Moment of the Week [August 23rd – August 29th]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The Army Hub covers so much news from all over our community, every week. However, there always is that one topic that catches the eye and garners more views than others. In this column, which serves as the spiritual successor of the News Digest, we will be covering the most eye-catching and controversial moment of the past week. So, what was the Moment of the Week this time around?

Water Vikings Declare War On Special Weapons and Tactics

The tensions were mounting between these two armies for a while after the Water Vikings accused SWAT of troop-stealing a while back. Soon after on August 26th, the long-awaited war finally broke out between these two armies. In a short post written by Viking Commander Change, he detailed that this war could be avoided if SWAT follows certain terms set by WV such as stripping creator Ganger90 of all power and merging SWAT into WV.

WV’s offer to SWAT in return for peace

WV also scheduled their first invasion at the same time as their war announcement with Cream Soda being their first target. Both armies logged on at the set time and it was looking to be an intense battle. As expected the battle was indeed close as the Vikings achieved a maximum size of 47 and SWAT achieved a size of 33 and due to the large size difference, the Vikings were able to snatch the victory with a score of 2 – 0 – 1 (Win-loss-tie).

Battle of Cream Soda

However, things took a turn following this battle. SWAT transferred all their remaining servers to the Water Ninjas which caused the Vikings to schedule an invasion of Water Ninjas’ land. The transfer was later declared invalid by WN leader Flav following the removal of Firestar. Although, Firestar accepted the transfer when he was still a leader which meant that the transfer was valid according to CPAH’s league rules. After this confusion, the Water Ninjas transferred the servers back to SWAT which prompted WV to immediately schedule an invasion, this time their target was Cozy.

Both armies have been rising and doing very well with the Vikings reaching 6th in the Top Ten while SWAT managed to achieve 2nd in the small-medium Top Ten but both armies had similar size averages. The Vikings also witnessed a major bolstering of their HCOM ranks with the recent joining of army legend Superhero123, alongside former Doritos leader Vivala and former Lime Green Army leader Karma, in addition to the return of Adden433 as a Water Vikings leader. On the other hand, there seem to be some internal issues within SWAT as we witnessed the coup of Coolguy and his reinstatement just a few hours later, CPAH released a detailed post about this which you can find here.

Despite a large amount of confusion that occurred in regards to the server transfers, the Water Vikings are continuing their attempts of seizing SWAT’s empire. The Invasion of Cozy will be interesting to watch and we shall see if SWAT will be able to bounce back and defend Cozy or if the Vikings will achieve another victory and gain yet another server.

What do YOU think? Will SWAT bounce back and defend Cozy successfully or will the Vikings seize the server? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief

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