S/M Top Ten Armies [8/9/20 – 8/15/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — The latest small-medium listings sees a major army drop in a twist no one saw coming.

1. Doritos of Club Penguin [48.83]

2. Templars [47.50]

3. Army of the Orient Seas [46.70]

 4. Fighter Pilots [46.61]

 5. Crimson Guardians [45.86]

[NEW!] 6. Redemption Force [45.50]

7. Golden Troops [40.32]

8. Pizza Federation [35.50]

↓ 9. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [35.20]

↓ 10. Water Troops [33.00]

Close to Top Ten:

11. One Direction Army [32.50]

12. Silver Empire [31.12]

13T. Animal Kingdom [31.00]

13T. Mango Corps [31.00]

15. Romans of Club Penguin [27.00]

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1. Doritos: The Doritos hosted four events this week. They started with a practice battle against the Water Vikings, maxing 35 and winning the battle. Next was their Trivia Night event, which saw sizes of 32 troops online. Afterward, the Doritos hosted a U-Lead on NewCP, maxing 25. Finally, they ended their week with an Ausia training event that had 21 troops in attendance.

2. Templars: Although the Templars saw their removal from the league earlier this week, it wasn’t a hindrance to their event schedule. Midst the mass invasions by the Black Ice Alliance and allies, Templars took part in a crusade to invade the Lime Green Army, maxing 26. In preparation for the upcoming battles, Templars began with a training event and maxed 22. Next, their three-way practice battle with the Ice Warriors saw maxes of 20. Finally, they’ve ended the week with a practice battle against the Crimson Guardians and achieved an overwhelming victory maxing 27 knights.

3. Army of the Orient Seas: The Army Of The Orient Seas came back with an eventful week with a total of six events. The kicked off with a Comeback Training Event in which they peaked 24 penguins. Other week events consisted of a Training Event, Marvel U-Lead Event, and an Unscheduled Training Event where they maxed 19, 20, and 15 respectively. They also held a CPR Rogue Event which was called the Pizza Crumble Takeover in which they saw 40 penguins online. They ended their week with a Training Event where they saw the sizes of 19 penguins.

4. Fighter Pilots: The Fighter Pilots held six events this week. They started their week with a successful invasion of Bobsled on Monday, maxing 20 pilots. The day after, they had a successful PB against the Golden Troops, reaching a size of 12. Thursday saw a Vine themed AUSIA tactic training, with 16 penguins online, and a Staff Lead training event, reaching a size of 16 penguins. FP successfully invaded Polar South of the Subzero Army League on the 14th, having sizes of 14 pilots online. On Saturday, they zoomed around in an AUSIA Car Themed event, with a total of 13 drivers.

5. Crimson GuardiansThe Guardians held a whopping nine events this week! They started off their week with a Practice Battle against the Animal Kingdom which saw sizes of 10 guardians. They then held a fun game of Simon Says where they were able to see sizes of 10 penguins. The consistency doesn’t end there; they were able to max 10 penguins yet again in their AUSIA Sled Race Tournament. Their next event would be an Anniversary event which they were able to see sizes as big as 15 penguins. They went on to have a Card Jitsu Fire Tournament which they were able to see a max of 5 penguins on. Towards the end of the week, The Crimson Guardians held a Practice Battle against the Romans earning their victory with a max of 11 penguins. The last three events to conclude their week was a Party Themed Event maxing 9 guardians, a Practice Battle against the templars which maxed 11 and their last event a Triathlon event against the Army of CP, maxing 6.

6. Redemption Force: The Redemption Force made their community return this past Friday, August 14th, for their seven-year anniversary special event. They peaked at 32 penguins.

7. Golden TroopsThe Golden Troops had an eventful week with a total of 6 events. They kicked off their week with an exciting Fashion Show, which saw sizes of 8 penguins. They then proceeded to hold a Practice Battle against the Fighter Pilots, which saw 10 penguins online. Their third event was a surprise Unscheduled Training Event, which maxed 13. They then held another Training Event, which was Frozen Themed, which saw impressive sizes of 14 penguins. To conclude their eventful week, they held 2 practice battles. A fun AUSIA Practice Battle against the Elites, which they were able to defeat the Elites and maxed 13 troops, they then ended it with a Practice Battle against the Animal Kingdom with a max of 6.

8. Pizza FederationThe Pizza Federation held 4 events this week. They kicked off their week with a celebratory card jitsu tournament maxing 11. Their next event of the week was an amazing branch battle where the Kermit and Clown divisions of PZF faced off in an epic battle, during this clash they saw sizes of 16. In their third event, the Beach Brawl finals, the Chefs faced off against the Lime Green Army and won the battle where they saw sizes of 21. They also hosted a mancala tournament on the same day where they maxed 9. Afterward, they went head on with the Lime Green Army yet again in a practice battle where they maxed 11. To finish off their amazing week, where they saw a victory in the Beach Brawl, they played some igloo games where they achieved 12 Federation Chefs online.

9. Recon Federation of Club PenguinThe Recon Federation had another very busy week, which was kicked off with a practice battle against the Lime Green Army, in which a size of 16 was noted. A recruitment event with 4 penguins, Hide and Seek with 7 members, and Find Four Tournament with 4 soldiers then followed. A ‘Feddies’ event occurred with 22 penguins present, and a mini-training event with 5 soldiers. A ‘Slumber Party’ witnessed 14 in attendance, while 15 turned up for a ‘Sliced Kiwi Loaf’ event. Finally, they conducted a training with 11 soldiers.

10. Water Troops: The Water Troops held four events this week. To kick the week off, their first event was a defense of their server Bobsled. Unfortunately they lost this server to the Fighter Pilots, but put up a good fight and maxed 11 penguins. Following this defense, there was an invasion of the server Fjord. On Friday the 14th, the Water Troops held an unscheduled training event, maxing 12. Finally, the Water Troops closed out their week with a second invasion of Fjord, ending their week with a success.


What do YOU think of this week’s small-medium Top Ten Armies? Comment below with your thoughts!

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CP Army Hub Executive Producer


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