Ice Warriors and Army of CP Battle Heads Into Overtime

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The Army of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriors went head to head today in a heated AUSIA practice battle that resulted in overtime. Although both powerhouses performed fabulously during the match, only one army could win. When green goes against blue, who prevails?

On September 2nd, the Army of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriors fought in an intense practice battle. Both sides had impressive sizes, with the Ice Warriors peaking at 60 and the Army of Club Penguin hitting a max of 48. However, after the judges evaluated their speed, formation choices, and other factors, only one army was able to gain the advantage and win the practice battle. Who won?


In the first room, the Army of Club Penguin started well with a clean “X” formation and fast tactics. However, as the battle went on, the Ice Warriors picked up speed and gained a couple more warriors. They then bombed and copied the Clover Defenders’ circle form, successfully covering many of them, and thus ending the room strongly. Due to the Army of Club Penguin’s remarkable beginning, and the Ice Warriors’ powerful comeback at the end, the first room resulted in a tie.

ACP vs. IW in the first room: Iceberg


In the next room, the Army of Club Penguin started with a risky formation: four vertical lines. The Ice Warriors, on the other hand, chose a plus. With both formations being on the same level and the speed of tactics equally fast, the first half of the room almost seemed like another tie. For the last few minutes of the room, however, the Ice Warriors picked up speed with a series of rapid-fire of emotes. As the battle went on, the Ice Warriors also managed to cover the Army of Club Penguin, thus winning the second room.

ACP vs. IW in the second room: Stadium


The third room started strong, with both armies trying their best to win the final room. Although the Ice Warriors had a size advantage of 13 more penguins, the bunching in the formation they chose made them appear the same size as the Clovers. On the other hand, the Army of Club Penguin decided on fantastic formations that made them seem bigger than they were. The Clovers also slowly gained the advantage as they picked up speed, while some Ice Warrior troops stopped following tactics. Since the Army of Club Penguin covered the Ice Warriors for the majority of the room, the judges gave the third room to the mighty Clover Defenders.

ACP vs. IW in the third room: Cove


With both armies each winning a room, the practice battle headed into overtime. Although the Army of Club Penguin entered first, the Ice Warriors were faster and quickly got into a plus. While the Clovers had an advantage in the first few minutes, covering the other army, the Ice Warriors quickly changed into a clean “V” and resumed the intensity of their tactics. The Army of CP entered a circle again, a form they had used a few times throughout the battle. Due to their faster tactics and unique forms, the Ice Warriors were able to claim the overtime room.

ACP vs. IW in the overtime room: Docks

This practice battle between the Army of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriors was a close one. However, due to their faster speed and size, the Ice Warriors ended up winning with a 2-1-1 victory. 

The judges’ verdict

In the end, both the Ice Warriors and the Army of CP displayed incredible prowess, giving everyone a spectacular show as they fought their practice battle. It will be exciting to see how they fare in future tournaments and battles!

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