The Top Five Moments From July 2020

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – As we wave goodbye to July, we take a look back over the Top Five moments of the month. What will be crowned first position? 

The CP Army Hub staff team recently held a meeting to discuss what we collectively believed to be the ‘Top Five Moments‘ from July 2020. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole, whether that be a war, retirement or scandal. So without further ado, we present the July 2020 listing.

5. Army of the Orient Seas Disqualified From Beach Brawl For Multilogging

Written by: Fusion

Just this week the Army of the Orient Seas made headline news after they were found multilogging during their Beach Brawl battles.

Concerns were brought to the Army Hub administration regarding members present for their round two battle against the Lime Green Army. While it was uncovered four attendees were dual enlisted, a tournament rule break, further investigation showed leader Intrinsic multilogged two additional penguins for the battle. Despite the very strong evidence, Intrinsic claims these penguins were in fact his brother and friend, who were present at his house and logged online for the battle. As a consequence for their actions, the AOS were disqualified from the Beach Brawl tournament, and it was ruled the Lime Green Army and Red Ravagers would engage in a round two rematch this weekend.

Multilogging against the Red Ravagers, the first round of the Beach Brawl.

4. Ice Warriors Dominate The Server Map With Use of Proxy Armies and Colonies

Written by: Mare & Cassie

Over the last month, the Ice Warriors held an icy-cold and non-stop winning streak over the community’s server map. The army proves their dominance with each server collected for the empire. As of this post, IW controls a whopping twenty servers. However, IW did not collect these servers on their own – the use of their colony and proxy armies aided them. These colonies included Da Best Army, Coup Crusaders, and Alberto Warriors. Throughout the month, their colonies transferred servers they earned to the Ice Warriors empire. Out of these colonies, only Coup Crusaders still have their own territory. Two of their colonies, Hold Bugs Army and Janitors, did not trade or transfer any land to Ice Warriors. These colonies helped IW majorly over the past month by consistently helping IW gain more servers. Da Best Army, Coup Crusaders, and Alberto Warriors together have transferred IW more than five servers throughout July. These colonies made the Ice Warriors even more unstoppable, helping the army obtain more territory on the map. With the Ice Warriors dominating the map, other armies were left unable to gain more land during July. What will happen next month? What colonies will be added? We will have to wait and see, but they heavily influenced the events of July – what’s next?

The many transfers during July 2020.

3. Recon Federation Rejoin The Community With Templars Declaration of War

Written by: Myth

Over the last month, we’ve seen plenty of new armies created and old ones revived. Among these are the Recon Federation, who rejoined the community with a declaration of war against the Templars. It was announced in a blog post by Recon Federation’s commander, Prior Bumble, that the war would go ahead because of “Templar racial slurs, anti-semitic remarks, and more“. It was also claimed the Templars Discord server is not safe for younger people due to explicit language in the general chat. After this website post was released, the Templars released a response article, claiming that they were indeed a safe server, and that they had nothing against people of any race or religion.

The Recon Federation registered for the Club Penguin Army Hub, and as soon as they became an official army, announced an invasion for the Templars’ server Yukon. This was to take place on July 22nd, at 10:30 PM EST. This battle was won by the Recon Federation, as the Templars made offensive jokes during the battle. After the battle of Yukon, the war ended with the Templars defeat. However, further controversy sprouted as the Recon Federation requested a judge just 30 minutes before the battle started. This prompted the Army Hub administration to instate the rule: “The invading army must request a judge 45 minutes before the battle”.

Mid-Conflict: The Recon Federation take on the Templars.

2. The Disbanding of the New Dawn Alliance

Written by: Coolguy

On July 13th the New Dawn Alliance returned with the Doritos, Army of Club Penguin, Lime Green Army, Elites, Army of the Orient Seas, Pizza Federation and Templars. It was formed to combat the growing threat of the newly allied Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation. But the cracks in the New Dawn Alliance were quick to show, and within 24 hours the Templars were removed. This was due to members of their high command defacing a private server, Club Penguin Galaxy. Next to leave was the Army of CP, who withdraw alongside an exposé website post. This included details of the Doritos “troop-stealing, forming a false friendship, and making anti-ACP propaganda“.

Then came the creation of the Black Ice Alliance and their shocking declaration of war on the Doritos. With further evidence of “sexism and racism” detailed in their website articles, the Elites and the Army of the Orient Seas withdrew their affiliations with the alliance. This was followed by the Lime Green Army and Pizza Federation’s departure, for similar reasons. The alliance of eight armies that the Doritos had assembled was reduced to just one in a matter of days.

Words from Leader CSY on the ACP website.

1. Doritos Leave The League Following Black Ice Alliance War

Written by: Sarahah

On the 16th of July, the Doritos of Club Penguin isolated themselves from the CP Army Hub League following the creation of the Black Ice Alliance, which comprised of the Rebel Penguin Federation, Dark Warriors, and Ice Warriors. This all occurred after the fall of the New Dawn Alliance which included a public statement from the Army of Club Penguin making numerous allegations towards the Doritos. 3 different invasions were set up against the Doritos by the BIA, in which they had unfortunately lost all. With the invasions all occurring on different servers, each by a different army invading, but being held at the same hour did not allow much chance for the Doritos’ success. Although, only hours after the last invasion DCP had hyped up a ‘special’ event making many notable hints that this will be the last event. The army held this event with much adieu from the rest of the community, but after the support that Jester saw from the community he decided to instead of close the army, that he would isolate DCP from the CPAH League.

While the Doritos have departed from the league, they still are active in the community and are being found consistently on the Top Ten. In an interview with Jester, the current leader of DCP, he made comments stating that he does not plan on returning to the CPAH League anytime soon, which was due to a toxicity from the armies within the BIA. Regardless of the army not associating with the league, the community has still seen them around as they went head to head against the Ice Warriors in a rematch of the March Madness semi-finals on July 30th.

The Doritos Final Event

Whether you agree with our listing or not, there is no doubt the month of July has been a very busy one for the community. As we now head into August, what can we expect to occur? And what moments will top our listings at the end of it?

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR Top Five Moments in the comment section below!

The CP Army Hub Staff Team

Words by: Sarahah, Coolguy, Myth, Cassie, Mare, Fusion, Max

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  1. No mention to Smart Penguins revival rumors => Fake list BOOOOO


  2. We’re doing fine without CPAH so uh ty for putting us at number one I guess.


  3. This post was well written, the CPAH Staff team are truly amazing!


  4. What a…. interesting month… to say the least! :e5:


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