The Eagre Foray: Day Thirteen Results in the Water Vikings’ Favor

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The thirteenth day of the ongoing war between the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Water Vikings has come to an end. What happened throughout this eventful day?

On September 18th, the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Water Vikings logged on to fight for SWAT’s server Ice Cave. Since August 26th, both armies have been clashing together in numerous battles. Although giving their all for this unfinished war, which army came out victorious?

The battle today occurred at 5:00pm EST with the Water Vikings on the offensive. In this spectacular battle for Ice Cave, the Special Weapons and Tactics reached an astounding max of 30 with the Water Vikings following close behind at a peak of 28 troops.

The Battle for Ice Cave

After a hectic battle, the Water Vikings were considered the winner. In the first two rooms, the Vikings displayed clean forms and covered the opposing army, thus seizing victory in both. Meanwhile, in the third room, the Special Weapons and Tactics made a comeback due to their forms. As the room went on, the Water Vikings were able to push through and secure the final room as a tie. Although both armies performed their best in this striking battle, the judges declared a score of 2-0-1 in the Water Vikings’ favor. One of the judges, Cassie, stated the following in her verdict:

Both armies put up an amazing fight during this battle! However, WV managed much smoother tactics for the majority of the battle. They covered and had better forms for both the rooms they won. However, SWAT had the beginning of the third room, looking much bigger for a few forms. Despite this, WV came back and was able to tie it up. As a result of all this, WV is the winner of today’s battle. Well done to both sides!

The judges’ verdict

After the unsuccessful defense of Ice Cave, the Special Weapons and Tactics is determined to come back better than ever, going on the offensive front for the next skirmish between the armies. SWAT plans on invading Fiesta, a server they once owned, on September 19th. Will the Special Weapons and Tactics be able to reclaim Fiesta for themselves?

After an exciting and tough battle, the Water Vikings were able to clench the victory for today. With thirteen days into the current WV versus SWAT war, what remarkable battles await us next? Who will emerge victorious from this extraordinary war? 

What do YOU think? Will SWAT regain Fiesta tomorrow? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


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