Ice Warriors: Shinde Retires From Leadership

SUBZERO, Ice Warriors’ Empire – As the community advances further into autumn, we continue to witness the retirement of many accomplished leaders. In the Ice Warriors alone, they have seen numerous retirements and promotions with the most recent ones being the retirement of Shinde. 

Shinde joined the Ice Warriors in December 2019, at a time when many recruits were joining the army. However, she stood out amongst them all, moving up the ranks until she reached the position of leader in May of 2020. Under her leadership, the Ice Warriors remained a consistent top three powerhouse on the Top Ten listings for the CP Army League and later the CP Army Hub.

Furthermore, they also won their battle against the Dark Warriors at the March Madness Tournament and managed able to hit sizes of 120 against the Army of Club Penguin in the Legends Cup. All of these are incredible feats and to honor Shinde’s admirable loyalty and hard work, she was bestowed with the title of Ice Warriors Champion and inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The Ice Warriors facing the Army of Club Penguin in the Legends Cup

However, despite her successful career, four months later, Shinde has chosen to step down from the Ice Warriors leadership. On September 12th, the Ice Warriors held an event to both celebrate Shinde’s impressive accomplishments as well as bid the beloved leader goodbye. Simultaneously, this event was also a practice battle between the Ice Warriors and their brother allies, the Rebel Penguin Federation. In this intense practice battle the Warriors maxed an astonishing 81, while on the other hand, the Rebels also maxed extremely high with a high of 92 being logged on. The practice battle was fierce, and both sides put on a spectacular display. Unfortunately, due to a significant size difference, the Rebels ended up taking a 3-0-0 win.

Shinde’s last battle against the Rebels

Following this fun battle being dedicated to Shinde’s retirement, came a heartfelt post from Shinde herself. The post started off with her speaking about her wonderful time in the community and listing some notable accomplishments that the Warriors witnessed within her time in the army. To conclude her post, she had some personal shout-outs to individuals who made an impact to her within her time in the army.

Beginning of Shinde’s retirement post.

Fortunately, CP Army Hub got the gracious opportunity to sit down with Shinde in an exclusive interview about her retirement.

How did you come to the decision of retiring?

I knew it will come one day. I wasn’t sure about retiring in September due to COVID-19 but my government decided that everything needs to go back to normal situation. After that decision my university announced that we have to to internship which means I won’t have much time to organize everything and be on Discord almost 24/7. So at that time (I think it was at the end of August) I realized it’s time to step down.

I understand completely; good luck with your internship! What are your plans in the future? Do you plan on returning to armies or the Ice Warriors anytime later?

For now I would like to focus on my internship in school and then focus on my master thesis. Of course I will stay on Ice Warriors Discord as an advisor and I will try to help as much as I will be able to do it. It would be amazing come back to armies and organize events once again but I am not sure if it will be possible. I’m just old…

Good luck again with that master thesis! What do you expect the Ice Warriors to achieve in the future? Do you think they’ll be affected by the loss of an excellent leader?

Ice Warriors is a great army and I am sure they will achieve much more in the future. We proved that we can adapt and even shutting down CPO couldn’t kill us. Everything depends on the people who build the army and in my opinion there is a strong bond in Ice Warriors (like in a big e-family). We all can count on each others and that’s why I believe Ice Warriors will survive and show to the CP community what they can offer. I know some people were really sad because of my retirement but I would like to make that sure – they won’t lose me, I’m staying on Discord. Any day and any time they can write to me for a piece of advice or just simply talk. Also our leadership and staff are strong – I am sure everything will be fine.

Thank you for the very moving response. Do you have any advice for the current and incoming leaders, as well as the staff?

Stay loyal, brave, trustworthy and take care about your e-family because “No matter where you are. Whether its a quarter mile away or half way across the world. You’ll always be family” – we all are in this together. Believe in yourself because all past and current leaders believe in you. Never give up, have fun in that game (don’t take it so serious) and always take the opportunity to help each others :heart:

Great advice. Any last words for the community?

You are great guys :heart: Even if I don’t know everyone (but some people think I do!), I wish you all good luck. Follow your dreams and do not stop. Also you are all welcome to my last event as a leader – the ICE PROM NIGHT at 4PM EST. It will be a fun event during which we will announce winners! A little party never kill nobody – so if your leader agrees for it, come and celebrate with the Ice Warriors, with me. Much love :heart:

Although the loss of an incredible leader is indeed heartwrenching, it seems that Shinde wishes for people not to be sad because of her retirement. She will still be active on Discord and remaining with her Ice Warriors family. One question remains. How will the Ice Warriors fare without their beloved leader Shinde?

What do YOU think? How will Shinde’s retirement impact the Ice Warriors community? Will they continue to thrive to new heights, or will the loss of a fantastic leader wound the army deeply? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Reporter


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