Top Ten Armies [8/9/20 – 8/15/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – A week full of invasions and practice battles caused a shift among the rankings.

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♦ 1. Rebel Penguin Federation [107.97]

♦ 2. Ice Warriors [92.3]

♦ 3. Army of Club Penguin [80.7]

4. Help Force [70.42]

5. Water Vikings [54.32]

↓ 6. Dark Warriors [52.30]

7. Special Weapons and Tactics [51.74]

 8. Elites [50.98]

 9. Red Ravagers [49.48]

  10. Lime Green Army [49]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held 10 events this week. They started their week with an AUSIA Operation: Dojo Wars, Card Jitsu tournament, maxing 44 followed by Operation: Branch Battle, resulting in 65 rebels and a Navy win. Their AUSIA “Operation: Beautiful Brewsters” was next to come with a max of 55. Invasion of Iceland, Operation: Sundae Best, and Operation: Peak Plan followed with maxes of 74, 81 & 64. AUSIA Operation: Siren Song was next and a colorful RPF maxed 50. Operation: Dancing Queen was next, where 56 rebels were online. On Saturday RPF held an AUSIA Training event maxing 48. Their week ended in victory with a sweet victory in a practice battle with the Ice Warriors, maxing 84 in the process.

2. Ice Warriors: Ice Warriors held three events this week! Their first event was the invasion of Belly Slide, a successful invasion maxing 60 warriors. Next, they held a division battle against the Templars where they maxed 69. Finally, they held a practice battle against their allies, Rebel Penguin Federation, and said goodbye to leader Madhav with a max of 77 warriors.

3. Army of Club Penguin: ACP had 7 events this week! They began their week with a US Boot Camp Training on Sunday, where they maxed 46. The next day, they held an AUSIA Ice Cream Takeover, maxing 38 penguins. They ended off Monday raiding Templars’ server, Walrus in a US event, where they maxed 41. On Tuesday, their US division successfully invaded Vanilla from the Templars, maxing an impressive 60 troops. Then on Thursday, they invaded Vanilla again in an AUSIA event, maxing 43 and claiming Vanilla. For their UK event on Friday, they held a March on Vanilla, where they maxed 39. To end off their week, they had a practice battle and triathlon with their allies, the Crimson Guardians, and maxed 42.

4. Help ForceThe Help Force had a busy week, hosting seven events in total. They started with an unscheduled AUSIA stamp event on CPR, where they maxed 47. Following that were two more AUSIA events, one being their Campfire Marshmallow event where they reached an impressive size of 48. The other was their Guitar Takeover event that peaked at 45 Helpers. In their fourth event, the Help Force switched it up with an EU mining event, maxing 47. Afterward, on Friday, they hosted an AUSIA shark-themed event and saw a steady size of 38. Then, they hosted a US Dance Takeover event, maxing 37. Finally, to conclude their eventful week, the Help Force finished off with an EU Glowing Ghost Takeover with, again, 37 penguins in attendance.

5. Water VikingsWV kicked off their week with a practice battle against the Doritos in which they lost but achieved a max size of 26. They went on to have a pizza event maxing 32 then a PB vs SWAT maxing 26 yet again. They ended their week with a practice battle vs Elites maxing 21 then an AUSIA takeover maxing 25.

6. Dark Warriors: DW had an attendance heavy week this week hosting 3 events. Their first event was a cow-themed “Moo Moo Takeover” which maxed 37 troops total. The big digits didn’t stop there, they then held two training events. The first was an AUSIA event that maxed 23 troops and, however, while that didn’t boast numbers their costume event did, the second training event held maxed 35 troops, just two under their cow event.

7. Special Weapons and TacticsThe SWAT began their busy week with an AUSIA training event, which saw a peak size of 21. The next day they won an invasion of the Lime Green Army’s server Wool Socks with a size of 23. A practice battle with the Water Vikings saw a victory and size of 28. Their AUSIA training event on the 13th witnessed 20 in attendance, and their US training event with a size of 28 concluded their week.

8. ElitesThe Elites began their week on Tuesday with Cargo’s Retirement Event, where they maxed 15. The next day, they held a practice battle with the Water Vikings, winning and maxing 27. On Thursday, they held an unscheduled AUSIA training, where they maxed 19 penguins. They held a training session on Friday and maxed 20. The next day, they had an AUSIA practice battle with the Golden Troops, maxing 14. To end off their week, they held a Costume Event and maxed 35.

9. Red Ravagers: Red Ravagers kicked off their busy week with a branch battle where they saw a max size of 15. Their next event was an EU training session where they maxed 17 before their US costume event where they maxed 11. Next was an AUSIA unscheduled event where they maxed 12 before their US training where they maxed 16. They then held their highest maxing event of the week which was a US training event and they maxed 21. Another unscheduled event occurred afterward in the form of an AUSIA training session where they maxed 14. Their last three events of the week were a US fashion show maxing 15, an AUSIA training maxing 14, and finally yet another AUSIA training maxing 18.

10. Lime Green Army: The Limes held a grand total of 6 events this week! They battled against the Pizza Federation chefs in the grand finals of the Beach Brawl, and although they were defeated they managed to put up a good fight and achieve 19 penguins on. Their next two events were simultaneous defenses of their servers, one being the successful defense against the Templars where they reached an astounding size of 35. Their other defense was against the Special Weapons and Tactics where they maxed 11. After these suspenseful defenses, they held a duck recruiting event where they reached a size of 13. They concluded their week with two practice battles against their allies, the first one being their second battle of the week against the Pizza Federation where they maxed 16. They concluded the action-packed week facing off against the Recon Federation where they saw sizes of 14.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think about this week’s Top Ten in the comments below!


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