Enemies To Allies: Recon Federation And Lime Green Army Announce New Alliance

YUKON, Recon Federation Empire – Once an old enemy, now a new ally? It seems even the oldest enemies can find peace, but under what terms? What exactly brought these two armies together?

The Lime Green Army have been having their fair share of turmoil this week after removing themselves from the Small-Medium Army Alliance. However, in a decision many people may not have seen coming, the Greens ended their rivalry with the Recon Federation and the two armies have now become allies.

In what seemed to be the Federation’s oldest rivalry, news of a possible alliance made its way to the army’s leader, Prior Bumble, a few weeks back after he was sent screenshots of Greeny, LGA leader, talking about wanting to be on “good terms” with Prior and his army. Other members of the Lime Green Army’s higher command team also began reaching out to Prior with positive intentions and friendly messages.

Soon after, around mid-July according to Prior’s website post, Greeny and himself began speaking about stopping their feud and becoming allies with Prior stating “Having true friends in LGA is something that would mean a lot.” The pair mutually agreed upon a newfound friendship and alliance.

Conversation between the two leaders.

On their website, the Federation leader Prior referred to the alliance as an historic event for both armies and one which took a strong level of consideration beforehand. In his post, Prior said:

I was cautious, of course. Part of me will always be cautious now when someone is kind to us.

Referring to a number of times other armies and certain troops within their own ranks have abused the trust of the Federation. Prior also noted how the Federation have seen the changes LGA have made during 2020, believing the new era of LGA shows no reason why the “bad blood” should continue.

The ‘Pact of Stewardship’ details further terms of this new alliance.

While the LGA are yet to publicly release an announcement, CP Army Hub spoke to both leaders for a statement to get their thoughts on the alliance:

Greeny, Lime Green leader:

I feel optimistic. I think it’ll elevate both armies in many ways, and considering LGA/RFCP’s history, it’s refreshing to see that bygones can be bygones in this day and age.

Prior, Recon Federation leader:

RFCP is strong alone. With brotherhood even stronger.

With this new alliance, the future looks bright for both armies. Will this new formation take each army to new heights, or will the alliance prove pointless in the long term?

What do YOU think about the new allies? What is your prediction for the future? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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