Beach Brawl: Round One Results

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — The first round of the Beach Brawl tournament has concluded, and eight armies move into round two. But who won their battles?

The first weekend of the highly anticipated Beach Brawl tournament saw sixteen armies go head-to-head in eight intense 30-minute battles. Each conflict was judged by three individuals, and a conclusion was reached based on: size, tactics, formations, agility, creativity, and other factors.

Coup Crusaders vs. Sorcerers

The first battle of the Beach Brawl tournament saw the Coup Crusaders and Sorcerers go head-to-head. The Crusaders stole a 3-0 victory, with a combination of faster tactics, cleaner formations and a slight size advantage.

Winner: Coup Crusaders

Army of the Orient Seas vs. Red Ravagers

The Army of the Orient Seas took a clean 3-0 victory against the Red Ravagers. Their maximum size of 20, alongside an array of strong tactics and formations, dominated the Ravagers smaller size of 10.

Winner: Army of the Orient Seas

Black Order vs. One Direction Army

Both the Black Order and One Direction Army gave fierce performances, and the first room concluded with a tie. However, the favour swung towards the Black Order in rooms two and three, and ended with a 2-0-1 result. The Order were praised by the judges for a wide variety of clean tactics and formations, despite the similar sizes of 11 throughout.

Winner: Black Order

Golden Troops vs. Lime Green Army

Another close battle saw the Lime Green Army take a 2-0-1 victory. With a size of 19, the Limes won rooms one and three, but a tie occurred in room two. The Troops put up a fantastic fight with their peak of 16, but it was not enough to secure a win this time.

Winner: Lime Green Army

Marines vs. Superstars

Due to a significant bot raid, the first room of the battle was declared void. However, rooms two and three saw a vast size difference between the armies – the Marines peaked at 16 in comparison to just 6 Superstars. Because of this, the Marines took home a 2-0-0 victory.

Winner: Marines

Fighter Pilots vs. Pizza Federation

The Pizza Federation vs. Fighter Pilots battle was close, despite a clean 3-0-0 victory for the Chefs. This was due to a slight size advantage (13-10) and better executed formations.

Winner: Pizza Federation

Special Weapons and Tactics vs. Silver Empire

Due to the botting disruptions, this battle between the Special Weapons and Tactics and Silver Empire was cancelled.

Winner: Rescheduled

Templars vs. Crimson Guardians

The final round one battle saw the Templars and Crimson Guardians pit against one another. They achieved maximum sizes of 18 and 6 respectively, while both displaying an array of strong tactics and formations. However, the vast size difference led to a 3-0-0 Templars victory.

Winner: Templars

The Coup Crusaders, Army of the Orient Seas, Black Order, Lime Green Army, Marines, Pizza Federation and Templars took home the round one victories, which means they are now heading into the second round. How will they fair?

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  1. Sorcerers lost pretty bad rippppp gg CC <3

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