretzels of Club Penguin were one of the most famous orange armies as they followed on the history of food armies such as the Nachos and the Doritos of CP. The Pretzels became an army in late 2009 but really found dominance in sizes in the early 2010 before falling and dying not long after their conception. This of cause, prompted a second generation for the army in which they got the biggest size they ever had while facing off with the UMA before merging into the Watex Warriors. When they returned, the army had many more generations. This included their fourth generation, where they reached sizes of 20+ and were a constant presence as a major army and their seventh generation where they reached similar sizes.


Their most notable generation followed this, as they were led by Lord Pain amongst others. In this generation they managed to become one of the biggest armies at the time, reaching sizes of 30-40+ and consistently placing in the Top 3. This success would not last, however, as they once again shut. More generations would follow under the likes of Chillie, Holo2 and others – where the Pretzels would once again establish themselves as a major army.  The Pretzels final generation would come in 2019-20, under the leadership of Cena, Snork and Buddy, where they once again managed sizes of 15-20+, but they soon shut early in 2020. While the Pretzels went through many generations, as well as ups and downs, they made a mark across many years of CP Army history and showed their ability to rise to prominence on multiple occasions.

28. Romans

Five Most Influential Leaders: Explorer7777, Djgtjvgyhxgy, Lorenzo Bean, Twitchy543, Zeke

The Romans, when they first started had no formal leader of any sort. They were a huge rouge clan that would wreak havoc on Mammoth, and it wasn’t until the fall of 2006 that they became an organized army under the leadership of Explorer7777 on the Miniclip Forums. They were the one of the first armies to exist, alongside the ACP. Amongst some problems on the Forums, this did not stop the Romans from reaching great heights. Oagal stated that they beat the ACP in size by “4:3” and of course, in October of 2006, World War II came and the ACP and Romans clashed. Oagal created new styles of tactics, and using these, he was able to defeat the larger Romans army. In December, the war died down and the Romans lost and fell apart. Rogue Romans still existed throughout the servers, but they were no longer organized as they were before.

After nearly half a year of being considered a dead army officially, and a living army in rouge manners, the Romans finally saw a rebirth as Djgtjvgyhxgy created the first website for the Romans on June 11, 2007. Their first order of business was to ally  with their former enemy, the ACP, and fight against the UMA in World War III. Their next important battle, and when they would next peak, wasn’t until January 2008 when they declared war on the SSACP, a subdivision of the ACP. The ACP pulled in to help, and even though the Romans were defeated, it was a battle of legends. Oagalthorp, Fort57, Mazachster, Cooltiger413, Lucario98765, Shadow2446, Batista1822, Djgtjvgyhxgy, and even Iceyfeet1234 were involved in the battle. After this loss, the Romans fell and remained a medium-army for the next three years. They eventually saw the CPAC Top 10 within reach in February 2014, but this didn’t last long and they died out.

Successful Invasion of Snow Avalanche on CPR | Club Penguin Romans

The Romans were recreated as a CPR army, as seen above, after being recreated in 2017 by Ehroyals, Games, Zeke and Smurf. They reached moderate success over the next few years, with sizes of 15-20 including in a war against the Club Penguin Crew, and were a good presence in the new CPR community. However, they did not dominate like their initial generation, which will be remembered for their influence on early CP Armies.

27. Marines

Five Most Influential Leaders: Sf1998, Sidie9, Revan, Buddy, Clifford

marines history 3

The original Marines of Club Penguin were founded on November 20th 2006 by Sf1998, and the original website still exists to this day. On his forums, Sf1998 saw the ACP thread and like the look of it, so decided to make the ACP a brother army: The Club Penguin Marines. After a small plagiarism argument, the ACP and Marines became close allies. The army was the 5th army ever made, and the army was as strong as the ACP and Romans at the time. The army quickly became allies with the ACP, and until the Marine’s death, fought with ACP until the end.  The CPM soon grew as big as the ACP, but not within the Forums, but rather on a WordPress site – a revolutionary way of operating. The Marines eventually died in middle 2007. Records show that Sf1998 had not even made a retirement post or announced that the army had ended. Sf1998′s final post still exists, but it wasn’t very significant. The final post was made on June 10th 2007.


From June 10th, 2007 to February 2014, there had been many failed armies by the names of “Marines”. However, none were that significant, and none are remembered. In early February 2014, two friends named Sidie9 and Rexeh/Agentrds attempted to revive the fallen empire. Once again, the army deceased. Soon after, Rexeh and Sidie started talking about restarting the army again. They both went ahead with the plan and resurrected the army in December. Two leaders (Apollo and Totidile/Revan) were introduced and the army saw the light of day once more. The generation faded away as motivation was lost and there were leadership issues within the army.

Totidile, now known as Revan – one of the former leaders from the failed 2014 generation – confronted Sidie9 with a plan to remake the army. Sidie9 was an ACP Second in Command at the time so she was unable to join, but allowed Totidile to remake the army. This decision saw the Marines make an impact as a major army once more, reaching sizes of 20+. The most successful generation of the Marines came in 2020 when they reopened under Buddy and Clifford, reaching sizes of 50+ as a CP Online Army, making them a major presence in the community. The army still exists today as a strong medium army under the leadership of Marines legend, Revan.

26. Elite Guardians

Five Most Influential Leaders: Cookky2, Edu14463, BOBS, Victoria484, Guta

The Elite Guardians of Club Penguin (often abbreviated to EGCP) was an army created by Cookky2 and Edu14463, using several CPPS’ and by January, 2018, it was a major army. The EGCP was originally projected as a Nachos colony by the end of 2016/starting of 2017, but as Nachos closed with the end of Club Penguin, Cookky2 started to evolve it with the help of his friend Edu. Eventually, by October 19th, 2017 they’d founded EGCP together. When it was released, EGCP had a battle with another Club Penguin Brasil army, the Total Protection of Island, an agency that closed after EGCP got bigger and defeated them.

They became one of the most powerful armies through 2017, maxing 25 and sometimes even 30+ penguins. EGCP joined the Christmas Chaos Hunt and Kill Tournament 2017, achieving an excellent victory against the Wild Ninjas, Acids, Romans and the CPR Crew. They then declared war and won against the Underground Mafias Army, and even forced Ehroyals to be couped as part of a treaty. The Elite Guardians became a superpower in 2018, despite the retirement of Cookky, with Victoria and BOBS being added to the leadership to steer them to new dominance. This included a war with Templars in which they annexed their whole territory in four days. On numerous occasions the EGCP were named as the top army in the community, even above RPF.

The EGCP would eventually leave behind CPO and its army league, instead choosing to join the newly formed CPA community. The Rebel Penguin Federation would declare war on the EGCP in August 2019 due to “toxicity being spread by the EGCP”. Eventually on January 27, 2020, the Elite Guardians closed their doors and dropped all of their territories as freeland.

25. Shadow Troops

Five Most Influential Leaders: Coff, S Cargo2, SaW, Commando933, Vetsd


Founded by Commando993 on August 3, 2008, ST started out it’s early days mainly occupying Parka and Tundra. Their first major war was what was known as “The Great Parka War”, which involved armies such as the ACP, the CP Clones, the Red-Blue Alliance, and multiple rouges. It was a long term old school war of rouge battles between armies that simply started as a conflict between ST and CP Crew and then escalated to involve several other armies. Even though there was a war going on, this didn’t stop the Shadow Troops from having inner turmoil. Rampant coups of leaders and random acts of rebellion were common for ST even during wartime. This particular war raged on for quite some time, but eventually ST managed to hold on and keep Parka as their Capital Server and continued to do so throughout their history.

Shadow Troops Return to Armies » Club Penguin Army Media

The Shadow Troops continued to grow, but would eventually die and come back several times. In 2011, under the leaderships of SaW, xiUnknown, and Flare, they allied with the Nachos and LT against ACP and helped bring the ACP closer to death than it had ever been. Later, in November of 2012, the Shadow Troops, under the leadership of Veolata, went neck-to-neck in a war against the Ice Warriors. In both of these generations, amongst many others, the Shadow Troops hit some good heights and became a dominant and tough force in the community. ST briefly returned as a CPR army in 2019, as well as in 2020 under Pjayo, hitting decent sizes initially, but they folded as they merged into the Golden Guardians in 2020

24. Purple Republic

Leaders Of Purple Republic: Violentantaletta, Woodzie


One of the most present armies in the community’s history is that of the Purple Republic. The Purple Republic is a group originating on 4chan’s /v/ board dedicated to raiding Club Penguin Servers, created by Violentantaletta. It was rumoured that they took their influence from the Pool’s Closed phenomenon associated with Habbo Hotel, another virtual world. The members of the Purple Republic raid Club Penguin servers and army events with purple-coloured penguins wearing Miner Helmets, used with the dance function in order to drill. The army served to be the first big notable example of Penguin Racism with them believing any penguin not in purple, was simply inferior and should be wiped out.

The army gained notoriety from their use of repetitive tactics. The UNDERSTAND x4 bomb and Praise Shalom were among the best examples of this. They influenced the community by making the Understand Bomb a widely used tactic with some armies still choosing to use the move today as a variation onto the Joke bomb. Above all else though, the Purple Republic wished for a long time to be recognised as a Club Penguin Army, despite several attempts to make sure they did not conform. Instead of the standard army practices at the time, such as using XAT to communicate, they preferred using sites such as Steam to handle their internal communications.

The army was also associated with major scandals and hacking such as when the Purple Republic managed to take over the CPA Central twitter, but the period was brief as Zing King To and Albarolord were able to quickly neutralise the situation and take back the twitter account with relative ease. The army targeted the Army of Club Penguin mostly in the first instance, but as time went on, the army did get less and less inclusive about who they attacked and everyone, was fair game.

23. Chaos

Five Most Influential Leaders: Orange, Owlcity, Sapper, Mrwyoskyguy/Zero, Flame

Hyper Sonic and Sapper created the Chaos of CP eight years ago, back in June 25th 2012, but it would be Sapper that would get the army off the ground as Hyper Sonic focused on the Shadow Troops. The army was then led by 32op, Sapper, Sirlord1 and Unknown before the army fell in September of the same month as a result of Sapper’s leave. Luckily for Chaos, Sapper returned and put faith in Unknown who took over full control – sparking a revival that saw numerous troops and leaders return.

Chaos have had many successful weeks and months, as seen by their constant ranks in the CPA Central Top Tens. The army has done very well in several tournaments such as the SM Army Press Halloween Bash in 2014, in which the Chaos of CP dethroned the kingpin army Light Troops, who had progressed to a major army, in a surprise victory. Another notable tournament win was the Chaos’ victory over the Ice Warriors in the 2013 Legends Cup, reaching the semi-finals of the tournament through the redemption rounds – eventually losing to the Army Republic. For a very long while in the Chaos Army, they’ve been plagued with the idea that they are the underdogs, but have constantly proven that they are anything but.

Chaos managed to finally reach the first position in the top ten in their second generation in 2016, rising to prominence and being a major force through the year. Their most successful generation was in 2020, when the army returned as a CPR army. The addition of Chaos to CPAM and the CPR community was a huge boost, as they joined the Help Force, Rebel Penguin Federation and Army of CP as one of the only true major armies. They managed to reach sizes of up to 50+ and were close to a top five finish in the combined top twenty with CPO armies. Chaos go down as the biggest purple army in the history of CP Armies, pipping the Purple Republic to that title.

22. Templars

Five Most Influential Leaders: Xing, Elmikey, Epic101, Brownpen4, Freedomist


The Templars of CP has primarily been a CP Rewritten and CP Online army, and were created on April 4th, 2018 by Xing. Despite being defaced and closed down a few times, the Templars rose to be one of the most infamous and strongest empires of the CPPS Army era. The Templars have fought in nearly all conflicts on CPR and CPO since April 4th of 2018, including World War VII. The Templars have seen many leader changes, but the leader to lead in every generation is Xing, the founder. The Templars is inspired heavily by the Romans Army. The army got off to great initial success, under the leadership of Xing and Elmikey.

The army was also led by the notorious Epic101, and through 2018 were involved in huge wars with the Rebel Penguin Federation, briefly partnering in the Red Dawn Alliance with the Elite Guardians until their removal from CP Online.

Starting on July 23rd, the Templars, after a brief hiatus from CPO had returned to CPO. As soon as the new server map was introduced by CPOAL CEO Epic101, the Templars reinvaded Cream Soda from the Royal Family and Aliens maxing upwards of 40+ towering above the opposing army’s max. Then, the Templars soon invaded Blizzard from the National Armies Alliance maxing 60+. The Templars soon invaded White Out and Flurry.  The Templars also fought the Help Force numerous times, destroying their empire, aswell as other armies. In 2020, the army also claimed to defeat the Pirates in the finals of the Fjord Frenzy, maxing 60+. The army has since dropped slightly from these heights, after moving from CPO to CPR before the closure of CPO – and are now consistently challenging for a top ten spot. They have been involved in several wars since returning to CPR, most notably when they signed a treaty with the recently reformed Water Vikings.

21. Redemption Force

Five Most Influential Leaders: Blaze, Reacon, Epic101, Konrad, Prince B

The Redemption Force were created on August 14th, 2013, by Reacon and Blaze, who came back from a two year break in armies. In the coming months they would wage war on the Water Ninjas and UMA, winning both wars. From November, 2013, and into 2014, the army made the Top Ten and would then become involved in the major community, reaching 20-30+. This was followed by a victory over Waterkid’s Light Troops in a war in January, 2014. The next few months were not strong, as they hit isolation, but picked up again in March in the trio leadership of Prince B, Blaze and Reacon. They went to war with one of the most prominent armies in the community, the Army Republic, and narrowly lost. Since then, until the closure of Club Penguin, the Redemption Force would come in and out of prominence, but consistently made a mark on the community.

The army were recreated as a CP Online Army under Epic101’s guidance in 2019, and paved the way for the return of several major armies such as the Doritos, Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors. Through 2019 and into 2020, the Redemption Force hit incredible sizes of up to 80+ and set the standard for the new community, seeing them suddenly dominate CP Armies. They were still reaching 50+ at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March, 2020, but soon dropped off and closed after the closure of CP Online. They plan to return to CP Armies this week and are expected a good turnout.

That brings to the end the third lot of ten armies to be included in the Top Fifty Armies of All Time, with the Redemption Force placed just outside the Top 20, but above CPPS rivals Chaos and Templars. Make sure you keep an eye out for the next instalment, where we name the 20th-11th most significant armies of all time. What do YOU think about this list? Did you agree with our most influential leaders, did we have these armies in the right order? Comment YOUR opinion on the Top Fifty Armies of All Time.


CPAH Advisor & Army Legend

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  1. As if the Marines army made this list, I quite honestly can’t believe it. Better 27th than 1st though

  2. This list is absolutely terrible. EGCP definitely deserves a higher place, ,maybe in the top 10 for being the FIRST major non-english army. Not to mention, WW8 was heavily significant for EGCP, why wasn’t it mentioned?

    Whoever made this list also doesn’t know sh*t about Romans. Why is zeke an influencial roman leader, he lead for a good 2 weeks in the early days before leaving to comfort dillon. If anything, Smurf should have that spot. In my opinion, we should have more people that were present in CPPS armies to help make the list than 2 old legends who just came back 3 months ago.

    • First major non English army?
      Have you ever heard of Wild Ninjas? Not just that, they maxed 15-20 throughout 2016 and maintained a place in the Top 5 of CPAC throughout the year.

    • EGCP were around for not much longer than 1 year or so, the top ten armies OF ALL TIME (2006-2020) had years of complete dominance at the very top – it doesnt really compare. The list was compiled with a wide range of people from both old armies and current CPPS armies – people like Emcee were involved.

      While EGCP did well, they were around for around 1/13th of CP Armies existence.

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