Underpaid and Overworked Cup: Information

[The tournament has 20 people participating, so we will not be accepting any more people. If there are more people interested, more spots will be open. Thanks for entering!]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub’s Headquarters – With tournaments such as Legends Cup X, Beach Brawl, and the upcoming continuation of CP Online Army League’s March Madness, the administration at the Club Penguin Army Hub will be proud to announce a different type of tournament. A graphics tournament, where designers throughout the community duke it out in a bracket and fight for the top spot!

The first thing you may ask is, “What is a graphics tournament?” I wouldn’t blame you, this isn’t something you’d usually see. Well, the concept is similar to one of the tournaments that have occurred here for years, as designers will be on a bracket and having to compete against one another to advance to the next round. The idea was inspired prior to the merge as a competition to be held by both the CP Army Media and CP Army League. However, with the merger has taken place and the community under one news site, a great audience is able to view it. Previously, I’ve taken place in a graphics tournament held by a predecessor site for SM armies known as the Small-Medium Army Central. The original tournament can be found here. However, I’ve learned earlier this year that the tournament was corrupt by the CEO, which is why this tournament exists. Graphic designers aren’t commonly seen in the community as much as today, so competition would unite this designer diaspora.


  • No collaborations or working together. This is an independent contest. If you’re found working with another contestant or receiving outside help, you will be disqualified.

  • No multiple entries; if you would like to replace your entry before the time limit, please let one of the judges know.

  • Do not put your watermark or name on the graphic. To ensure the judging is fair, the graphics will be reviewed by judges without the knowledge of who made what.

  • You have 1 week per round until you must submit your graphic. For example,  the tournament begins on July 31st, 2020. The entry must be due by August 7th, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST. Submissions will be through a form on the website.

The tournament will begin on July 31st, 2020. Ideally, the tournament will have 16 people, but we currently have 15. We are looking for one more contest, so if I’ve missed you or you’re interested, please contact me on discord at zamb#9783. The deadline for contestants ends on July 28th, 2020 at 11:59 EST. If more people show interest, the bracket and rounds can be redone to accompany more individuals.




Scorpion Demon

















Judging the competition will be the CP Army Hub’s staff team. Here is the judging panel:

Pookie437CP Army Hub’s very own Chief Executive Officer.

CSYCP Army Hub’s advisor, the current leader of the Army of Club Penguin, and graphic designer.

Max – CP Army Hub’s Executive Producer. He claims to be qualified to judge as he is a devoted Timothée Chalamet stan, and can therefore “appreciate the attractive things in life”.

Flen– CP Army Hub’s Developer, advisor, and graphic designer.

Iceyfeet1234 – CP Army Hub’s advisor, creator of Ice Warriors, and been here since the beginning of Club Penguin armies – so he knows good art.


Now what everyone has been waiting for, PRIZES!

The one who wins the graphics tournament will receive the following:

  • A special role on the CP Army Hub’s main Discord, titled “Designer God”
  • 1 month of DISCORD NITRO!
  • CPArmies in-game namecolour and nameglow of your choosing!
  • A vanity trophy to brag about your accomplishment!

That is what we have planned for the upcoming graphics tournament. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the tournament, please contact me and I’ll be able to help in any way possible. To make it clear, although I’m organizing the tournament, I will have no part in judging it. And to prevent the corruption mentioned above that occurred in SM Army Central’s one, fictional and dead armies will be chosen for graphics, so no one can benefit from the art made. Information will be relayed through the site, and any designer entering will be given a temporary role to receive the pings. Thank you to everyone who’s entering and supporting this contest, I will you all the best of luck!


CP Army Hub’s Resident Graphic Designer and Executive Producer

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  1. Awesome! It begins today!!!


  2. […] The rules will be listed below, and any other information will be on the previous post which can be found here! […]


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