Top Ten Armies [8/30/20-9/5/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – As August ends, the first Top Ten of September sees the rankings alternate.

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♦ 1. Rebel Penguin Federation [99.97]

 2Ice Warriors [87.45]

↓ 3. Doritos of Club Penguin [85.71]

♦ 4. Army of Club Penguin [79.1]

♦ 5. Help Force [76.96]

♦ 6. Water Vikings [72.16]

↑ 7Special Weapons and Tactics [65.7]

↓ 8. Dark Warriors [51.22]

9. Army of Orient Seas [49.54]

↓  10. Red Ravagers  [48.77]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation powered through their week with a jaw-dropping ten events in total. First, they hosted an AUSIA practice battle against the Help Force, maxing 59 and taking a triumphant victory. Following that, they hosted an unscheduled event to celebrate their End of Summer Awards and ended up with 32 troops online. The next day, they hosted an AUSIA event, Operation: Guitar Hero, which saw sizes of 49 Rebels for a jam-packed training event. To end their day, the Rebels had a fun mancala tournament, with 54 troops logged on in the hopes of winning the esteemed “Mancala Maniac” title. On Wednesday, they hosted one event, an EU event called Operation: Squad Sharpening. With 55 troops online, the Rebels were able to host a successful divisional training in preparation for their practice battle against the Water Vikings. The next day, 60 Rebels logged onto CP Rewritten for Operation: Sneak Attack, boasting fun animated items and hosting a successful training event. Following that was their Operation: Team Effort, an AUSIA event, which hit an impressive 51 max. They later logged on for a US training event, the final one before their big practice battle against the Water Vikings. They had 57 troops online. Unfortunately, the Water Vikings were too preoccupied with their war against SWAT, so the Rebels ended up facing the Elites in their three-way divisional practice battle. The Federation managed to pull together an astounding 84 max total, and the Navy division ended up winning in a clean 3-0 sweep, a nice finish to the Rebel’s hectic week.


2. Ice WarriorsWith four events in total, the Ice Warriors began their icy-cold week in a practice battle against the Fighter Pilots where they achieved 48 warriors. Their second event was another practice battle, this time against the Army of CP seeing sizes of 60. They finished off their week with 2 more practice battles, the first being a u-lead battle against the Templars and the final one being another battle with the Templars, only this time the Recon Federation were included in the battle.

3. Doritos of Club PenguinIt appears that the Doritos have made a full recovery from their week-long slump, with a total of nine events this week. Kicking their week off, two events were held on Monday, an AUSIA event, maxing 55, and a U-Lead US event, maxing 50. On Wednesday, the Doritos held and AUSIA event, maxing 52, and an exciting practice battle against the Silver Empire, maxing 40 penguins and ending in a tie. Continuing their week, the Doritos held an AUSIA event on Thursday the 3rd, maxing 40 penguins. On Friday, the Doritos held both an AUSIA and a US event, maxing 43 and 54 respectively. Finishing off a strong week, the Doritos held an AUSIA event, maxing 46, and an EU practice battle vs. the Army of Club Penguin, which maxed 37 penguins.


4. Army of Club PenguinACP had one event this week, an AUSIA practice battle vs the Ice Warriors, where they maxed 48.

5. Help ForceTo begin their amazing week, the Help Force held an AUSIA practice battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, maxing 60 penguins. On Tuesday, the Helpers held both an AUSIA and a US event, maxing 19 and 45 penguins respectively in these themed events! Pressing forward, the Helpers held a lasso themed event, maxing 44 penguins, and a uniformed event maxing 42 penguins. Finishing off their week, the Helpers held a uniformed AUSIA event and an EU lobster themed event, maxing 36 and 33 for these Saturday events.


6. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings had quite an action-packed week as they enlist themselves in the war against SWAT. They first started off with an invasion of Cozy maxing 30. They then had a successful AUSIA defense of Cream Soda with 28 troops in attendance. Following after, the army had a successful invasion of Woolsocks peaking at an incredible number of 47 troops. They then had to defend Woolsocks which they were unsuccessful maxing 35. Following that day, the Water Vikings had a successful invasion of Sardines with 32 troops. The army then ended the week with a victorious AUSIA invasion of Fiesta maxing 30.

7. Special Weapons and TacticsThe Special Weapons and Tactics had a thrilling week revolving around their war with the Water Vikings. To kick it off, they maxed 23 at their defense of Cozy, successfully beating the Water Vikings and keeping their server. Following that, they chose to invade Cream Soda, land that was previously taken from them by the Vikings. Despite an impressive 27 AUSIA max, the Water Vikings beat them by a narrow margin and defended Cream Soda successfully. Next up was their defense of Wool Socks where they had 32 troops in attendance. The server was taken from them, but they managed to invade it back the following day with an AUSIA invasion of Wool Socks and an impressive 26 max. Switching back to the Water Vikings offensive, SWAT was forced to defend against them for the server Sardines, maxing 27 but unfortunately losing to the Vikings in the overtime room. In a similar result, their server Fiesta was also invaded successfully by the Water Vikings, but they maxed a strong 24 troops in this AUSIA defense and put up a spectacular performance nevertheless. To conclude the week strongly, they successfully invaded Mittens from the Water Vikings with astounding sizes of 35.

8. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors had an enjoyable Disney week full of themed events and fun. To kick off their Monday, they hosted a Mad Hatters Fashion Show, seeing some stylish looks and a max of 20. Next, they had a Big Hero Six event with 34 troops in attendance. Following that, 29 warriors logged on for a Tangled event, many of them sporting stylish purple dresses. Afterward, on Thursday, the Dark Warriors had an AUSIA Descendants themed event, with troops picking characters such as Mal and Evie to dress up as; they maxed 22. To conclude their week, they hosted a Disney Ball, seeing a steady size of 27 and many octopi costumes.

9. Army of Orient SeasThe Army of Orient Seas held 4 events this week, starting with an AUSIA surprise event maxing 18. A victory in an AUSIA practice battle was next with a max of 24. AUSIA puffle takeover followed with 18 puffles. Finally, AOS ended their week with AUSIA war training, maxing 23.

10. Red RavagersThe Red Ravagers had a busy week with 11 events. They started with Tactic training maxing 17 followed by a joint Ausia Event with Fighter Pilots, maxing 16 together. Next up was a tournament battle vs Romans, maxing 8. Followed by AUSIA Event ting with a max of 13. A tournament Rematch against the Romans came next with 9 Ravagers. An Unscheduled AUSIA was next with 16 Ravagers. 15 Penguins logged on for their CPGarbage event as well as 15 again with their Bush Event. Red Ravagers week ended with a Formation Training maxing 14 and AUSIA training event with 13.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think about this week’s Top Ten in the comments below!


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