Troop Interview: Pizza Federation’s Arne

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Troop Interviews Office –  Welcome to the Army Hub’s Troop Interview, where we speak to some of the interesting penguins from around the army community. Whether that be the lowest recruit or the highest-ranked soldier, we will give them the platform to speak out on their army and the community as a whole.

Today we will be interviewing Juanchis15, also known as Arne, a retired High Council Member (Moderator) of Pizza Federation!

Jason: Hello Arne, how are you today?

Arne: Oh uh good! Staying at home as usual. Doing Discord instead of my homework you know.

Jason: Lol That’s great!

Arne: Ye living the best life of sedentarism and a diet with high calories.

Jason: :joy: :joy: And that’s a fact! Anyways, you were a member of PZF. What was your rank there?

Arne: I was a Pizza Federation High Council member, aka third in command. Two weeks ago, I was forced to retire due to IRL reasons.

Jason: Oh really? That’s sad to hear. Good luck with your IRL problems man.

Arne: Thanks. Pizza Federation hasn’t been my only army though.

Jason: Oh really?

Arne: I’ve been in around six armies.

Jason: Oh that’s really cool. When did you join your first army?

Arne: I’d say around May 2019, when I founded my first horrible rogue “army” on CPO called Union Cafetera. But my first real army was in June, when I got recruited into the RPF.

Jason: Oh. How did you end up in PZF?

Arne: I was banned from the RPF server like a month in, but uh I knew about the Pizza Federation even before making my first army. I found the CPA wikia and thought it was super cool, and I wanted to join the Pizza Federation out of all armies. So I searched them in Club Penguin Rewritten which ended with me being recruited into the RPF. Right about then, they joined the now dead CPA League with Greeny and Menmaw, so I joined the hub and saw the invite. Then I hit the join button. This was after I got banned from RPF.

Jason: Oh that’s a really exciting story. Why did you get banned from RPF?

Arne: I spammed the video with the bots raiding Club Penguin and the vuvuzelas. It was called Cyberbullying in Club Penguin with 25-45 bots and 2 pedos. That’s where my nickname came from. I even made an event inspired on it and made it into a video with the same style of editing and music. Proudest day of my life.
So after RPF, I joined the Mopia, I never really got super into it, but I got promoted once. All I can say. Then, while at PZF, I joined the Duck Knight Army, kinda same story, but with inflatable ducks. Then I quit PZF and joined the controversial RFCP for about a week and then left after Jack published his expose article and rejoined RZF for around two months. Then I retired and here we are.

Jason: Oh man you got a really huge CP career.

Arne: I don’t have many regrets on what I did and did not, but I kinda wish I contributed more to the CPA landscape.

Jason: Oh well. Moving on, from your experience, what did you like about armies?

Arne: The community mainly. I met so much people around this time. So many friends. I wish I knew all of them in real life. The 19/20 season was hard for me and this people pulled me through it, if they had been in my school I probably wouldn’t have had such a rough exit from my previous school. Between bullying, unjustified admission prices, bad management and an overall self-esteem drop, I think this community, this game about flipping Penguin, saved me from depression!

Jason: Oh man, that’s really cool! I hope the best for you and your penguin friends!

Arne: Same to you.

Jason: What do you do outside of CP?

Arne: I play videogames, I read, I write and I run a YouTube channel.

Jason: Oh that’s really cool! Do you have any ridiculous goals in life?

Arne: I want to be a football/soccer manager or a YouTube star, or write a book.

Jason: These are some really cool goals man. I hope you succeed. Favourite colour?

Arne: Orange

Jason: Ok cool. Do you have anything else to add?

Arne: I wanna give a shoutout to Lightningmcj, Ratlord/Oli and Shy Guy, Coffee, Hidcre and Bolio. Also virtual school sucks and #coupr3tro!

Jason: :joy::joy: Oh yeah! Thanks for being here with us and thanks for your time.

Arne: Thanks for accepting my interview.

All in all, I think that Arne is a really cool and amiable guy. He was really trying to contribute as much as he could to the Armies community and has surely made an impact on it. He has gained some valuable friends from this community too. Outside of CP, Arne has some very interesting hobbies and some great and ambitious goals.

Be sure to keep an eye out for next week’s interview! Who knows? Maybe you could be our next interviewee! Be sure to direct message either katerina#1424 or Jason6331#3481 on Discord if you would like to be interviewed!


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Reporter

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