The Weekly Army Hub Trivia™️ #4

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, TWAHT™️ Office – The Weekly Army Hub Trivia™️ team presents the fourth edition of The Weekly Army Hub Trivia™️! This week, our questions focus on Army Legends!

Welcome to The Weekly Army Hub Trivia™️, or TWAHT™️ for short! TWAHT™️ is a weekly trivia game hosted right here on the site every Wednesday. TWAHT™️ will have ten questions, a mixture of current CPA events and even pre-CPPS history. All those that comment with the correct answers will be entered into a raffle and will receive a virtual high-five. The winner of the raffle will receive a shiny new role in the CP Army Hub server!


The winner of last week’s edition of TWAHT™️ is…

To participate in TWAHT™️, please comment your answers below this post with your Discord username!


  1. Name the armies the three 2017 Legends were in.
  2. Name three Help Force Achievers.
  3. Name three Army of Club Penguin leaders.
  4. Name three Ice Warriors Legends.
  5. Name two Dark Warriors 2013 Hall of Fame members.
  6. Name three Water Vikings Greatest Leaders.
  7. Name two Pizza Federation Legends.
  8. Name four Rebel Penguin Federation Rebels.
  9. Name any Elites Legend.
  10. Name one Lime Green Army Legend.

Make sure to comment your answers below and feel free to DM me on Discord (greatcomets#0609) with any question suggestions!

Tune back next week for the fifth edition of TWAHT™️ and to find out who won this week’s trivia!

CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief

3 Responses

  1. 1. RPF, CPA, Tubas
    2. Webshade, Hexxer, Snowflaxe
    3. omega39, CSY, koloway
    4. drumline, rugrat93, spyguy202
    5. crazy186, freezie66
    6. charizard58, skaterboy692, sledderboy
    7. Neptune, penguineth
    8. crazzy, elexonck, f6sixer, rocket
    9. 77 Ninja 77
    10. Greeny15390


  2. 1. RPF, RPF, and Tubas
    2. Jason, Hannah, and Flypin
    3. CSY, Koloway, Chainpro
    4. Hillman, Drumline, and Kingfunks
    5. Freezie66 and Dxdzn
    6. Skaterboy692, Twitchy543, and Tymatt
    7. Penguidae and Chelpopkick
    8. Rocket, Crazzy, Pookie437, and Moon
    9. 77 Ninja 77
    10. Greeny


  3. discord is jstoryhead#2794


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