Rebel Penguin Federation Host Themed ‘Spirit Week’

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – For the past week, the Rebel Penguin Federation celebrated daily army pride events to keep up morale. How did this idea affect the enthusiasm of the army, if at all?

We are hardly a fortnight into September and the community already saw several events occur. These events, like the continuing war between Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics’, or the numerous high profile retirements, widely influenced the community. Adding to that list is the Rebel Penguin Federation celebrating a ‘Spirit Week’, holding army related events each day to raise pride and morale in the members of the army. Morale is important in the military, because it improves cohesion within the army. Without good morale, a force will be more likely to give up or surrender. Therefore, it is certain that these events play a very important part in armies.

The Rebels kicked off the spirit week with a school theme and a talent show. The winner of these events won a special role in the server. All the other candidates won rebel cash, which is the army’s official currency. Tuesday saw the army members become twins, friends matched profile pictures and costumes at events in both US and AUSIA time zones. The excitement reached new levels on Tuesday as friends donned similar profile pictures in the Discord server and matching costumes on Club Penguin. This was in preparation for the Rebel’s Twins Event.

Rebels on their AUSIA and US editions of Twin Day, Maxing 69.

Wednesday featured a Disney themed celebration to follow up on the twins event. Members had matching Disney related profile pictures expressing their love for the army and Disney itself, maxing 69 at an EU celebration. Day four of the spirit week presented ‘Meme Day’, soldiers of the army used memes as their profile pictures, and in a Club Penguin event they dressed up as their chosen meme. Friday carried a cheerleader/sports event, members showed their pride for the army by dressing up as different colored cheerleaders and chanting sports related tactics.

Rebel Penguin Federation’s AUSIA Cheer and Sports event, Max 41

On Saturday the Rebels had an intense practice battle with their brother ally, the Ice Warriors, maxing an astonishing 95 and completely sweeping the competition with a 3-0 win. Crazzy, the leader of the army, describes it as “an Autumn homecoming event.”

Rebels vs Ice Warriors Practice Battle, Max 95

The final ultimate event on Sunday was the army’s Good Fight Gala, a galactic themed event maxing 74. This was not the only event that took place on Sunday. The Rebels also held an army related Kahoot game, played music in their voice channels, and gave out multiple awards to soldiers. Two of these were Hall of Fame accolades: the Rebel award to the Second In Command Milly and the Hero citation to Crazzy.

Rebels at the Gala, Max 74

The CP Army Hub team obtained a statement from Crazzy on how the Spirit Week affected the morale and spirit of the army:

Going into September, RPF staff and I knew that there would be a few obstacles that we’d face. In order to lessen the fall of the “inevitable September drop” we figured that this would be a good chance to liven things up. We have different teams within our staff, so our Party Planning Committee worked on this idea back in August and finally turned it into a reality. Sort of like a fall Homecoming, we based our events off of that. We kicked the week off by holding a Talent Show where over 30 people got to showcase their talents (artwork, singing, Minecraft building, and so on). For the rest of the week, we had themed days where everyone changed their names and profile pictures to match the theme. We had a huge battle against our brother ally, the Ice Warriors and it brought a lot of hype, maxing 95. To finish off our Spirit Week, we hosted “The Good Fight Gala”, where we celebrate together. There were awards, activities (kahoot games), music and overall fun. From Twin Day, to Disney Day, all the way to our Space themed Gala, our troops and staff had an amazing time. I think this sets the precedent for how RPF will be functioning this fall, and it’s only the start.

Although the September Drop is a critical time for all armies and the community as a whole, the Rebel Penguin Federation always come prepared. Will this army’s spirit week influence other armies? How else will the community cope with the September Drop?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

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