Underpaid and Overworked Cup [RESULTS]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub’s Headquarters – Last week, the finals for the Underpaid and Overworked Cup were announced, and since then, the two contestants left duked it out to take home the trophy (and a Nitro). Find out who won!

July 31st marked the beginning of the Underpaid and Overworked Cup, and where is it coming to a conclusion. 20 contestants began, but each round halved the numbers. 20 to 16, and from 16 to 8, and 8 to four, and four to two. These two, who’ve endured the sporadic rounds since the beginning is none other than Koloway and Zambi. The two began in the second round, and have proven themselves as popular contestants among those competing. Before announcing the results, let’s take a look at the two and their past work in the competition.

Round 2: A CSS Header for the Club Penguin Police Department

Paying homage to the former CP Police Department, contestants had to create a full-sized header of the army using a different color scheme than what they’ve used. Here are their entries that led them to the third round.

Koloway’s header

Zambi’s header

Round 3: A Xat Inner for the Light Troops

For this legacy round, the contestants were required to make a Xat inner for the glorious Light Troops. Using one of the templates provided, as well as the customs, several wonderful inners were made, but only four advanced. Out of the four were both Zamb and Kolo’s entries.

Zambi’s entry

Koloway’s entry

Round 4: A Discord Background and Icon for Chaos

To determine who enters the finals, the four remaining contestants had to make both a Discord background and a server icon for the former Chaos. Here’s what earned the two a spot in the finals:


Zambi’s entry

Zambi’s entry

Koloway’s entry

Koloway’s entry

And, for the final round. The FINALS, where both contestants had to make a FULL SITE DESIGN FOR ANY ARMY! As Koloway chose the more recent and dominant Rebel Penguin Federation, Zambi chose to redesign the infamous Pirates. Let’s check out their entries before announcing a winner!

Koloway’s Entry



Zamb’s Entry

Both entries were superb, but the judges made their decision. Taking home the trophy for the Underpaid and Overworked cup is none other than…


Special trophy for the winner!

Here is a statement from our winner, Zamb!

Congratulations on the win, how do you feel?

Feels great! Thank you to the community for supporting my graphics, and special thanks to all my contestants. These guys made it feel like a challenge, and honestly winning this feels way better than losing in 2016. Koloway was a great contestant and is always someone who I’ll view as a graphic rival, but that doesn’t mean I’ll ignore the rest of these guys. Everyone participating is very talented, and hopefully, this tournament made some hopes in sparking the graphic community. Initially, this tournament began as a step to revive the dead community, and although I’m leaving before that dream could go any further, I’m proud to say that it isn’t fully dead. Maybe like 20% alive, but better than nothing. Thanks again!

Huge congratulations to both Zambi and Koloway for reaching the finals, but the judges chose Zambi’s Pirates design as the winner. Thank you to the judges, contestants, and the community for supporting this tournament. Special thanks to Ben for creating the bracket and updating it, as well as helping myself conceptualize the entire tournament.

What do YOU think? Should Koloway have won the tournament? Was the graphics tournament fun to watch? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer

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