Agent 11 Announces Ice Warriors Retirement

SUBZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – After leading the legendary army Ice Warriors of Club Penguin and recreating it to its former glory, Ice Warrior’s most loyal leader, Agent11 has announced his retirement from the icy throne.

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The Climber, Chapter Three: Learning the Ropes

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Original Stories Office – The third chapter of the Original Story, The Climber, is here.

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How They Began: Ayan and the Help Force

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to How They Began! A weekly segment here at CP Army Hub that puts one army under the microscope, looking at their foundations and interviewing their creator. This week’s edition will take a look at the Help Force, which includes an interview with the creator, Ayan. Continue reading

Doritos of CP Isolates From CP Army Hub’s League

SUMMIT, Doritos of CP Capital – After a long day of battling, as well as major changes in DCP’s relations with numerous other armies, the Doritos of CP hosted a final event, or so we thought.

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