‘AUSIA’ Standoff Between Rebel Penguin Federation and Help Force

ALASKA, Battleground –  On October 3rd the Rebel Penguin Federation faced off against the Help Force in a tough battle, but who came out victorious?

The Rebel Penguin Federation and the Help Force are two of the largest armies as they both hold places in the major Top Ten and achieve massive sizes during battles. This is not the first ‘AUSIA’ battle the two have gone head-to-head in and they are known to reach large sizes during such events.


The Rebels stormed the room first with an “RPFOWNS” bomb while the Helpers quickly followed with a “HELPFORCE” bomb. Both were quick into formation as the Help Force entered a circle formation and the Rebel Penguin Federation made an X. Following several minutes of tactic exchange, the Rebel Federation grouped at the top of the Iceberg before bombing outwards. Afterwards, the Rebels rapidly created an A formation, followed by the Help Force bombing out of their circle saying “BLUE”, and then moving into an anchor formation. Both armies remained in these formations until the room ended. The result of this room was a tie due to the equal speed and small size difference of the armies.

Room 1: Iceberg

[Inside Mine]

The Rebel Penguin Federation was once again first into the room as they bombed with E9 and the Help Force entered with a word tactic bomb. The black army was first into an inverted T form and the Helpers formed a C shape. They both remained like this for 3 minutes before the Help Force broke their C form and surrounded the room. The Rebel Penguin Federation bombed the room for a minute, rapidly switching tactics, before making a clean plus formation. Near the end of the room, the Help Force J bombed before swiftly creating a V shape. The room resulted in an RPF victory due to the immense size difference and cleaner forms of the Rebels.


As the final room of the battle was announced the Force was first to enter, “KABOOM” while the Rebels opted for a “DOUBLETIE?” bomb. However, the bombs did not last long as both swiftly surrounded the room and each fought harshly to be on top of the other. After minutes of going back and forth with tactics, the Federation broke out with a bomb before briskly spreading out into four vertical lines. The Helpers were quick to move again as they made a plus shape. Both stayed in the forms until the final minute of the room where the Help Force raked “UNLEASH THE POWER OF HELPING” and the Rebel Penguin Federation bombed “HELP FORCE IN TURBULENCE”. The final room ended in an RPF victory due to the greater size and coverage.

Help Force was powerful in the first room but due to the large drop in size in the final two rooms, the battle resulted in a Rebel Penguin Federation victory and a score of 2-0-1.

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CP Army Hub Reporter

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