Battle of the Seas: Water Vikings Divisions vs. Water Ninjas

KLONDIKE, Battle Ground – Although many formidable practice battles have occurred throughout the past, none was quite like the spectacular three-way battle earlier today. With three contestants fighting for victory, who prevailed?

On October 5th, the Water Ninjas faced two of the Water Vikings’ divisions: the Arctic Clan and the Marine Clan. Throughout this battle, the two Viking divisions reached a grand peak of 48 troops together while the Ninjas followed behind with a max of 15. Although the Arctic Clan and the Marine Clan had a slight size advantage, who won?

[Inside Mine]

In the first room, all three participants rushed in performing strong bombs with the Marines slightly faster. Due to their smaller size, the Water Ninjas were covered throughout the majority of the room, leaving the Arctic and the Marines to battle for victory in this room. Shortly after their entrance, the Arctic Clan made a plus while the other division made a V, and the Ninjas were covered in their T formation. With a slight size advantage, the Arctic Clan managed to cover not only the Ninjas but the Marines as well, thus winning the first room.

WV vs. WN in the first room: Inside Mine


After an eventful first room, the armies headed into the Iceberg next. While the Marines made an X, the Water Ninjas stepped into a plus with the Arctic Clan covering them in a horizontal line. Although the Arctic were slightly larger at first, this advantage slowly disappeared as the room proceeded. The Arctic Clan started the room off strong, but the Marines made a comeback during the later duration of the room, thus earning themselves a tie between the Vikings’ divisions.

WV vs. WN in the second room: Iceberg


In the third room, the armies entered with strong bombs once more. Similar to the first room, the Ninjas were covered yet again due to their minor size. With the two Water Vikings’ divisions containing a similar amount of troops, the third room was certainly a close one. However, the Arctic Clan picked up the pace and had neater formations, thus managing to earn themselves a win for the final room.

WV vs. WN in the third room: Docks

Although both armies put up a great fight, the Arctic Clan was able to win with a 2-0-1 victory. Congratulations to Arctic!

The judges’ verdict

After a thrilling battle, the Arctic Clan won due to their size advantage, rapid tactics, and neat formations. The three-way practice battle today was definitely exciting, and it will be interesting to watch how these armies and divisions fare in future battles!

What do YOU think about this practice battle? Let us know in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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