Battle Of Mammoth: Army of CP vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

FIESTA, Battle Server –  The Special Weapons and Tactics faced off against the Army of Club Penguin in an exciting practice battle, nicknamed the Battle of Mammoth. Although both sides fought bravely, there could ultimately be only one winner. Out of these two green armies, who emerged victoriously?

On August 18th, 2020, the Army of Club Penguin and the Special Weapons and Tactics met on the battlefield of Fiesta for a friendly head to head practice battle. Overall, the Clovers and SWAT peaked at sizes of 63 and 31, respectively. At precisely 8:00 pm EST, their fight began in this thrilling face-off where green went against green.


On the Iceberg, the Army of CP was first to enter with a word bubble bomb, and SWAT followed closely with a joke bomb. To start, ACP chose to circle the berg while SWAT decided on a V formation. Midst battle in the beginning room, SWAT performed a few wipes where the Army of CP was able to cover SWAT’s movements with some of their own. Seeing this, SWAT promptly scrambled into a clean ‘X’, while the Clovers formed a double ‘V’ formation. Clearly, throughout this first room, both SWAT and the Army of CP showed off some significant and strong formations and movements. However, because of the Clovers’ speed and variety of tactics, they took the win for the first room in the battle.

SWAT vs. ACP at their first room, the Iceberg


Upon entering the second room, the Army of CP continued to show great speed as they immediately entered into a form after bombing “MARCHON”. SWAT followed behind their heels into the room with an emote bomb and shortly after formed a ‘T’. At this point, the Clovers gained more troops and hit a max of 60, while SWAT battled with 31 penguins. Halfway into the battle, the two armies continued to throw tactic after tactic against each other until the Clovers bombed into a circle formation. This effectively covered SWAT’s circle, and with quick notice, they switched formation. Nevertheless, the Army of CP’s “RENEGADE” bomb was able to successfully cover SWAT, concluding the second room and earning the Army of CP the win. 

SWAT vs. ACP in the second room, the Stadium


The two armies entered the third room quickly, both starting with a big word tactic bomb. Concluding their bomb, the Clovers moved into an ‘A’ form, while SWAT chose to circle the Docks. Unfortunately, SWAT’s circle had gaps as both the armies’ sizes had dropped a bit. The Clovers had the size advantage as they had 56 troops online while SWAT had only 25.  The Army of CP then waterfall bombed an emote into a clean X formation. However, hardly two minutes later, they decided to waterfall bomb once more, and SWAT followed with a bomb of their own. This time, these two green armies traded formations with the Clovers circling and SWAT forming an ‘X’. At this point, SWAT’s numbers regrettably dropped to a measly 22, while the Clovers dropped to 53 troops. Having now found a comfortable formation, the two armies exchanged some friendly banter tactics for the remaining few minutes. To end off, the Clovers performed a clover bomb that marked the end of the battle, along with their clean sweep of winning all three rooms.

SWAT vs. ACP in the third room, the Docks

Although the practice battle was intense, with a lot of movement throughout the full 30 minutes, the Army of Club Penguin ultimately took home the win with a 3-0-0 victory. The judges decided that despite SWAT performing well for their size, in the end, the Clovers’ much larger max, faster tactics, and more creative forms allowed them to win the Battle of Mammoth.

The judging verdict for this Battle of Mammoth

Both armies performed exceptionally well in this practice battle. No matter the result, both armies were able to show off their strong fighting skills and practice for their future invasions. It will be exciting to see what SWAT and the Army of CP can achieve in the future!

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