Beach Brawl: Information & Semi-Final Times

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters  CP Army Hub is proud to unveil the details and Semi-Final times for the clash of the summer, Beach Brawl.

Round Two of this year’s Beach Brawl will commence on July 25th on and battle information can be found in the CPAH: Tournaments Discord server. A common set of tournament rules from Legends Cup X will be applicable: 

  • Armies must not multi-log/use bots, or any other unfair means of gaining an advantage.
  • No DDosing/Doxxing/Defacing/etc.
  • No allies/members of other armies to be used.
  • Rules of CPArmies apply; armies must not use foul language during battles.

Considering the special nature of this Tournament, some Beach Brawl specific rules will also be put in place in order to ensure fairness between all invited Armies:

  1. No dual enlistments and no allies/members of other armies to be used. However, if a person is currently HCOM in a colony, then they can continue attending events for the army through the tourney. To make sure this rule is upheld, a member of the Administration team will message a leader of each army in the tournament asking them to give us a list of their current HCOM members.

  2. Any new recruit will be checked to make sure they weren’t troops being sent from another army.

  3. Advisors to the army are not allowed to aid the army at the time of battle. The hiring of a new advisor to the army will be considered as enlistment through the course of the Tournament

Beach Brawl Bracket

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Round Three Times

Round Three of Beach Brawl will run from August 1st to August 2nd. Two battles will be held on August 1st, while one battle will be held on August 2nd.


[August 1st]


Pizza Federation


Silver Empire

11:30 PM IST / 7 PM BST / 2 PM EST / 1 PM CST / 12 PM MST / 11 AM PST

Red Ravagers


Lime Green Army

12:30 AM IST / 8 PM BST / 3 PM EST / 2 PM CST / 1 PM MST/ 12 PM PST


[August 2nd]


Coup Crusaders


Red Ravagers or Lime Green Army

12:30 AM IST / 8 PM BST / 3 PM EST / 2 PM CST / 1 PM MST/ 12 PM PST


What do YOU think about the Beach Brawl? Who do you think will take home the trophy? Comment below and let us know!


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer

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  1. Wish I will be able to judge this time

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