Help Force Defeat Ice Warriors In ‘AUSIA’ Practice Battle

ALASKA, Battle Server – The Ice Warriors went head to head against the Help Force in an AUSIA brawl, both sides performed well and achieved impressive sizes considering the timezone. However, only one army could emerge victoriously, who was it this time?


The Help Force entered the room swiftly with a “FEAR THE FORCE” bomb while the Ice Warriors carried out a “LEGOMAN” bomb. Help Force swiftly formed an anchor while the Ice Warriors created a plus form. After a minute of tactics, Help Force began a “LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME” bomb and the Ice Warriors countered this with 3 rapid wipes from the top left to bottom right then to the middle. Following these movements, the Help Force entered a plus formation while the Ice Warriors formed an anchor shape. After trading some tactics, both armies bombed the room simultaneously and the Warriors moved into an X. The Force continued bombing before forming a circle to end the room. The Help Force took this room due to their size being much greater than that of Ice Warriors and their faster tactics.

Room 1: Iceberg

[Ship Hold]

The Help Force entered this room first bombing “MELTED WARRIORS” and the Ice Warriors followed with an  “UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND” bomb. Help Force rapidly entered an L formation and the Ice Warriors created a plus shape. A minute later the Help Force stormed the room with a “FREE WATER ” word bomb and the Ice Warriors countered with rapid emote wipes. After these bombs, the Help Force entered an upside-down T formation and the Ice Warriors an X shape. Both armies then bombed the room before ending the room in style with perfect word tactics and emotes. The Help Force took this room yet again due to the size difference and superior choice of formations.

Room 2: Ship’s Hold


The Ice Warriors entered this room first bombing “MONKEY MONKEY” while the Help Force quickly scrambled into a plus formation. These formations stayed in place for the majority of the room as the armies went back and forth with their tactics. Six minutes into the room, the Help Force bombed “EAST TO THE WEST, HF IS THE BEST ” and the Ice Warriors countered with an EP clockwise bomb switching to EF and ED afterwards. They both quickly began to create formations again with the Ice Warriors creating a plus and the Help Force quickly moving into an anchor formation. The armies did not move for the rest of this room while trading word and emote tactics. The room ended in a draw between the two due to the Ice Warriors doing slightly better however still not beating the might and speed of the Force.

Room 3: Docks

This colossal battle between the two blue armies resulted in a Help Force win and a final score of 2-0-1 in favor of the Force. This battle was interesting due to how little AUSIA battles occur and also because the Ice Warriors and Help Force are the 2nd and 4th placed armies respectively (as of this week’s top ten). You would think that the 2nd placed army would win however the Help Force proved that its AUSIA force isn’t to be messed with as they achieved an impressive 54 to Ice Warriors’ 37.

Final Results

Who do YOU think deserved this win? Will the Help Force’s impressive AUSIA division keep rising? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief

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  1. i have one comment: its ausia come on you cant expect me to wake up for a practice battle or even a real battle e9 e9 e9


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