Night Changes in One Direction Army Leadership

UNKNOWN, One Direction Army Empire – In just one night, the One Direction Army witnessed two major leadership changes. Leader Astro stepped down, while Grace joined the leadership.

Yesterday, August 6th, Aubz, the creator and leader of the One Direction Army, announced that Astro, a long-time ODA leader, would be retiring. In the same announcement, Aubz stated that Grace, a Trial Director (second-in-command), would be promoted to leader of the army alongside her and Mare.

Aubz’s leadership announcement

Astro joined the One Direction Army when it first opened back in April as one of the five original leaders. Since the army’s opening, Astro stood at the helm, directing creative theme weeks and leading ODA to the top five on the S/M Top Ten Armies listing! CP Army Hub was able to get an exclusive interview with Astro about his retirement.

Interviews edited only for grammar purposes.

First off, do you think ODA will change much after your retirement?

Yes I do, the change I can envision for ODA are their battling styles and techniques. With me stepping down is a new leader that has worked her way up the ranks alongside the team and that in itself will bring another great change to ODA. I’m very excited to see how the other leaders work with her mindset and perspective, very confident that they’ll be fine regardless. They’ll change for the better overall!

I’m glad! Do you think there’s a chance that you returning to lead ODA again?

I don’t plan on it, but I’ll always be around for the environment, and I am willing to help as a friend.

After making her way up the ranks of One Direction Army, Grace found herself promoted to leader. CP Army Hub was also able to obtain an interview with her.

First off, how are you feeling about your promotion? Did you anticipate this happening at all?

I am really happy and in shock about being promoted to leader! I never anticipated any of this happening, especially becoming a leader of an army.

Lovely! Where do you see ODA in the future?

As far as our army goes, I can see us continuously building a inclusive and diverse community while also being able to support one another and simply have fun.

With all of these leadership changes, what comes next for One Direction Army? One thing is for sure, nobody can drag them down!

What do YOU think about the recent changes in ODA? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. Simpstro


  2. It’s sad to see one of the influential leaders of ODA retiring. Best of luck Grace!, we wish you all the luck for your future endeavors.


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