Top Ten Armies [9/6/20-9/12/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The latest major army listings sees the gap between first and second close, and some reshuffling among competitors.

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♦ 1. Rebel Penguin Federation [101.40]

 2. Doritos of Club Penguin [99.15]

 3. Ice Warriors [91.60]

♦ 4. Army of Club Penguin [78.13]

 5. Help Force [68.48]

 6. Water Vikings [66.81]

 7Special Weapons and Tactics [61.78]

8. Red Ravagers [52.10]

9. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [44.07]

  10. Templars [42.47]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had yet another remarkable week with nine total events. To kick things off, they held an AUSIA event, Operation: Inside Scoop, maxing 50 troops and boasting a colorful array of ice cream aprons. The same day, 61 Rebels logged on for Operation: Fruit Salad in yet another delightful themed event. On Tuesday, the Rebels jumped into their Rebel Spirit Week with an AUSIA Operation: Seeing Double event. They maxed 56, all of whom were paired up and dressed like twins. Continuing their twinning theme, the Rebels logged on for Operation: Dynamic Duo, a US version of their previous event. This operation saw sizes of 69 troops and an impressive array of exciting costumes. The following day, they had a Disney-themed Operation: Magical Myriad, maxing 69 yet again. This was not the end of their themed spirit week, however; after that, the Rebels had Operation: Memeatic Appeal, where 56 troops dressed up in their best meme outfit to practice their tactics. On Friday, they switched their theme to sports and dressed up in their best cheerleader uniforms for the AUSIA event Operation: Cheer Up. They maxed 41. Hours later, they had Operation: Major League, a training event where 55 Rebels got ready for their practice battle against the Ice Warriors. To end their week with a bang, the Rebels had an exciting practice battle with their brother allies, the Ice Warriors, maxing an astounding 95 Rebels, and winning in a clean 3-0 sweep.

2. Doritos: The Doritos only held two events this week. Their first event was an AUSIA event on the 9th, maxing a whopping 72 penguins. Their second and final event was a uniformed EU event held on Saturday, maxing an incredible 99 penguins!

3. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors’ ice-packed week began with an AUSIA u-lead where they reached 36 penguins online. They followed up with the army’s two divisions, Polar and Blizzard, facing off and reaching a total of 43 people logged on. The warriors then battled the Silver Empire where they saw sizes of 58. The week was finished off with two massive battles, the first being against the Help Force with sizes of 67 and the final one was Shinde’s Last Battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation where they achieved a grand size of 83.

4. Army of Club Penguin: To kick off their week, the Army of Club Penguin logged onto CPR and dressed up as mermaids in an event maxing 31. That same day, they maxed 36 in an ice cream themed event. On Tuesday, they maxed 46 penguins in an AUSIA pizza party. They maxed 31 the next day in a zombie takeover event and 40 in a coffee takeover. On Friday, the Clover Defenders reached a max of 44 in a bumper car event. The next day, they maxed 32 in a cow themed Special Ops event, 35 in a miner themed AUSIA, 35 in a dragon takeover, and finally, 33 in their Avengers event.

5. Help Force: The Help Force had a busy week, starting with a US Referee Takeover that saw sizes of 20. An AUSIA ‘Blue Mermaid’ Takeover witnessed a peak of 48, and an EU Decaf Coffee Event later that same day saw 39 in attendance. Their AUSIA Operation: Prevail achieved a size of 36, while an EU Operation: Battle Preparation saw 33 Helpers. Finally, their week concluded with an EU practice battle against the Ice Warriors, which they sadly lost. They did, however, reach a fantastic peak of 45 penguins.

6. Water Vikings: Water Vikings had a busy week with invasions and defenses left and right against SWAT. They began their week with a successful invasion of Mittens, maxing 34 and claiming the server. On Tuesday, they successfully invaded Wool Socks from SWAT, and maxed 36. The next day, the unsuccessfully defended Fiesta, maxing 27. On Friday, to take a break from the invasions, they held an AUSIA practice battle with ACP, maxing 14. The same day, they captured Shiver from SWAT, and maxed 34 troops. To end off their week, they unsuccessfully defended Snow Fort, while maxing 32.

7. Special Weapons and TacticsSWAT started off their action filled week on Sunday with a defense of Mittens. They unfortunately lost but did bring a max of 33. Two days later, the army battled in defense for Wool Socks, which they maxed 25, but were unsuccessful.The following day, SWAT invaded the Water Vikings’ Fiesta, where they were successful and maxed 28 at. The army’s next event was on Friday, which was a defense of Shiver, which they lost. Although, they did max 30 at this battle. Their final event of the week was an invasion against the Water Vikings’ Snow Fort. This invasion was successful and they logged on with a max of 31.

8. Red Ravagers: The Red Ravagers started off their busy week on Sunday with a joint wedding event with the Legoman Army, in which they maxed 23. The following day, the Ravagers held a birthday celebration event for one of their leaders, Maxine. In this celebration they maxed 11. Later on, they participated in the SubZero ShowDown Semifinals, where they maxed 11, but unfortunately lost. On Tuesday, they held a Mopia Appreciation event where they brought a total of 14 mops! Later on in the day, the Ravagers had a US Training Event where they maxed 11. On Wednesday, the army held a join event with the Legoman Army, maxing 23 for Aly’s retirement event. The same day, the Ravagers held another joint event with the Legoman Army and the One Direction Army, maxing 19. Their final event of the week was on Saturday, where they maxed 12 for an EU Training Event.

9. Recon Federation of Club Penguin: The Recon Federation began another strong week with two marines events, one maxing 5 and the other maxing 8. To relieve the stress before any war preparations, they’ve held a mancala event maxing 7. Preparing for a practice battle against the Templars, they held a brief training maxing 23 before averaging 20 in the actual battle. At their beach event, six penguins are seen sunbathing and again relaxing before another training, where 13 troops practiced their tactics. Their final training of the week maxed 11, and they ended on a good note seeing 4 during their AUSIA sled racing event.

10. Templars: The Templars maxed 26 during a training event, and held an AUSIA with 16 attendees. In preparation for their practice battle against the Recon Federation, they held a pre-battle training maxing 30, before entering the warzone and reaching as high as 21 knights.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think about this week’s Top Ten in the comments below!


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