Doritos of CP Isolates From CP Army Hub’s League

SUMMIT, Doritos of CP Capital – After a long day of battling, as well as major changes in DCP’s relations with numerous other armies, the Doritos of CP hosted a final event, or so we thought.

Thursday, July 16th, was definitely a day of ups and downs for the Doritos of CP. All starting with the Army of CP removing themselves from the recently revived New Dawn Alliance. ACP had decided to leave the NDA due to pre-existing conflicts including activities of troop stealing and ‘trash-talking’ from DCP. More information on why ACP had left the NDA can be found here.

Only a few hours later, the Army of Orient Seas and the Elites had also removed themselves from the NDA, leaving the alliance with only the Lime Green Army and the Pizza Federation left. Both AOS and the Elites released similar statements regarding their departure from the NDA being tied with the reasoning behind ACP’s departure. More information on AOS and Elites leaving the NDA can be found here.

On the 15th of July, the Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, and the Rebel Penguin Federation, all declared war on the Doritos. The war was brought upon DCP as all 3 armies declaring war had images showing numerous members and leaders of DCP expressing sexism, troop stealing attempts, trash-talking, and more. More information on the war declaration can be found here. Along with these declarations, came 3 invasions on DCP from IW, DW, and RPF, that were held the following day.

DCP had decided to focus on the battle against IW, while not showing up to defend their land against the invasions scheduled by DW and RPF. In this battle, the Ice Warriors had come out successful as they had a size advantage of nearly 50 penguins. After 4 rooms, including an overtime room, the judges and administration declared a 3-0-0 win for IW. This win was decided after some controversial decisions made by the assigned judges regarding the winners of the room. In the end, due to the extreme size difference, the Ice Warriors had come out on top by successfully invading DCP’s land.

Administration and Judge’s verdict.

Nearing the end of the day, one would’ve expect this to be the last event of the day, but suddenly DCP had gathered most of their members as well as many members of the community for a ‘surprise event’. As DCP neared the event, many members of staff had set their Discord statues to short, emotional messages towards the army. Along with that, the tone of DCP’s main chat was of distress and gloomy as they hyped up this surprise event. These two signs were an indication that this was the last event before shutting down. After speaking with some of the staff members of DCP, it was confirmed that this surprise event was indeed their closing event before the creator of the Doritos, Wwebestfan, had wished for the army to shut down.

The army had a very emotional last event as many members of the army community as well as tons of DCP staff and members gathered on CPArmies for this final event. The active staff, as well as some veterans of DCP, had led many tactics in honor of their staff and overall had a fun event for themselves before they were planned to close.

DCP’s ‘surprise event’.

Immediately after the event had concluded, all of the staff members had sent emotional and heart-felt goodbyes to the army. Many of them mentioning the positive impact that their fellow members have given them. At this moment, regardless of what had occurred earlier in the day, the community saw unity. For a few special moments, each individual has felt closer to each other than ever before. Following this dear moment of happiness and tears, a shocking announcement was made. One of the current leaders, Jester, had announced that because of the positive influence from the army that he witnessed, that DCP would not be closing. Following his statement, he had also announced that DCP will be isolating themselves from all CP Army Hub League activity. Immediately after this announcement, the army was in awe as they did not have to say their goodbyes to the army and their friends. While the army will not be a part of the CPAH League anymore, they do plan on remaining open and active and continuing to host events.

Jester’s official announcement of their isolation from CP Army Hub.

The CP Army Hub was able to speak exclusively with one of the leaders of the Doritos of CP, Jester, to learn more about DCP’s isolation from CPAH.

Why was it originally planned to close the Doritos?

in my statement i put over the past few months the dcp name has been into too many peoples mouthes and from what i’ve seen coming back a couple months ago, it wasn’t anything to be proud of.. and it continues all the way to present day july 16th. Me and Wwe came to a mutual agreement to close DCP, weither it comes back will be entirely up to him. I, as a legend here cannot in good conscious fight against whats been done and said so…instead of dragging the name into the mud i say we end our 10 years right, the way it should have been when club penguin closed in 2017.

What changed your mind to leave the army open?

Incredible support, we had our final event and it was just insane the amount of people that seriously are ride or die for this army. I’ve never seen it before in my career, i will say no leader in history has ever seen such passionate amount of people care so deeply about dcp and the people in them, you have to understand that yes, its video game but the people are what make it what it is and i seriously could not in good conscious close such a thing near and dear to people’s hearts. it was incredible, i hope the community understands that. You will definitely see it again if armies do close their doors someday. its going to suck, the outcry.

What is your current stance with both CPA Hub and the League, and are you planning on rejoining anytime soon?

No, i believe the toxicity is way out of hand. IW, DW and RPF even went as far as crashing our goodbye event..if thats not classesless then i don’t know what is. Yes, certain individuals in dcp did some not so nice things but two wrongs definitely do not make a right. Even IW were apprehended about the slanderous tactics that they we’re using during our battle. I will not be joining cpah league anytime soon as i feel it’s turning into 2015 CPAC/WV situation, congratulations iw, you got your way through toxicity and complaining, have fun.

What is your plan moving forward?

Just to have fun events, card jitsu tournaments, do giveaways like we normally do. just have fun like we should have been doing before. We have something cool lined up with acp soon as well as a card jitsu tournament saturday like i previously mentioned


Overall, the Doritos have witnessed a rather emotional series of events these past few days, starting off with anger and resentment that ended in happiness overall. While there have been some rather questionable things admitted from DCP’s members, it is clear that this army has still created a life long bond that will not break. We here at CP Army Hub wish all the best for the Doritos as they start this new chapter in their army.


What do YOU think? Will DCP return to the league shortly? Or will this be the last we hear of DCP? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief

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  1. dortitos are toxic af i say good riddance


  2. […] While the Doritos have departed from the league, they still are active in the community and are being found consistently on the Top Ten. In an interview with Jester, the current leader of DCP, he made comments stating that he does not plan on returning to the CPAH League anytime soon, which was due to a toxicity from the armies within the BIA. Regardless of the army not associating with the league, the community has still seen them around as they went head to head against the Ice Warriors in a rematch of the March Madness semi-finals on July 30th. […]


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