S/M Top Ten Armies [10/11/20-10/17/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters  – This week’s S/M Top Ten sees some new entries into the Ten.

1. Fighter Pilots [34.39]

 2. Templars [34.29]

 3. Royals [31.20]

4. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [29.33]

[NEW!] 5. Clown Rebellion [27.50]

↑ 6. Pizza Federation [27.00]

7. Army of Orient Seas [21.50]

8.  Crimson Guardians [21.00]

↓ 9. Red Ravagers [20.54]

10. Tree Cult [18.33]

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1. Fighter Pilots: The Pilots had quite an eventful week in which they held a total of 5 events. The first event was an AUSIA joint event with SE, they maxed 11. Afterwards, they held an AUSIA tactic practice achieving a max of 8. They maxed 8 yet again at their next event which was a practice battle vs Golden Troops. They then held a mancala tournament maxing 8 before ending the week with an AUSIA joint event alongside SE and GT which saw an impressive peak of 20.

2. Templars: The Templars began their week with a max 20 ‘Ducky’ Takeover, before holding an AUSIA event that peaked at 8 penguins. A battle then occurred and saw a maximum size of 18, and a Pumpkin Takeover witnesses 22 in attendance. Finally, their AUSIA division maxed 5 in a battle and Sled Racing meetup with the Ice Warriors.

3. Royals: The Royals held two events this week. Their first event was a Fish Takeover event in which they maxed 16 troops. the second being a Practice Battle with the Water Ninjas, where they maxed 17 Royals.

4. Recon Federation of Club Penguin: The Recon Federation began their week with a training event and “Ghost vs. Pumpkin” battle that both saw peaks of 9. They held another training event with a max of 13, and Ghost event with size of 10. FInally, a ‘Bobbing’ event had 8 in attendance, while a Sled Racing meetup saw 7.

5. Clown Rebellion: The Clown Rebellion held one event this week, a practice battle against the Golden Troops where they reached a max of 22!

6. Pizza Federation: The Federation had a quiet 3 events this week. They began with an Igloo Games event with had 15 participants before approaching their more important events. They hosted a training session for Fright or Fight with saw sizes of 8 before their final event of the week, the first round tie against Golden Troops in which they won comfortably. They reached 19 chefs online in this battle.

7. Army of Orient Seas: The Army of the Orient Seas only held one event this week, a first-round Fight or Fright tournament battle against ACP on the 17th, maxing 16 penguins!

8. Crimson Guardians: The Crimson Guardians had quite an amusing week. They kicked off the week with a Galactic training event, maxing 7. They then participated in a battle against the Water Ninjas, with 7 troops in attendance. Following after, the army had a hide and seek event with a max of 4. In preparation for the Fright or Fight tournament, the army held a training event maxing 5. To end the week, the Crimson Guardians faced off against the Red Ravagers in a tournament battle, maxing 6.

9. Red Ravagers: The Red Ravagers had a short but sweet week. They started with a Halloween Hype event, which saw 10 troops in attendance. Then, they followed up with a joint AUSIA Find Four tournament, maxing 9 altogether with the Golden Troops. Soon after, they faced off the Crimson Guardians in the Fright or Fight tournament, successfully clinching the victory with a size of 10.

10. Tree Cult: The Tree Cult held a total of three events this week. They started off their week with a blast, engaging in a practice battle on Sunday against the Golden Troops with a max of 7. Moving on to Wednesday, the Tree Cult held a Training event with a total of 7 troops in attendance. To finish off their week, the Tree Cult held another Training event on Friday with a peak of 5 troops this time.

Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


Top Ten Committee Manager

Top Ten Committee

Tistle, Honda, Kally, Robot, Max, Caramel, Rah, Sarah, Cassie, Otter, Rosie, Fusion, Sophie, Sheo

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