Beach Brawl: Meet the Judges

ALASKA, Beach Brawl Boardroom – With the tournament drawing closer, we present to you the final list of Beach Brawl judges.

It is vital for the entire community to know and trust each judge deciding this tournament. Every single judge works hard to make unbiased decisions in battles, especially decisions as important as the ones featured in the Beach Brawl. Our official panel of judges is going to judge based on tactics, formations, agility, size, consistency among various other factors. In order to trust the decisions they are making in the tournament, we must understand who they are as people first. For these reasons, we’ve compiled a statement from each of the official Beach Brawl judges.
(Subject to additions on the basis of availability)

Alexandra [Ice Warriors]

Hi Everyone! My name is Alex and I have the honor of serving as one of the judges for this years Beach Brawl! For those of you who do not know me, I am a Leader in Training in the Ice Warriors as well as a Commander in our colony The Coup Crusaders! In CPAH I serve as Head Judge, and I previously served as a Judge in the CPAL/CPAM joint Legends Cup Tournament. I love judging and watching battles as well as mentoring CPAH’s JIT. I look forward to judging this tournament alongside my peers. Good luck to all armies involved- can’t wait to see some awesome tactics! :IWJudge:

Caramel [Dark Warriors]

Hii I’m Caramel, and I’m from the Dark Warriors. I became a judge right after the reset in CPAL, shortly before the CPAH merge. By now, I think I’ve been a judge for a little over a month, but because of the huge numbers of judges we have, I haven’t been able to judge much. I have judged many invasions though! Although I don’t have as much experience judging battles, I’m honored to be a Beach Brawl judge, and I will make sure to judge fairly and to the best of my abilities! GL to everyone participating 😀

Chaos [None]

Hi, I’m Chaos :pinkguitar:. I’ve been in CPA since 2018, and I started judging for battles mid-2019. This will be the second tournament I’ve judged, and I’m really looking forward to it! Good luck everyone, may the best army win!

Cliff [Water Vikings]

hey, i’m cliff, one of the head judges and one of the judges judging this tournament! a few things about my self: I’m 14, canadian, loves sports, and video games. Good luck to all the armies in the Beach Brawl!

Crazzy [Rebel Penguin Federation]

Hi everyone! I’m Crazzy, current Rebel Commander of RPF. I’ve been enlisted in RPF for over a year now, and HCOM for about 8 months. As for judging experience, I’ve judged branch battles within my own army, CPAM and CPAH sanctioned battles and invasions, and overall have a great concept of being unbiased and fair. I’m excited to see the s/m armies get their chance to compete at the highest level! Best of luck to everyone participating in the Beach Brawl tournament.

DMT [None]

Hey folks. Funny story, my school has decided to make the entire first semester online, thus nullifying further events where I will be too occupied to dominate the army headlines. Therefore, even though I hate tournament names that involve alliteration, I am once again bestowing my greatness upon the community in the form of judging. So, you’re welcome. #Bringbackthesummercircuit

Emcee [None]

What’s up! I’m Emcee Moon Emoji, former HCOM in two major armies and previous founder/CEO of CPAM. In my time as part of this community, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from experienced veterans and leaders about what it takes to win a battle as well as put it into practice in both leading and judging. I’ve judged several tournaments, practice battles, and invasions, and I look forward to continue providing fair decisions in the coming Beach Brawl! Good luck everyone, I can’t wait to see some spectacular battles and who comes out on top!

2funky3 [Army of Club Penguin]

I’m 2funky3, I joined armies in late 2009 when I was recruited by to an army called The Brigades. I’ve been HCOM/Owner rank in a lot of big armies in my time and currently I am ACP 2ic. Currently I am a CPAH Judge, where I have judged the Legends Cup Final, Challenger Cup final alongside a lot of battles in the Premier League Tournament. I also was a head Judge for a while too. I hope to see great organisation, speedy but clean tactics and good sizes from all armies participating. Good luck to all.

Orange [Ice Warriors]

Hi I’m Orange! I joined the army community back in July 2012 and I am currently 2ic for the Ice Warriors. More importantly however, I am one apart of the prestigious IW Unbiased Judging Gang (Elite) and we pride ourselves on being the most unbiased judges. I have judged countless of tournaments and battles in the past, so I can assure you that I will remain unbiased throughout the entire tournament! I am looking forward to judging an exciting tournament and may the best army win!

Pookie437 [None]

What up fellas, it’s ya boy. I’m sure you all know who I am by now but if you don’t, read the signature at the bottom of this post. Anyways, I’ve been around the block for the last year in terms of judging, taking part as a judge in CPA, CPANN, CPAM, and CPAH, while also judging tournaments such as CPANN’s November to Remember, CPAM’s Premier League Tournament, and CPAM/CPAL’s Legends Cup X. I look forward to judging what is sure to be a great tournament, and may the best army win!

Rah [Doritos of Club Penguin]

Hello everyone! I go by Rah and I’ll be your fellow judge for the Beach Brawl Tournament. You may have seen me judge for Legends Cup and I’m thankful for the opportunity to judge another tournament! I’m excited to see what the S/M armies have to offer here. I wish all participating armies the best and may the best army win!

Regan [Ice Warriors]

Hey guys, I’m Regan (Formally known as ORegan619 to you OG’s) I joined the Ice Warriors in march 2010 and while I was a bit of a troll I started maturing a bit and achieved the rank of 2ic and UK leader in 2014. In 2015 I dipped from armies but returned at the start of this year for the rank I previously held in IW. I became a judge for CPAL in April judging huge battles in the process. I judged the Final in the last S/M Army tournament, Challengers Cup, Which was PZF v PIC. Right now I’m a head judge for CPAH and I love it already. I wish every army the best of luck in this tournament, may the best army win. P.S IW Unbiased Judging gang FTW

Robot [Army of Club Penguin]

Hey guys, my name is Robot. I joined armies in 2015 beginning with the Rebel Penguin Federation and managed to achieve the position of Rebel Commander. I remained in RPF for years before retiring and recently joined ACP. Im currently an ACP General or 3ic :smile: . Anyway, I’ve judged many battle during my time in the community including many battles in the last S/M tournament, the Challengers cup. I’m thrilled to be judging in this tournament and wish all armies luck. See you on the battlefield! :heart:

Sarahah [Army of Club Penguin]

Hello everyone! I’m sarahah, or sarah, or sarahhahahahahahhahhahaahhahah, and I am extremely excited to be judging this tournament! I joined armies just about 3 months ago, but you most likely know me for my fun CPAH pings as I am currently an editor in chief. But, I also am currently holding a moderator position at ACP. I hope to see great performance from all armies. Best of luck!

Spotty [Dark Warriors]

Heyy, I’m Spotty and I’m currently a Leader in Training for Dark Warriors. I joined armies in the summer of 2018 and then went on and lead Help Force along side Ayan and others from January 2019 – February 2020. Ive been judging since the start of 2019, starting off with small division battles and eventually moving on and helping out with cpoal and cpam. I’m looking forward to judging this tournament and seeing what the small/ medium armies can bring to the battleground. Good luck to all of the armies involved!

Superhero123 [None]

Greetings! My name is Super(hero123) and I am a member of the army community since 2013. I have led various S/M armies throughout my career, primarily AUSIA based ones, but I am better known for being the creator and main developer of CPA:TG, as well as a former CPA League Administrator. I have judged in a variety of tournaments like CPA’s Summer Circuit and the latest Legends Cup, as well as many army PBs and war battles as an ex-administrator of a league. I believe I can be just and unbiased, considering the only current army I have loose ties with is WV, on an advisor role.

Having now met our official Beach Brawl judges, we hope that you will be able to place more trust in their decisions. With the tournament rapidly approaching, we advise all of the competitors to begin preparing themselves. In order for the judges to give you the results you want to hear, you need to give them the battle they want to see. May the best army win!


What do YOU think about the Beach Brawl judges? Will any surprise upsets happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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