S/M Top Ten Armies [8/30/20-9/5/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters  – The first week of September sees familiar faces return to the S/M Top Ten.

1. Templars [47.7]

2. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [46.4]

3. Legoman Army [46.32]

4. Fighter Pilots [42.13]

↓ 5. Silver Empire [42.05]

6. Elites [39.02]

♦ 7. One Direction Army [33.5]

8. Golden Troops [31.68]

↑ 9. Crimson Guardians [28.4]

10.Pizza Federation [27]

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1. TemplarsTemplars start their week with two training events, one maxing 22 and the other reaching 23 before three consecutive practice battles. Against the Limes, Templars made a strong effort and maxed 16. In a practice battle between the knights and the Recon Federation, which was shortly later raided by the Ice Warriors, they reached as high as 17 knights. Finally, they were able to end the weak strong against the Crimson Guardians, solidifying their victory with a max of 23.

2. Recon Federation of Club Penguin: Recon Federation began with a fun party with nine attendees, a relieving way to start their week. Following the party was a raining, maxing 11, before a Find Four event maxing 9. In a practice battle against their new ally, the Templars, RFCP saw 18 troops battling out both the knights and the sudden Ice Warriors. Against the Legoman army, RFCP maxed 14 and ensured their victory. Celebrating their victory was a pizza party, maxing 8, and then an appreciation event for their HCOM member, maxing 14.

3. Legoman ArmyLegos, HOORAH, had an incredible 8 events this week as they attempt to move to major. They began with an unscheduled U-Lead that maxed 14, invaded the Arctic with 18 troops, then had another unscheduled training that had 14 troops attend. Their next event was a birthday party with an astounding 22 in attendance. Afterward, they had a US Practice, AUSIA Practice, and another U-Lead event, all maxing 17, 10, and 18. Their last event for the week was a Practice Battle against themselves where they had 18 troops!

4. Fighter PilotsThe pilots held a total of 8 events this week kicking off strong with their round 2 battle of the SZAL Tournament against the Bees where they maxed 9. They then joined forces with the Red Ravagers in an AUSIA event seeing sizes of 16. Next in their action-packed week, they faced off the Ice Warriors in a practice battle reaching sizes of 16. Next, they hosted a fashion show where they maxed 11 before going head to head against the Army of CP achieving sizes of 16. The week was wrapped up with a Card-Jitsu tournament with a max of 8 and an SZAL Tournament battle against the Golden Troops where they reached a size of 7.

5. Silver EmpireThe Silvers started the week maxing 10 at an SZAL tournament battle. They went on to have a training event maxing 11 ahead of their battle vs DCP in which they maxed an impressive 27. They then had a fun AUSIA Dance Contest maxing 11 before ending the week with an EU Mancala tournament and celebrity themed event maxing 11 and 14 respectively.

6. Elites: The Elites started off their week with a bang, participating in the quarterfinals of the SubZero Showdown tournament, battling against the Silver Empire, maxing 18 penguins, and advancing to the next round! Continuing through the week, on Tuesday the Elites logged on for a mining takeover event which maxed an outstanding 24 penguins. Finishing off their week, the Elites took part in a three-way battle between themselves and the two divisions of the Rebel Penguin Federation, maxing 18 penguins.

7. One Direction ArmyThe One Direction Army had a brief but fun week this week, holding 3 events. They started out with a Superhero themed training event on Monday, bringing in a total of 19 heroes. On Wednesday they held a mancala tournament bringing in a total of 10 players. And to ring in the weekend on Friday, One Direction Army held a tactic training event maxing 14.

8. Golden TroopsThe Golden Troops had a total of 5 events for this week. They began with a Practice event that maxed 8 and then an AUSIA return event for one of their leaders that maxed 6. Their next events included an AUSIA Practice Battle with Army of the Orient Seas where they pulled 7 troops in, an AUSIA Practice Tactics that had 12 penguins, and a Perry the Platypus event that maxed 7. They finished off with a Practice Battle against the Red Ravagers where they had 9 penguins.

9. Crimson GuardiansCrimson Guardians followed a tightly packed schedule with 5 events this week. They embarked on their exciting week with a Secret Agent themed event on Tuesday, where they maxed 6. The next day, they saw similar sizes in their practice battle against the Lime Green Army which they won. After this incredible win, 5 guardians logged on for an AUSIA Find Four tournament. After this, they had a one day siesta, before maxing a strong 9 penguins online for their Fashion Show on Saturday. The end of their week came with a practice battle against the Templars of CP, which they unfortunately lost. They maxed 7 for this battle. Overall, the Guardians had an amazing, fun week.

10. Pizza Federation: PZF held 4 events this week. They started off their week with a U-Lead event on Wednesday, maxing 13 chefs. The next day, they held training and maxed 9. On Friday, they had a Find Four tournament, maxing 12. To end off their week on Saturday, they held a training event, maxing 9


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think about this week’s Top Ten in the comments below!


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