Grand Prior 4207b Returns To Templars

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – One of the most beautiful things ever is when the people you value come back into your lives. There are quite few moments in life when this happens. The Templars, amidst the grief of the recent loss of their capital Yukon, have been given reason to rejoice as their ex- Grand Prior, 4207b, has returned to lead the army.

4207b, also known as Tecca or oobzoobnoob, is a well known name in armies like the Doritos, Dark Warriors, and Ice Warriors. They have been seen in action recently in armies like Golden Troops and Redemption Force as the 3ic and 2ic respectively. Besides that, they are an ex-recipient of the Honory Shield award of the Doritos, which is a lower tier of Legend. But the army they have the most extensive history with is Templars. Their highest rank has been Grand Prior, which is a leader rank. 4207b has been a proud part the army since the first generation. They have lead the Templars multiple times before, during the times when they operated on Club Penguin Oasis, and later during the Club Penguin Online generations of the army. Tecca is also a Templars legend, and when they retired from leading them, they had continued as their advisor. They announced their return on August 1st, at 5:30 am GMT.

I would just like to say that I’ve returned to lead the templars for another generation. I’m excited to see where we go this generation and I’m glad to be a part of the team again. If you have any questions, feel free to dm me or any of the Knights Of The Silver Rose+. Finally, I’m glad to be back home. Expect big changes for the better coming your way, this army is going to be greater than ever!
– 4207b, quoted from his message to the Templars announcing his return.

The Templars recently faced the loss of their capital Yukon to the Recon Federation, which took them off the server map. So, how does this relate to 4207b joining them? The answer lies with the troops of this golden army. Those who know 4207b find it difficult to not praise their pleasant, hardworking nature. Since their early days with the army, they have earned their ranks through toil and determination. A person of their calibre would be a big addition to their effort to return to glory.

The return of 4207b is coinciding with a critical situation for the Templars army. They are facing the Recon Federation and have already lost their capital. How will this experienced leader impact this scenario? Will they be the factor that turns the tide for the Templars? At the same time, 4207b hasn’t yet stepped down from their staff positions in Redemption Force and Golden Troops. Will they continue to retain those ranks in all the armies? So many questions, all of them unanswered.

Fortunately, the CP Army Hub team managed to get a very interesting interview with 4207b.

What is the reason for returning to the Templars?

Well, for one I’m just trying to find a place to stay. I mainly returned to Templars because it’s my home, and I want to lead this new generation to be the greatest ever. Templars was my first army coming back to CPA in 2018, they were just starting up when I had returned so I thought that I should just give them a try. I’m still there today, helping them out and attending events and such. The other reason why I returned to templars is because I want to go back to leading things again, because it makes me feel better about myself as a person and it makes me feel better knowing that I could possibly help a lot of people out with their issues by providing them with a safe place to go to and an escape from reality in case something is going on in their real life.

Will you be resigning from your HCOM positions in Golden Troops and Redemption Force to focus on Templars?

I’m probably going to resign from my position in Redemption Force, a lot of the staff members have left and honestly it’s really unhealthy because I know whenever the army comes out of the inactivity phase a lot of work is going to be thrown on me. Considering my issues in real life and the less amount of time I have because of my job and all, it’s just going to be unfinished and I believe they would be better off with someone else who can fulfill those requirements. with the majority of the staff team and HCOM gone, it’s just impossible to revive it now because it was supposed to be a team effort, not a solo effort. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do about my position in Golden Troops though, I want to at least make an impact there before retiring and a lot of my friends are there. What I will be doing is negotiating with the leaders of both armies to ensure that it’s okay that I can participate in both armies (which is why I’ve went inactive in GT suddenly), if I can’t be in GT while being in TCP I’ll step down from my position in GT. I want Templars to be my focus right now however I can still help other armies if I’m allowed to.

What will your plans be for the ongoing hostilities against Recon Federation?

I plan to give the Recon Federation one helluva challenge. I want to show them which army is superior as well as use the ongoing hostilities to see what else we need to improve on during the heat of the battle. Even though there are practice battles and war trainings and such, it will never be as engaging in as an actual battle with another army. Some people may not have issues during pbs, but may have issues in actual battles and that’s what I think we can fix. But yeah, RFCP is on my radar haha

What will be the role you will play among this team of leaders?

The role that I will play among this team of leaders will be more of the community-involved type. I’m going to be a lot more involved within the community and fixing the issues that Templars may have. I’m going to be working on building this army from the ground up and implementing any ideas (that are reasonable) if troops suggest any. So basically, I plan to be more of a community manager type, however, I still plan to have the same duties as a leader would. This meaning I would still be recruiting, attending events, scheduling events, hiring staff, etc etc.


The amount of love that 4207b has for their home army is truly unmatched. With their experience, and the amount of determination they showed in the interview, it’s obvious that the enemies of the army of golden knights are up for a challenge. Templars are moving fast towards their goal of bringing back their empire. But will they succeed? Will their efforts be enough?

What do YOU think? Will 4207b establish the next golden generation they have promised? Or are the Templars heading towards another shut down? Let us know in the comments below!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. It will be great to see 4207b in action!


  2. i cant sign into my wordpress account on my phone (lol) but this is lit! 🔥🔥


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