Saturday Comics: Issue #1

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Art Department – CP Army Hub is proud to announce the continuation of its comic series. The brand-new comic series is scheduled to be a weekly installment, released every Saturday.

The new edition of this artistic column is nicknamed “Saturday Comics”. The comic is spearheaded by CP Army Hub’s Graphic Designer Maxine, aided by Editor-in-Chief Scorpion Demon, as well as Reporter Trainee/Graphic Designer Haley. Without further ado, here is issue #1 of this exciting new column!

Author’s Note: Due to a certain technical issue, the comic for this week is disorganized. We promise to make it more organized next week.

Hope you enjoyed the first issue! Watch out for more next Saturday.

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


CP Army Hub Graphic Designer


CP Army Hub Graphic Designer



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  1. Yikes. Even Snaily’s CP Illuminati was funnier. 😬

  2. beautiful sniffs tears of joy


  4. It’s a Christmax tree!

  5. oof that talent, the humor, i love it! ahahaha, they do be uniform in ip too :redface: :bripopcorn:

  6. Oh certainly, Scorp. In fact, I already made my new comic panel for the team. You should see it!

    I hope my panel gets featured in the next comic strip! 😁

  7. OMG YES THE UNIFORM IPS :bitebutmaxdrewit:

  8. haha just made my own panel for guys, hope you like it! 🙂

  9. Dear authors,

    Are the permissions to “Tiger Warriors” (sounds like an CPO small army) open to the public like Hot Sauce Army? If not, I call slander! You pick on a poor S/M army to victimize, then plug your false sponsorship with raycon. Not even poggers. I definitely believe that Tree Cult could max more than that. It also looks like “Bull Hour” is multi-logging! 😮 Max should respond to it in the next comic strip. We can’t allow armies like Water Troops and Tiger Warriors get away with this. CPAH must take action. Otherwise we’ll become an Atticus dictatorship again with poor quality posts and other boring posts. We need our expose posts again!

  10. ban dino LOL
    – Games

  11. Dino

  12. (Needs to be banned)

  13. How are you? You’re probably some 2020 CPA player who didn’t serve in PGFFDICK or the ACPTR. So don’t yell my name. You’re just salty that the old days of CPAC’s comment section is gone. Run along now.

  14. Talk to me when you can stop bickering in the comments. You make EHRoyals’ poorly equipped puns and jokes seem good. I don’t have patience for you, young one.

  15. dino my MAN

  16. you need to STOP

  17. Oh the tiger warriors comic is in reference to pookie catching the tiger warriors leader bull hour trying to multilog ten penguins for their verification/getting official event. It was hilarious cuz when pookie mentioned that he had discovered the multilog, bull hour responded by saying that the army was uniform in IP as well!

  18. I think you need to be stopped. You’re doing nothing but causing issues for the CPAH moderation team. I hope that Oagalthrop has mercy on you, because I certainly don’t. You can go revive 5+ armies right this moment and it’ll be featured in this comic strip. Like legitimately. I ask you to go ahead and do that right now. It’d be pretty hilarious, maybe even funnier than one hour ago when I laughed for 3 minutes straight at the responses on this thread. You can cease your thread hijakcing and continuing your army hopping. 👍

  19. Honestly scorpion, I got an perfect idea! I will make my own army, with an custom body item for the uniform. It’s going to have me and my family’s IPs. I think that’d be pretty funny, ngll. New post idea?

  20. The funniest part about this is how unfunny it is

  21. no hate to anyone who made this its just bad

  22. Shut it there pubster. They’re only trying to fight off bullying. I hope you understand that this comedy is top notched. I spent 3 minutes laughing. You most likely spent 5 seconds writing your petty comment and then went back to playing Club Penguin Offline. Pshhhhh. Go revive a max 2 army while you still can.

  23. Dino, we seriously need to talk in private some time because not only are you embarrassing yourself but you are also embarrassing other. I believe you are the one causing issues for the CPAH moderation team because you keep commenting snarky paragraphs, which only flood this comment section with your toxicity. You what would be hilarious? If you decided to shut the hell up and close your laptop, hopefully that would get you in the comment strip, kid. And by the way, I might consider unfriending you on Discord, this commotion has really dented my mental health and I have no reason to associate myself with such a toxic individual like you. ” Go revive 5+ Armies ” And why would I do that? How would that get me in the comic strip? It’s not hilarious, it’s frankly a waste of time. You have a messed up sense of humor, just like other people, I have a life outside of Club Penguin Armies, and have lots of school work to do. You think I have time to manage 5+ armies? Do I look like modern s/m trash? No, I don’t have time for your antics, frankly with the amount of time your flooding this comment section, you could’ve revived 20+ armies. Dino, re-think your life. You are a growing boy and shouldn’t have time for this stupid comment section, shame on you. There are people literally dying in a global pandemic, people are unemployed and facing hardship, people are dying in war, yet you continue to comment on a Club Penguin army news site. Ask yourself, what are you doing with your life? Maybe you should be studying? Maybe getting a job? No, your slaving away in this comment section like the loser you are.

    Hopefully if you read through this Dino, sense has been brought to your thick skull. I am on the breaking point with your garbage, and I have had enough.

    ~ Best Regard,
    (Former UMA and WT leader)

  24. I literally can’t do this anymore, Dino. You are such a waste of time that I have stayed up past my bed-time. I’m logging off for the night, I really hope you not only re-think your actions, but also your life. Thank you.

    ~ Best Regard,
    (Former UMA and WT leader)

  25. Games, I have nothing but dear respect for you. Unfortunately however, your comments calling for my ban is unheard of. You considered me a “friend”, but choose to publicly berate me instead of talking in private. What type of logic is that? Honestly CPMaster makes more sense, and even he can lead better armies then you. I think you need to reconsider your pay in the army community. All you do is cause toxicity and racism. We all know what you did in May, don’t hide it. Your contributions are nothing of legendary notice. I cannot commend you at all. All you’ll be good at is defending an clinically insane brethart against the truth proposed by KingFunks. In fact, your small intelligence does not come CLOSE to any OG vet. I’d argue that Olimad, 3x noob of the year winner, is more smarter than you. Why so? Because at least he has the brains not to publicly rip through his friends, and then proceed to threat bullshit ultimatums. What army did you max that was significant during this pandemic? Water Troops? They need rogues and that shoutout from TigerofWind. Not only that, but once you retired, WT died instantly. It was all a facade you and your EHUMA cronies put up. I’m sick and tired of your slander and non rational thinking. Unfriend me all you want, you wish you could max more than Pizza Federation or Recon Federation. Well listen here, kiddo. They’re maxs are so big, if you stack each penguin on top of each other, most of S/M would be taller than you. I suggest you go revive WT for the 1000th time and get some multi-logs. Because YOU have nothing better to do. You had the opportunity to get multiple jobs, but proceed to sit in your ghetto maxing 15+ with multilogs and writing rants. I truly hope you can figure out your life, but writing these useless comments aren’t doing anything. Cease your useless thread-jacking. Thanks in deep advance, and cheers, I guess!

    ~ Sincere Regard,
    (Former Romans and DCP Leader)

  26. Games

    My man

    I think YOU need to stop. I hope this gets through your empty head memory while you sleep. You’re going to need it.

    ~ Some witty signature, idk

  27. This post was bad and you should feel bad

  28. Look. Both of you need to shut up. Yes, the comics are awful but don’t you see the issue? CPAH wants this to happen so they can hide the fact that there is hundreds of red penguin lives at stake. Hundreds of red penguins are killed DAILY. Does this not bother you guys? Look, you guys need to stop fighting so we can address actual damn issues, not fighting over hilariously awful comics. Like I get it, they suck. They are awful. Bad. But look at the bright side of things: we can use this moment to talk about the red penguin genocide. It’s not okay. This is not okay. And quite frankly, I’ve had it. I recommend all readers look to actual issues. Stop looking at these terrible comics.

    (The comics were bad)

    PS – Dino is funnier than these comics.

    ~ Sincere regard
    (Leader of the Nationalist Socialist Penguin’s Workers Party of Club Penguin Armies: The Game)

  29. Ok cobra what if i told you it was justified

    ~ Sincere regard
    (Former Elites Leader and Executive Producer of the Club Penguin Army Hub)

  30. Since when were you the head of Turning Point CPA, Zamb? Never. Your comment provided no real criticism to this point. All you did was continue the thread-jacking. This is honestly outrageous. I suggest you go revive Club Penguin Army League because your comments didn’t at all help improve Scorpion’s post. You should feel ashamed. You’re the embodiment of greed. All you’re trying to do is give this post attention, and in return drives traffic. Traffic generates revenue, and CPAH sends you your Executive Producer pensions. Honestly go revive elites when you still can, because this community isn’t big enough for your useless comments. CPA is changing. You’re not changing with it. Pick up the paste, buster. Eventually you’ll just be another footnote in history. Go run along now. I don’t have the patience to entertain your heretic comments.

    ~ No Regards
    (Former Lime Green Army Leader)

  31. Zamb, it was not justified. This red penguin had no reason to have his home burned and then shot multiple times by Rebel Penguin Federation soldiers. There is no justification for war crimes in this community.

  32. ~ Best Regards,
    (Former UMA and WT Leader)

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