Administration Statement: Coup Crusaders Disqualified From Beach Brawl Final

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Investigation’s Office – The Coup Crusaders, a small-medium powerhouse, were recently investigated following allegations of dual enlistment in their Beach Brawl semi-finals battle against the Lime Green Army. The results of this investigation have led to their immediate disqualification. 

Administration Edit: Following the publication of this post, one of the individuals involved in the scandal leading to Coup Crusaders’ disqualification reached out to our team and confessed they as well as two others had no intention or knowledge of breaking the rules. CP Army Hub does not condone the persecution of anyone in the report, and those involved can face consequences if they are found to harass them.

On Sunday, August 2nd, the Coup Crusaders faced off against the Lime Green Army in the semi-finals of the ongoing Beach Brawl tournament. Concerns of dual enlistment, which is explicitly against tournament rules, was flagged to the administration following this conflict, and an investigation was launched.

It was discovered that three Ice Warrior staff members, Brandon, Kayles and Joshc, were enlisted as Crusaders higher command after the tournament rules were announced. The picture below shows the users presence at the semi-final battle against the Limes. 

In picture: Kayles, Joshc, Shadowhope (Brandon)

It was noted that these three people were not present in the first round of the tournament, and so concerns were raised over them being dually enlisted only to aid Coup Crusaders through the second, and more challenging, half of the tournament. 

The administration team approached Coup Crusader leader Coolguy in regards to when they were given the higher command rank. He stated that it occurred before the rules announcement, but that he could not access the Discord logs to prove this as it was from so long ago.

As Discord stores audit logs for up to 90 days, we believed that information was being withheld. Therefore, the administration approached another leader, Flav, to confirm the veracity of Coolguy’s statement. Flav was able to access the audit logs and provide screenshot evidence that these users were promoted to the higher command at a time that would make them eligible to attend the Beach Brawl battles. However, we believed these screenshots to be edited.

The Edited Screenshots

Following close scrutiny, we discovered the date stamp had been doctored so that it dates on these screenshots confirmed no rules has been broken. After the leadership was confronted, leader Flav admitted to forging the imagery. The following pictures show the unedited screenshots and dates. 

The Un-Edited Screenshots

This clearly reveals that the three users in question were ranked higher command so as to participate in the tournament and thereby circumvent the dual enlistment exception clause of Rule 1.

Leader Flav confessed that he was the only leader who was responsible in the doctoring of these screenshots, and did so to prevent the disqualification of his army. We were able to obtain the following statement from Flav, regarding his actions:

I apologise to the community that we did not follow the rules, it was a misunderstanding on our part. I apologise to the Club Penguin Army Hub Administration as a whole, I lied to you, and I’m sorry. I forged the screenshots because just imagine being in the finals of a tournament and just seeing yourself being disqualified. We all make mistakes. I admit I was scared of just being disqualified so I lied and forged. But it bothered me for hours so that’s what I decided to come forth with my actions I have massive regret of doing it and again I am sorry especially to LuciferStar. I do apologise to the armies effected, and I wish the best of luck to the Lime Green Army and to their future in the tournament. And I am sorry to anyone that I let down, this definitely is not the type of person I am which is why it came unexpected. I am sorry.”

As a consequence of his actions, and given he holds several positions within the Army Hub, Flav will be suspended from his duties as a Discord Moderator and Judge until further notice. He will, however, continue his work as a reporter. We hope Flav will take this as an opportunity to reflect on his actions.

The Coup Crusaders leadership submitted the following statement in response to their disqualification:

“We as a leadership team apologise for our mistakes. It was a big misunderstanding on our part. We didn’t see a problem with promoting three of our staff to HCOM and didn’t realise it was breaking the Beach Brawl Tournament Rules. We didn’t think that promoting our troops for working hard would be breaking rules and would disqualify us from the tournament. We wish the best of luck to the remaining armies in the tournament. The Coup Crusaders will return stronger and bigger and we will win the next tournament for sure. In our eyes we are the true winners of the Beach Brawl.”

While the statement from the Coup Crusaders leadership might indicate that this was an honest mistake, a rule break was made and we have no choice but to respond appropriately. This has led us to the decision that the Coup Crusaders are to be disqualified from the Beach Brawl tournament. The Lime Green Army will advance into the tournament finals this weekend and battle the Pizza Federation. 

We would politely like to remind the remaining armies that we are taking the tournament rules seriously and compliance is to ensure the fair nature of the event. We look forward to the upcoming finals that will be taking place this weekend! As ever, the times and information, as well as the much-loved staff predictions, will be posted in the coming days.

What do YOU think about this? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Hub Executive Producer

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