Recon Federation To Invade Mangoes Territory; Ice Warriors Set To Defend

YUKON, Recon Federation Empire — The Recon Federation have issued an invasion of the server Down Under, territory of the Mangoes. But a clash over invasion terms has led to the Ice Warriors and an alliance of armies coming to their defense.

The Recon Federation have been making headline news since their re-joining of the army community just days ago. They successfully invaded the Templars server Yukon with a strong force of 34 penguins, and even formed an alliance with former enemies the Lime Green Army. It would appear they now have their eyes set on the Mangoes.

The Recon Federation invade the Templar’s server, Yukon.

Federation leader Prior Bumble broke the surprising news on the CP Army Hub invasion schedule channel just hours ago. The battle is set to take place tomorrow, Sunday 26th, at USA-friendly timings. The four invasion terms included “no server transfer, allies, or multilogging” as well as compliance with the army’s ‘Don’t Be A D***’ clause.

However, Mangoes leader Oli was quick to respond, stating his army does not approve of the “no allies” and “no transfers” rules. The legitimacy of his refusal comes after the new league rules were implemented following the most recent army representative meeting. The new rule states: “The invading army can make terms, but the defending army must agree to them for them to be valid.”

The Army Hub team were able to reach RFCP Commander Prior Bumble, who provided the following statement after enjoying a delicious chicken parm pizza (yes, I’m being serious!):

Here’s what happened/why we are invading. RFCP invited Mango 1ic Kailee to my office (a Prior/foreign-party discussion server). Mangoes possessed Northern Lights. I greeted her, had a nice talk. I offered Mangoes to ally with us (thus receive our protection), in exchange for RFCP’s historic capital. I made it clear I was seeking a peaceful acquisition, as I understood RFCP heavily outmaxes MC and I wanted to be fair to them. I could have just scheduled immediately. Kailee said she’d talk to Oli and get back to me. I said thank you so much. Next thing we see is a transfer from MC to IW of Northern Lights. Wow. Not even a word to us, even to decline. That’s disrespect. I pinged and said, “Excuse me?” Oli then entered my office with his explanation. He said IW’s offer was better, and that he had no obligation to reply to us. “You can’t expect everyone to bend to your desires,” he said. I replied, “No problem.” And slapped down the invasion and kicked him from my office.

I hit it off amazingly with Iceyfeet last night (he and I are both ancient veterans from 2008). I like IW leadership and I want a friendship with them. But I’m disappointed in the fact that IW controls almost every small army on the map. There is no room for movement, no room to clash over a personal dispute, or contend over a piece of land, unless you’re in with the BIA (IW and RPF alliance). Their many colonies/pseudo-colonies also give them an insane amount of influence with votes–they asked me to change my vote on the treaties rule as a sign of good faith for an alliance, for example. Look at the #treaties channel. It’s full of contracts with IW. I’m confused why IW needs to be involved with so many interactions. This is not healthy for CPAH.
You all wanted RFCP to shake things up? I guess we won’t disappoint.

We were also lucky enough to sit down with Mangoes leader Oli, and gain more clarity on the rapidly unfolding situation.

Were you surprised to see the Recon Federation’s invasion of your territory?

Not really, they had already indirectly threatened war when I refused to appease them.

We [myself, Kaliee and Panini] had recently participated in a trade with AOS for the server Northern Lights and RFCP decided the server should rightfully belong to them. We had no interest in conflict but wasn’t interested in being pushed around especially by an army with such a controversial history. We eventually came to the consensus that the server would fit better with our now allies the Ice Warriors and transferred the server there which would give RFCP the chance the move their diplomatic endeavours elsewhere. Unfortunately they viewed this as an act of aggression which lead us to where we are now.
Yes it is. Ice Warriors have offered us their full support. As well as many of our allies: Templar’s, Sorcerers, Elites, SWAT, and many more. No one wants to be pushed around. Especially by an army with such a negative history.

To gain more understanding of the Ice Warriors intentions, and provide our readers will the full scoop, we of course made contact with the Ice Warriors leadership. Leader Madhav replied with:

We felt like the Mangoes were being bullied in the situation, forced to do something by both LGA and RFCP combined. In addition, we’ve developed a close relationship with ’em over the past few weeks. As for further conflict, I have no comment at this point.

There is no doubt this conflict is set to be a huge happening in the army community. What will come of the Recon Federation’s invasion? Will the Ice Warriors successfully defend the Mangoes server? CP Army Hub will continue to monitor this progressing story and provide you with the latest updates.

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer

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