Help Force Crunches Doritos in Practice Battle

WHITE HOUSE, Battle Ground – Help Force and the Doritos of Club Penguin faced off in an exciting skirmish today, August 22. Although both sides fought valiantly, only one could win. Who came out victorious?

Help Force and the Doritos of Club Penguin met on White House, Club Penguin Armies, to prepare for battle. HF had a max size of 47 penguins, while DCP had a max size of 31 penguins. At 3:00 PM EST, the Helpers and the Doritos moved into action right away.

[Inside Mine]

Help Force entered with a “DOOM DOOM” bomb while the Doritos bombed the room with an “HFSUCKS” word bubble. The Doritos decided to move into a plus form, while the Help Force went with an anchor formation. Midway through, the Doritos performed a firework. Both armies switched their formations and performed quick tactics throughout the room. Overall, the Helpers held the ground in this room, covering up the Doritos with their rapid-fire word tactics, which helped them take the victory in this room.

HF vs DCP in their first room: Inside Mine


Both armies entered the second room strong. DCP started with a “DCPOWNS” bomb and HF kicked off with an “HFALT1” bomb. The Doritos settled into a plus form, and HF quickly followed into their formation. The two armies fought hard to stay on top of each other. After around two minutes of tactics, the Doritos moved into an A formation. The Helpers did a joke bomb into an X formation. The Doritos exploded in a sickly sweet firework, making sick faces at the Help Force. Word and emote tactics continued through the room until the Doritos proceeded into a clockwise whirlpool into an X formation, right on top of the Help Force. Throughout the room, both the Doritos and the Help Force showed strong tactics and formations, but the Help Force maintained their greater size and their exemplary word tactics.

HF vs DCP in their second room: Docks


The final room began with the Help Force’s “GIVE UP” bomb and the Doritos’ “SHATTERED CRYSTALS” bomb. The Helpers promptly waddled to a plus formation while the Doritos marched into a V formation. Rapid-fire tactics from both sides ensued until the Doritos moved into a waterfall, piled in the middle of the room, then bombed “WWEBESTFAN CUDDLE BOMB.” Immediately after, the Helpers piled in the middle of the room while the Doritos scrambled into a circle. Help Force followed the Doritos into a circle, covering them up, then went back into the center and formed an anchor. Both sides continued their word tactics and swift formation changes. They finished off the battle with some “GG” tactics. Help Force maintained their high-quality word tactics throughout, helping them claim a victory in all three rooms.

HF vs DCP in their third room: Iceberg

This exhilarating battle between Help Force and the Doritos resulted in a 3-0 victory for the Help Force. The judges stated that despite the Doritos putting up a great fight, the Help Force’s larger size, bigger tactics, and better room coverage ultimately gave them the win.

Final Results

Both armies showed an impressive performance in this battle. Each army was able to show off their formations and word tactics. Who will win next time? We will have to wait and see!

What do YOU think about this battle? Comment YOUR thoughts below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. Great coverage henry!


  2. it was truly beautiful


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