Dark Warriors Celebrate Their Thirteenth Anniversary

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire – The Dark Warriors celebrated their 13th anniversary in style with a very special event that produced astonishing sizes.

The Dark Warriors were created on October 10th, 2007 by Ambrosha. They are one of the oldest armies in the community and yesterday celebrated their thirteenth year of operation. While they initially closed in 2015, they made an impactful return in late 2019 when Epic101 contacted Freezie66 in regards to a revival. Since, the Dark Warriors have thrived: winning the Christmas Chaos tournament alongside the Doritos, and topping the major army rankings in April.

March 30th: The Dark Warriors hosting their stamp event on CP Online.

The Dark Warriors celebrated yesterday with veterans and current army members alike, with a fun event that featured in array of birthday-themed word tactics. They also treated many of the attendees with gifts, to thank them for their hard work and loyalty over the years. They peaked at an astonishing 91 penguins, marking the historical occasion in style.

October 10th: The Warriors’ 13th anniversary celebrations.

Following the event, Dark Warriors second-in-command Kris commented the following in a celebratory website post:

Ambrosha created the Dark Warriors 13 years ago, and he also created an incredible community where so many friendships and even relationships have been formed. DW has had an incredible history, full of many victories, remarkable events and amazing people. Some of DW’s best moments of this generation, as announced by DW Legend, Freezie66, include our max of over 135, our victory against the Pirates in the March Madness tournament, and getting first place in the universal Top Ten. As we can all agree, the best aspect of DW is the community, as we have all made it as great as it is!

Their birthday ended with reconnections along with new bonds between the old and new generation members. As they look forward to their 14th anniversary this time next year, what do they have in store before then? 

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below YOUR thoughts!


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  1. Happy birthday Dark Warriors ❤


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