Rebel Penguin Federation Successfully Invades Recon Federation

YUKON, Battle Server – The invasion of Yukon scheduled by the Rebel Penguin Federation nearly three days ago finally occurred today, and the Recon Federation put up a strong showing on the battlefield. Both armies fought well for control of the server, but who came out of the conflict as the winner?

The Rebel Penguin Federation scheduled an invasion of the Recon Federation‘s only server, Yukon, three days ago. This invasion was carried out today in an adrenaline-pumping battle. The Federation had invaded this server from the Templars shortly after they returned to the league. The Templars had also scheduled an invasion for this server, earlier in the week, but it was canceled shortly after the Rebels made public their interest to claim it. With the Rebels accusing the Recon Federation of troop stealing, tensions between the pairing were at an all-time-high already. The Rebels maxed 96 penguins, while Recon Federation maxed 31, including lockouts.

[Snow Forts]

The Rebels entered the room with a massive six-line bubble tactic bomb, while Recon Federation entered with an emoji bomb. Rebel Penguin Federation quickly formed a backwards L formation, which became extended into a bucket shape because of their large numbers. The Federation followed cue and moved into an inverted V formation. For the next couple of minutes, the Rebels displayed greater speed and quality of tactics, until Recon Federation performed a decent waterfall bomb, and quickly formed a diagonal line. The Rebels then bombed Recon Federations formation, completely covering them due to the extreme size difference. Then they arranged themselves into an underlined plus formation. This formation helped them show their size advantage, enabling them to cover almost all of the room. The Rebels had 78 penguins online for this room, while Recon Federation had only 17 in the battle room. The Recon Federation fought hard, but the size difference was too big to overcome for them. Despite their best efforts, the Rebel Penguin Federation took the first room with ease.

Room 1: Snow Forts


The Recon Federation was slow to enter this room and found that Rebel Penguin Federation had already taken control when they finally arrived. The Rebels formed an inverted V formation with a small line across it, making it look like the alphabet “A”. However, the Recon Federation chose to keep bombing. Some moments later, they moved into a horizontal line across the Rebel’s inverted V. Both opponents engaged in a rapid volley of tactics, randomly making conversation with each other as well. While the Rebels accused their opponents of troop stealing, Recon Federation insinuated that the Rebels were affiliated to the Templars. Then, Recon Federation bombed one more time and moved into an upside-down T. The Rebels replied quickly by moving to bomb the room themselves, and then moved into their enemy’s formation, successfully covering them and their tactics. Recon Federation moved out of this surprisingly well, displaying an exquisite circular bomb. Their final formation for the room was two horizontal lines. Owing to the well-organized tactics displayed by the Rebels and their higher max, they won this room as well.

Room 2: Docks


The final room was announced to be Iceberg. Both armies entered at relatively the same time. This room saw the Rebels’ size decrease to 72, while the Recon Federation was now at 18 penguins. Rebel Penguin Federation dominated this room with its precise formations and tactics. They first moved into a very clean infinity formation. The Recon Federation meanwhile stumbled into a vertical line that later became a plus. Throughout the first part of the room, the Recon Federation was just slightly slower than the Rebels. Recon Federation bombed first once again, trying out a humble waterfall bomb. The Rebels countered immediately, and soon their troops were covering their enemy’s bomb. Both armies moved to surround the Iceberg. However, Recon Federation was heavily outnumbered and this resulted in their tactics being easily covered by Rebel troops. The room ended with the Rebel Penguin Federation hinting that this wasn’t the end of their plans. Due to the large size advantage and faster tactics, once again the Rebels took this room, completing a clean sweep.

Room 3: Iceberg

Both the armies had an interesting battle. However, the Rebel Penguin Federation consistently kept their upper hand. The Recon Federation certainly made a commendable effort to defend their empire and unfortunately failed in this. The Rebel Penguin Federation successfully invaded Yukon, with a perfect score of 3-0-0.

The Judges Verdict

This win comes amidst a recent rise in tensions between both sides. The Rebels have accused the Recon Federation of troop stealing from their army. In turn, the Federation accuses the Rebels of supporting the Templars and stamping their authority over small armies without cause. The Rebels promise more action in the future, which gives the community something to look forward to.

What do YOU think about this battle? Do YOU think the Recon Federation can ever regain their server back? Are any of these accusations true? Let us know in the comments section below!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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