Behind the Lens: The Marvelous Misadventures of Epic101

ALASKA, CP Army Hub’s Headquarters, Boiler Room – Last week, the first edition of Behind the Lens covered a rivalry between two celebrated CPA Leaders, Andrew24 and Jester. However, the archives examined for this edition of Behind the Lens have happened quite recently. It involves the CP Army League, the organization which was merged along CPA Media to create the organization that unifies the community. Previously, the division of the community was credited to both sides not seeing eye-to-eye, especially CP Online Army League’s co-creator Epic101 and his relations with CP Army Media. Who is Epic101 and how did he rise in power, only to fall?

The image of focus today is Epic taking control of Aliens’ Discord as they tried to move to Club Penguin Rewritten. Leader BP has shown interest in switching for safety concerns, yet Epic (Homer) used his authority as a member of the board of directors to ensure they don’t go anywhere.

Before the rise of Club Penguin Online, infamous yet popular CP Private Server that can easily be credited for a resurgence of Club Penguin armies, Epic has been involved with armies since 2011. Previously known as Epic Master, he attributes CPA Legend and current Pirates leader at the time, Waterkid100, for his enlistment and beginnings in the CPA world. Soon after joining, Pirates merged into Light Troops and his legacy began. His hard work went unnoticed, and he was able to jump the ranks with ease. Starting as a member, Epic put in the work and received an owner role as compensation for his contributions to the Light Troops. The time spent helping Light Troops achieve 1st place cemented him a role on the Hall of Fame with notable leaders DrMatt, Tobercold, and more. Epic’s presence was also seen at MarinesFire Warriors, and Smart Penguins. Under Epic’s leadership, the three armies were able to chart on both small-medium and major Top Tens. Although his career as a determined leader would continue making its name across CPA, Epic Master published a post on Water Viking’s site, which can be found here, and formally resigned on August 7th, 2016. Light Troops may have been the hallmark of his career, but his other leaderships and his brief stint at CP Army Central as an Editor-in-Chief were achievements one wouldn’t easily forget. It’s also worth mentioning he was a close contender to winning Biggest Noob of All Time.

Under Epic Master’s leadership, the Light Troops have seen 70+ in their chatroom and sizes of 50+, which at the time was significant.

Shortly after his retirement, the closure of Disney’s Club Penguin followed. Although many veterans left the community to return to their lives, a new army alternative was in the works. Waterkid100, who adopted the new name Riley, became involved in the Club Penguin Private Server community. Rile5 was a popular forums and community where CPPS development was commonly chatted about, which led to people like Riley flocking from CPA over to the forums. Despite the similarity in name, Rile5 was not owned by Riley. His connections built on the forums were soon used to administer a few private servers, one notable one being Virtual Penguin. He may have had a few failed servers, Club Penguin Online was his holy grail that gained millions of users. Club Penguin Rewritten was a popular alternative too, but their activism against armies by banning suggested for the army community to move elsewhere. Once the army community and people globally bored at home as a result of the coronavirus began to use CPO, the private server rose to fame. Epic Master, who later changed his moniker to Epic101, returned in July 2018 and made waves across the newly formed army community. Riley’s notice of the increase in armies joining CPO led to the creation of the CPOAL, or also known as the Club Penguin Online: Army League. Both Riley and Epic, who share the credit for CPOAL’s creation, went on to hold tournaments, hold legend inductions, and create a league where those who register can participate in a map-based conquest. With a league where the administrators were influential leaders who understood warfare better than anyone else, CPOAL was a success.

Club Penguin Online’s Army League, where armies that operated in CPO can enter a league that organizes all warfare. Epic Master, now known as Epic101, and Riley were the founders of this organization. For some time, it had a monopoly on CPA news due to its immense success.

CPO Army League’s popularity was enough to have a monopoly on the CPA news. Not only were they the biggest league, but their news portion was just as large. It’s debatable whether the media can rival CP Army Central, but the league was a new aspect that motivated armies. The Board of Directors, the administrators who held a great deal of power in the league, were composed of leaders who’ve led great armies and understand the ins-and-outs of battles. Heading this Board was none other than Epic101, granting him even greater influence than he’s had. Other than the League, his involvement in Redemption ForceTemplars, and his final army, the Pirates, were recognized for their grand sizes. The Legend Committee voted Epic101 as an army legend, cementing his achievements into CP Army history. 2018 was the peak of his army career, and no one was able to reach his success. His work for the league assisted in outsing armies who’ve committed scandals and created a fairer place for everyone. Unfortunately, this change wasn’t permanent. With the army community continuing to change, so did Epic. Friedrich Nietzche, a very notable German philosopher, said it perfectly:

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he doesn’t become a monster. And if you gaze long enoguh into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

The public continued to see CPOAL as a successful league to participate in. However, only a few witnessed Epic’s wraith. As his power increased, his control became more authoritarian. Help Force is one of the biggest armies today and was created by CPAM CEO Ayan, who was previously known as Kitkat81. Upon creation of the army and being given an official status, he registered HF into CPOAL in hopes that the army can make its impact on there. However, the army has unfortunately been targeted by Epic101 for their disobedience against his rules. One sign that signified the new totalitarian order was to join the league, Epic must gain ownership of your Discord server. The Help Force were under his jurisdiction, and couldn’t break free without a plan. DrFlen, who later was involved with CPA Media and the merger that led to CPA Hub, returned to the community around the beginning of 2018. Around this time, the HF was a known army around CPOAL for their outstanding eminence among other major armies. Once he got into contact with Epic, Flen attempted to reason and address concerns about the league. The league has been growing in corruption complaints, so Flen offered his assistance to help Epic relieve tensions and create stability and prevent further disparagement. The Army League’s Head of Board saw it as a threat and banned Flen from the community. The obstacle seemed as if didn’t stand in the way as both Flen and Ayan continued their plot to remove HF from CPO. Surprisingly, their plot failed and Epic became the owner of their rising Discord server. As Epic remained in the way of HF’s separation from the league, another plan was in the making for his removal. Spotty, current Dark Warriors LIT, was a former leader at the time who wished to stay on CPO with other troops. When I inquired her about the experience, I was told that Epic put her in charge of the army and that negotiations took place resulting in HF receiving their Discord back but under Epic’s ownership. The army went on to experience their “golden age”, hitting a consistent first place on Top Tens, but as the declines began with plans from Spotty to retire, another plot was in place. Closure of the army was planned out, yet the CPO staff had their own agenda. Their team harassed the HF staff and created a toxic environment. To break free from CPO’s shackles, HF’s 11,000 user Discord was defaced. Despite losing big numbers, the Help Force set an example and became one of the first to freedom.

Epic is shown to be harassing Help Force’s leadership by exposing their last names and essentially doxing them.

A picture of the Help Force before the necessary defacement. HF saw maxes greater than 80, but leaving CPO dropped them down to 30. Despite the number of people who enjoyed the army, the CPO staff created a toxic environment that the Help Force rather not be apart of.

With recent allegations of Club Penguin Online propagated by YouTubers and others who sought justice, it’s no surprise the CPPS lost a great deal of their community. Not only did it affect CPO, but the league took a great hit. Templars, Crimson Guardians, Night Warriors, and more decided to leave after being victims of the admins abusing their power. Epic’s remaining power was effective at the now dying CP Online Army League and his army, Pirates. The clock ticked down as CPO’s fateful shutdown was to occur, and armies were making plans on adapting to newer CPPSes. CP Rewritten was significantly popular, but most major armies used CPA: The Game solely for events. Pirates were an army who flocked to CPATG and had their eyes on the annual Legends Cup. CPPA saw maxes of 80+ and were a contender to win the cup, as well as Doritos, Ice Warriors, Help Force, and the winners, the Rebel Penguin Federation. CPPA had an advantage the other CPO armies lacked, and that was their endorsement by an administrator. The Club Penguin Online’s Discord pinged for their events and was supported heavily by the community. With the disappearance of CPO, Pirates saw their maxes drop from 100+ to 80, yet they still prevailed. A brief war between the Doritos, IW, and CPPA increased the morale for the tournament and replaced the gap of the size drop. With ease, the Pirates beat the Yellow Warriors in all three rounds before moving onto their infamous match with the Crimson Guardians. Why is it infamous? Although the Pirates beat CG, which was what everyone expected to happen, Crimson Guardians flew to the third round. Why? How did the army maxing 80+ with a major status lose to Crimson Guardians, a small-medium army? Superhero123, administrator of CPA:TG, and CPAM discovered that Pirates multilogged in their match. 13 penguins were multilogged, which resulted in their disqualification. The army responded by entering a state of isolation from CP Army Media, CP Army League, and other media sites. Epic’s representation in CPAM as an army leader disappeared, and his credibility crumbled.

CPAM’s original post about the multilogging situation, which can be found by clicking the image. The following users were attested to the multis.

On June 12th, 2020, the CP Army League, rebranded from its former association with CPO, announced they’ll be undergoing a state of reconstruction. The Discord was shut down, and each channel was reworked. The judges were all removed, and they were changing the roles system from a CP Army Central based system, to a simpler approach of Reporters, Editors, CEO, and Board of Directors. Rumors were spreading rapidly throughout the community that a member of the Board has been removed, which resulted in this renovation. Before my association with CP Army League, I was a reporter at a smaller startup known as CP Army News Central. Once the rumors broke out, I was sent to get an interview and conduct the post. My interview with Head of the Board 32op led to two things: my addition to the CPAL team as an editor, and confirmation. Epic101 has been removed from the Board of Directors in a vote. The man who created the league, and saw it’s growth and fall was removed from power. In my interview here (which was what officially broke the news), 32op stated that his removal was due to recent allegations of multilogging, abusing his power as an admin, racism, and prolonging the division in the community. Without a statement from Epic, who went AWOL, the community was looking for confirmation. At this point, Epic’s power has significantly decreased. Club Penguin Online’s shutdown removed his administrative abilities, CPAL’s removal of his board position ensures he doesn’t have any power over the league, and the Pirates were declining. Where was Epic during this time?

A day after CPAL’s announcement, June 13th, was what answered the community’s concerns. Yes, Epic101 will leave the CPA community. Nearly two years since he’s overseen the armies at Club Penguin, and it ended within a day. As his post stated, the “false allegations” and disqualification of his army led him to leave. Three days later, the Pirates announced closure. Epic admitted that Pirates haven’t been the same since CPO’s shutdown, and the multilogging allegations kicked the bucket. In my opinion, Epic’s decision to shutdown CPPA was a smart one because rather than seeing their fall post-CPO, shutting them down while at high sizes will prevent tainting their legacy.

Since the beginning of his career, Epic Master was able to work with some of the most celebrated members in this community to become a solid leader. His name was overshadowed by bigger names in the community, but his leadership at the Light Troops can be credited to their dominance. His status was more unknown in the original Club Penguin armies because his leadership was overshadowed by bigger named individuals, like the ones he worked with (Waterkid100 and Roberto). Once hearing about the return of CP Armies, he came and found himself given positions of power that he never had before. Unlike Disney’s Club Penguin, the community had the privilege to apply as a moderator and work themselves up the staff. His connection with the administrator and the influence he was developing gave him a great deal of power, but not one he was able to yield fully. Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, who would later become the superhero known as Spiderman, that, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Unfortunately, Epic’s responsibility shifted from good intentions to pure corruption. Rigging, abuse of power, creation of a toxic environment are only a few of the misdeeds he has been involved in. In any other situation, leaving or ignoring would be the best option. However, Epic was the Big Brother to the superstate of Club Penguin Online armies. His administrator status and connections were ones to fear. His leadership status in one of the biggest armies at the time only attested to the overwhelming privilege he held. Relating to Fredrich’s quote, Epic happened to stare in the abyss from his higher position with no realization that he would eventually fall into it. Despite what he’s done, the community shouldn’t discredit his work. It’s undeniable that he deserved CPA Legend for his work at the league, contributions to armies and others, and creating an army positive environment that promoted growth. Being a veteran too only added to what he was able to accomplish. His intentions were there for the community, but the power he was given was too much to grasp. Epic101 is a name the community shouldn’t forget and discourage. His work towards Club Penguin armies only benefitted the future of CPA, but his deception is one we cannot fail to look back on either.

What do YOU think? Should we continue to celebrate Epic101 for establishing a league that inspired CP Army Hub’s own system? Do his misdeeds eclipse his contributions? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer

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  1. Decision was mine of not moving. Plus epic had our discord and ayan had our ownership of website. Which should have been with us. The moment we denied for moving ayan converted the whole web to cpr. If we would hv moved then our server wont be with us. The decision was tough but we wanted our server and memories. Plus moving to cpr was not a good option for us as everyone was getting busier day by day (including myself) secondly we don’t wanted to be dependent on HF or any other allies once again.


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