Top Ten Armies [7/26/20-8/1/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — In a week where forty five different armies were active, we witness some major changes in this week’s Top Ten rankings.

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♦ 1. Rebel Penguin Federation [113.28]

2. Ice Warriors [98.5]

3Army of Club Penguin [71.5]

4. Help Force [65.93]

 5. Dark Warriors [64.75]

6. Special Weapons and Tactics [58.88]

 7. Doritos of Club Penguin [57]

 8. Superstars [55.52]

  9. Lime Green Army [46.63]

  10. Red Ravagers [45.78]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held a total of 10 events this week. They started the week with an Ausia Operation: Assention maxing 40. Operation Princess Overnight followed with 85 penguins. Ausia Operation: Bedazzled was next with a max of 57 then came Operation: Gambit with 75 penguins. Operation: Stamp Maniacs and Operation: Fast as Lightning followed with maxes of 101 and 76 respectively. Ausia Operation: Party Rock was next where RPF achieved 51 online and Operation:Crystal Clear followed where 64 rebels logged on. RPF finished their week with Ausia Operation: The Last Laugh maxing 58 and Operation: Hideout with a max of 64.

2. Ice WarriorsIce Warriors had four events this week. To kick off their week, they successfully defended Down Under (CPA) with the Mango Corps and maxed 70. On Tuesday, they maxed 50 during a tournament event. During their March Madness semi-final rematch victory, they maxed 101. Finally, they maxed 55 during a subdivision battle with SWAT.

3. Army of Club Penguin: ACP was in for a lively week after beginning with a Training Boot Camp that maxed 32 troops. Their next event was an AUSIA 6-month Anniversary maxing 42. ACP moves on to have a Cowboy Takeover with a max of 40 penguins and then Operation Delta with a max of 37. Next they had a Practice Battle and won against Help Force, where they hit peak and maxed an impressive 58. To finish off their week, they host a Dragon Takeover and a Practice Battle with Crimson Guardians where they max 40 and 38.

4. Help ForceTo kick off their week, Help Force held an exciting branch battle with a max of 39. The same day, they held a training event maxing 20 penguins. On Tuesday, they maxed 48 at an AUSIA silver sword-themed event. They held another uniform event with a max of 34 helpers on Wednesday. For their Thursday events, HF maxed 57 at a stamp event and 39 at a white noble horse event. They held a practice battle with the Army of Club Penguin on Friday and maxed 45 penguins. Finally, they held another uniform event maxing 26 on Saturday.

5. Dark WarriorsThe Dark Warriors had an avatar themed week with a total of 4 events. The first was an Air Takeover for the AUSIA troops where they saw sizes of 36. They continued their week with 2 elemental takeovers for Fire and Earth where they peaked the sizes of 34 and 36. They ended their fun-filled week with a Water Nation Takeover that peaked 44 warriors online.

6. Special Weapons and TacticsSWAT began their week with a training event that maxed 20 penguins. Two days later, they successfully invade Fiesta with 23 troops for an AUSIA event. Their next two events were attempted invasions of Cozy, both maxing 29. For their final event, SWAT managed to max 39 and score the server Cozy.

7. Doritos of Club PenguinThe Doritos had a slow week with a total of 2 events. Their first event was a Coffee Takeover in which they saw 46 penguins online. They ended their week with an exciting March Madness battle against the Ice Warriors where they saw sizes of 45.

8. SuperstarsThe superstars had an exciting week, kicking off with an AUSIA training event on Monday, maxing 7. On Wednesday, the Superstars defended their server Fiesta, maxing 16. On Friday, there were two events, one defending an attack on their server Cozy maxing 27, and the other in defence of their server Sparkles, maxing 32. Finally, the Superstars finished of the week with another defense of Cozy, maxing 29.

9. Lime Green Army: The Limes began their strong week with an EU Ducky Raid that saw a peak of 15 penguins. An EU “OG Training” then saw 9 in attendance, while a Blacksmith Event pulled in a total of 32. The had an AUSIA Duck recruiting with a size of 9, unscheduled recruiting with 24, and battle vs. Recon Federation with 16 attendees. Their Beach Brawl re-match battle concluded the week, and they maxed 17 against the Red Ravagers.

10. Red RavagersThe Red Ravagers kicked off their very busy week with an invasion on OMA’s land: Breeze, where they were successful and maxed 15. Their next event for Sunday was a branch battle in which they maxed 9. On Monday they held an AUSIA Troop Lead where they maxed 12. Their next event was two days later where they maxed 11 while hosting an AUSIA U-Lead. On Thursday, RR held an AUSIA Dragon Recruiting Event where they brought a max of 9. Later in the day they held an EU Hide n Seek event where they maxed 11 troops! Their final event for Thursday was a US Practice Battle against Hold Bugs Army which they unfortunately lost but maxed 15. Their next of the week was the quarterfinals in the Beach Brawl against the Lime Green Army which they maxed 11. For their final event they invaded Lava Troops’ Land: Crystal, where they maxed 13 and successfully invaded the land.



Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think about this week’s Top Ten in the comments below!


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