The Orange Offensive: Day One Recap

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – The first day of invasions in this war has concluded with three losses to the Doritos’ name. Their alliance has also fully disbanded and they are now on their own facing three superpowers.

Earlier today, the Army of CP released a post announcing that they are no longer a part of the New Dawn Alliance, CP Army Hub covered this with more depth here. This was followed by a multitude of armies also quitting the recently revived alliance that the Doritos gathered amid impending danger coming from the Warrior alliance and the Rebel Penguin Federation. The alliance included many armies ranging from S/M to major who have all now quit (click here for more info). In addition to that, the Doritos were faced with 3 invasions from the Dark Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Ice Warriors. These 3 armies invaded the servers Snowy River, Chinook, and Rocky Road respectively.

Invasion of Snowy River

The Dark Warriors logged on to invade Frosty and managed to garner a size of over 45. They swiftly took the server and were met with no opposition from the Doritos or any of their allies.

Invasion of Chinook

The Rebels logged onto Chinook and were also met with no opposition, they managed to garner an impressive size of over 110 and successfully captured the server.

Invasion of Rocky Road

The only battle of the day which didn’t end in just 10 minutes. The Doritos showed up to this battle and faced the Ice Warriors. In an intense battle, where the judges called overtime, the Ice Warriors emerged victoriously and managed to invade Rocky Road from the Doritos. The battle went to overtime but after a review, it was decided that the overtime room was unnecessary and that Ice Warriors won the battle with a score of 3-0. The Ice Warriors managed to achieve an impressive size of over 90 troops while the Doritos garnered upwards of 40 troops.

The first day of this war was a whopping victory for the Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, and Rebel penguin Federation. The Doritos managed to defend one server only and emerged unsuccessful despite putting up a good fight. There are currently no invasions scheduled by the Warrior alliance and just one invasion schedule by RPF for tomorrow, the NDA invasions were also deleted after the alliance disbanded earlier.

What do YOU think? Will the Doritos make a legendary comeback? Or will they crumble?


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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  1. hmm, it seems DCP is gonna have struggle ahead of them, curious of how they are faring atm

  2. lol

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