The Truth Behind the Gokhan137 Doritos Livestream

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – On July 24, the Doritos of Club Penguin were featured in a stream by Club Penguin YouTuber, Gokhan137. During the stream, other armies and Gokhan’s fans bombarded the chat with claims about the Doritos’ past and about the army community. How did our community’s reputation affect a third-party so monumentally?

After being contacted by DCP Advisor 32op, YouTuber Gokhan137 agreed to stream Club Penguin and feature the Doritos of Club Penguin. The goal of the stream was for Gokhan to gain more viewers through his exposure to DCP troops and for the Doritos to increase their max as a result of Gokhan’s subscribers. These goals were met and everything was working smoothly. In fact, DCP maxed 81+ thanks to Gokhan’s efforts!

However, the event began to go downhill and fast. As it started, other armies, including Ice Warriors – a historic enemy of the Doritos – joined the chat. The stream quickly filled with other armies and some of Gokhan’s fans who knew of DCP’s controversial past. They raided the chat and tried to convince viewers to unsubscribe and cancel Gokhan. The raiders spammed the chat, name-dropped old DCP leaders involved in controversies, and grouped Gokhan in with those leaders, calling him racist, sexist, and homophobic for supporting the army.

Gokhan127’s chat raided

In addition to all this, one of DCP’s previous Oligarchy chats was taken out of context and allegedly leaked to Gokhan. The flooded chat caused Gokhan’s computer to crash and the stream to end. As a result of all the chaos and allegations, Gokhan declared that he would not be streaming for armies again. Once the stream ended, it was not uploaded to his YouTube like his regular streams. Gokhan began another stream soon after and included an apology lasting a few minutes regarding all the drama that came from the DCP stream.

CP Army Hub was lucky enough to catch Gokhan137 himself for an interview and some much-needed clarity.

What did you think a DCP-partnered stream would do for your channel and for DCP?

At the end of the day, my streams are about bringing the CPPS community together. I focus my streams around multiplayer games that everyone can participate in, such as hide and seek, guess where, never have I ever, among many others.

I didn’t know much about armies, but what I did know is that they participated in similar activities. Their activities are strikingly similar to those I do during my livestreams (i.e., formations, stamp collecting, etc). Knowing this, I saw partnering with DCP as a fun way for my viewers to engage in activities they’ve always loved, but with some new faces. Likewise, I saw it as an opportunity for DCP to benefit from having my viewers join their community.

I wasn’t aware of the history of DCP nor what various members had been accused of. From my perspective, I saw DCP as a rather positive community. I was welcomed warmly and the leaders had discussed matters with me very respectfully.

That is not to say that I am not disappointed by what some of my viewers have sent me about DCP, but I do believe in their ability to change and move past their acts. I haven’t had the chance to look deeply into the accusations against them, so I will offer no further comments.

When did things start to go south? What happened? Who was involved?

Things seemed fine up until the stream was about to start. Ten minutes before I went live, there were around 50 people waiting in the chat, many of whom seemed neutral, and maybe even a little excited for the event. Slowly, however, more people showed up who were vehemently against the idea of me partnering up with a CPPS army.

I could tell that members from rival armies also began to show up to the stream, and I was sent an influx of DMs on Discord from leaders of other armies. They sent me screenshots of what certain DCP leaders had said along with the many accusations against some of their members.

At the end of the day, there was very strong backlash against the stream, mainly due to the longstanding stereotype that CPPS armies are toxic.

The stream concluded 11 minutes in.

What did you think of the army scene before all this? What did you think of it after?

I was neutral about the army scene. I didn’t think much of it–after all, it is Club Penguin. If anything, I thought that armies were communities that players joined to have fun and to find new activities to do on the island.

After the stream, I realized how expansive – and perhaps even a bit toxic – the army scene truly is. I think the basic idea of a Club Penguin army sounds fun and harmless, and I do believe in the ability for the community to reform itself. It’s unfortunate to see how armies have garnered a bad rep for themselves, and I hope this is something leaders can overcome as time progresses.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the army community?

As I previously said, I hope to see the army community reform itself, and I fully believe in its ability to do so. What disappointed me is how members from opposing armies came to my stream chat and accused me of racism and toxicity, when I was fully unaware of DCP’s history nor affiliated with their actions in any way.

It’s one thing to support your army, and it’s another to completely wreak havoc for its sake.

At the end of the day, the idea of an “army” carries a connotation of honor, respect, and proper conduct. Seeing members from opposing armies haphazardly attack me is something that left a sour taste in my mouth. I’m not generalizing this to all army members, however, as there were many who were respectful and understanding of my situation.

The concept of an army sounds fun. You find a group of thousands of new friends and you find a bunch of activities you can regularly participate in. Two things need to be addressed, in my opinion: (1) corrupt leaders and (2) irrational and toxic army rivalries.

I’d also like to note that armies have long been reaching out to me looking for sponsorships. I’d like to thank the army community for being so eager to have me by their side, and perhaps when things change, I could find myself here again. But until there is serious reform, it is best for me to remain on the sidelines for now.

After such a hectic first experience with armies, Gokhan remained positive and apologized for any drama he may have caused during his second stream of the day. With situations like this, it is hard to see the truth from just one side. However, we have to remember, as Gokhan mentioned, that this is Club Penguin. We should support each other, we should not have as much toxicity as we sometimes do. After all, we are all playing the same game.

What do YOU think? Where did the partnership go wrong? How can CP Armies improve their reputations and prevent drama like this? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief

6 Responses

  1. someone pass me the tide pods this is gonna be an interesting read


  2. What the hell! Just let Gokhan just stream any army. I mean, DCP had a controversial past, and I get that. But like, the other armies butchered the stream. I hope the people that raided Gokhan has major things happen to them. Interesting read tho and it was great.


    • I mean if anybody did it, it was because of ppl who just wanted to on their own. we did not condone this and told everyone to stop as soon as possible.


  3. Gokhan join swat! it’s so kind! 650 members!! 😀


  4. i agree with gokhan


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